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Arnold Schwarzenegger

The One-Finger Statement

to Maria

1/3/2012 1:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing his wedding ringArnold Schwarzenegger rocked his wedding ring out in public during the holidays  -- another sign that his marriage to Maria Shriver ain't as dead as it once seemed.

TMZ broke the story ... Maria has been having second thoughts about pulling the plug on the marriage -- despite Arnie knocking up the family maid -- because of her deeply held religious views.

Arnold hadn't been photographed in his wedding band in months, but over the past few days -- Arnold dusted off the ol' ring and reminded the world he's STILL a married man.

We're told Arnold was vacationing with his sons -- but it's unclear if Maria was there too.


Jessica Alba's Body

Returns to Pre-Fetus Form

1203_jessica_alba_fame_bikini_launchMore than four months after giving birth, Jessica Alba showed off her flat stomach and gorgeous mom curves in a hot pink bikini in Cabo this weekend.

Alba's second daughter Haven was born on August 13th.

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Miley Cyrus


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Hollywood's Aspen Style

Gets Left Out in the Cold

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See the stars in all their abominable snowman glory.


Before They Were Famous

Rachel McAdams may make a stunning cover girl for Glamour magazine next month -- but her life wasn't always so glamorous. The 33-year-old Canadian actress describes her past working at McDonald's in the mag's February issue.

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Tomboy Al on "Step by Step"


Christine Lakin is best known for playing youngest daughter Al on the blended family '90s TV series "Step by Step." Guess what she looks like now!


I Got Something

On My Ring Finger, Too

Maria Shriver with her wedding ring on?Maria Shriver sure knows how to ring in the new year  -- just days after Arnold Schwarzenegger wore his wedding ring out in public ... his divorce-shy, estranged wife was sporting something on her wedding ring finger, though it's not clear if it's the real deal.

The photo was snapped today in Beverly Hills -- interesting she wore something on that finger just after we posted the pic of Arnold.

TMZ broke the story ... Maria has been having second thoughts about divorcing Arnold -- despite the whole lovechild thing -- because of her deeply held religious beliefs.


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Gustav LaFong    

Maria, don't go into the workout room with Arnold! He'll lure you with sweet words and then they'll find your lifeless body in a heap with a set of barbells on your crushed skull. Arnold will hire a dream-team set of lawyers and get away scott-free.

1025 days ago


Just because she is Catholic doesn't mean she can't get a divorce. What it does mean is that she can't get married again.

1025 days ago


Perhaps Maria is wise enough to not let someone put her hard worked for marriage to naught. If more people, especially woman, accepted they were not the only one their husband or mate could see and learned to deal constructively with marital issues even infidelity there would be far fewer divorces and a lot more happy marriages. So often once the divorce is final even more anger sets in and because of the feelings of loosing what your could have salvaged if we had just forgiven. It isn't easy but it's doable and in the long run usually worth the investment. And, one thing I know for certain, if someone is cheating we better stop pointing the finger so much and start looking within, are you the person he/she married? Or, have you gone back to just being yourself? Because, yourself AIN'T who they met. If my husband slept with somebody especially if he kept if from me all those years, he had to love me in some way and I ain't letting him go! She'll be like a second pinky finger, at first an embarrassment, then an annoyance and then something you just forget about.

1025 days ago


We all know she can divorce,maybe its for more money?

1025 days ago


Ladies, cut the second pinkie finger off and keep your man!!! Y'all talking about divorce welllll, for as old as they are neither one has to much left to give anyone else so they better keep each other... --it happens, the sun will come out tomorrow, ya bett'a keep your man.

1025 days ago


Arnold looks like death warmed over...

1025 days ago


always reminded of the days when women were actually ashamed to be seen in their panties and bra, now they run around in far less. Of course the days they were ashamed was back when they had some morals, now they're pretty much on the same level as a freaking damn pit bull in heat. What's so strange is this stupid show they put on should they encounter a peeping Tom. In other words, they can give it away all day long to anyone they want, as many as they want, you just have to have permission to get it or they feel so violate, bull****! Keep it up women, you're turning out more and more sex offenders each and every day, and you're a damn fool if you think differently.

1025 days ago


any woman that marries a wealthy powerful man and is shocked by infidelity is either stupid or being dishonest

1025 days ago


If Maria wants to stay with this jerk and give this bad example to her children as did Rose Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, and several of this fAMILYS women fine!! Don't state the Catholic Church doen't permit divorce. You can get a divorce, maintain your faith, recieve the sacraments and practice openly. You cannot remarry in the Catholic Church unless the first marriage is set aside by the Church. If Arnold cheated from day one then he had NO intention of the sacrament or a relationship.

1025 days ago


Maria, once a cheater always a cheater, and he did you very WRONG, don't take him back you will look foolish

1025 days ago


What got me was Jessica Alba's ~ the phrase "pre-fetus" is used despite the fact that she did not have an abortion or a miscarriage. She gave birth to her second child in August. Yet another attempt to get Americans to see CHILDREN as something other than HUMAN BEINGS! :P

1025 days ago


Most men are going to hope it works out...and women have been taught that it can't ...what does that say?

1025 days ago


women are whores as well people. lets not forget he is human.. he will be judged accordingly when his time comes as will al you adulters.

1025 days ago

Alexander Walker    

They have probably both noticed they're living in different times now than when everything came easily their way.

1025 days ago


She should forgive him, all hollywood people cheat what else is new. I think he has leurnd his lesson. It's not a tuma. Why would she want to terminate the terminator ?

1025 days ago
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