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Former Danzig Bassist

I Need Protection from My Hookup Gone Wrong

1/2/2012 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Montano
Meeting a chick on Facebook sounds good in theory ... but former Danzig bassist Jerry Montano says his experience left him with a series of harassing calls and messages ... and a trashed apartment. 

According to papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Montano says he was introduced to Priscilla Caputo through friends and they spoke on Facebook. He claims he met Caputo on December 5 when "she came to my place around 4 AM and stayed the night."

Montano says Caputo spent another night at his house on December 11. Two days later, Montano claims he turned down Caputo's offer to hang out again ... which he says caused her to "freak out."

Montano claims she sent him harassing texts all night and eventually showed up at his place -- when he wasn't there -- and after one of his roommates let her in, Montano claims she kicked in his bedroom door and "trashed the place."

Montano says he filed a police report and when he told Caputo about it, he claims she replied by saying if he filed charges against her, she would tell the cops he raped her.

A few days later, after he claims he received even more harassing messages, Montano requested and received a restraining order against Caputo ... ordering her to stay 100 yards away from him and his roommates.

There is a hearing scheduled on January 6 where a judge will decide whether or not to make the restraining order permanent.


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I'm sure he contacted TMZ himself for this story be cause it is not newsworthy. Why does he have roommates? Because he has no money. This guy is a washed up has been. He has regularly used & abused women and this was bound to happen--he obviously met his match with this one. Jerry always plays the victim & I find it very hard to believe he is a victim here. He's had this coming for a very long time & I'm sure a lot of his former hookups are smiling as the read this story. You reap what you sow, Jerry Montano.

TMZ, please quit running stories on this guy--he is not famous.

1027 days ago


Facebook sucks.

1027 days ago


This pig has multiple kids by multiple women! And seriously, who meets someone at 4am unless they are up to no good!!! He needs to own up to his actions! Get a JOB and a life loser!!!!!!

1027 days ago


Her facebook profile and photos are the funniest thing Ive seen in so long. Crazy ramblings, uploading the same 3 photos as a new profile picture 100 times each, the person she is listed as being in a realationship with commenting on all her her crazy posts with "CALL ME" ****, this is pure gold.

1026 days ago


Don't feel sorry for this loser!! He has two kids from two different women and is a deadbeat father!! He's almost 40, no job, no music career, and he thinks the world owes him a favor. He got exactly what he deserves hooking up with a psycho groupie chick @ 4am!!! KARMA *******!!

1026 days ago


correction....3 children from 3 different mothers

1026 days ago


3 kids? Where is the third one coming from?! Why would ANY women not just sleep with this guy, but well, have his kids. Gross.

1023 days ago


All 3 of his kids are already here and hopefully there are no more on the way. The worst part is I know that they are all girls. This guy is horrible to women. Those poor children of his.

1023 days ago


I highly doubt this dude has 3 kids. I highly doubt hes found 3 women that are stupid or blind enough to have sex with him. Plus women love child support and would be in court getting it. This guy loves chicks like this one. Groupies. And groupies arent really known for being with only one person. Maybe he's unaware he might have 3 kids since hes obviously unaware of a tredmill.

1021 days ago


3 is very doubtful because women love money and would be in court for child support if they were %100 sure they are his. He likes chicks this chick. Groupies. And groupies arent really known for sleeping with only one guy...Maybe he's not aware he might have kids. Since he's obviously not aware of a treadmill.

1021 days ago


Some comments are just so stupid , before u swag your toung, do some research, this was premeditated from a source, of action to retaliate, on her rape was involved including proof of who and why , she got lured into meeting this monster to begin with , he is what we catigorize revenge sociopath... Willing to take revenge from rejection by her or from a group that dislike... This case is far more seriouse than all these ridiculing coments toward some one whom now. Takes the stand for many other girls who came forward with horrible beatings , threats and attacks prior restraint orders on him, it just so happens she stood up and faught back , the calls where confronting the enemy, the kicking in door was u get what u expect, his fals claim on her being the attacker, bit his ass in burbank court where after realizing , her case and facts and protection from him , where far greater , he was ruled out on the 6 th 2011 , to vanuys court in her division of domestic violence, and now he has been served a restraint from her, to add there, is a prosecution investigation from it being a premeditated date rape involving a group , more reports of her standing up for herself , have led a lot of other victims to secretly privately come forward with facts and evidance of if not worst attacks on them , being threatened from jerry of killing and or harrasing if they spike up led them to stay victim and scared. Priscilla is not only speaking out now for her own self but for many others who where attacked physicaly mentaly and publicly now by media ... To take the bullette and take the stand despite threats of murder to her and child, despite always looking out not knowing what can result from her , standing up to this monster. On 2012 01 11 jerry was given a restraint order for 3 years to stay away from priscilla caputo . There is much more justice to be done. And don't be so quick to judge .... If anything this is some one who halls the balls to stand up and not shut up . For the safety of others ......... Deborah a woman of courage justice and war

1017 days ago
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