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Urinating Marines Identified

7 Battalion Members

Had Been Killed in Action

1/13/2012 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The U.S. Marines Corps has identified all four of the men seen urinating on the corpses of insurgent fighters in a viral video that emerged this week ... and they are all part of a sniper team based in North Carolina.

According to reports, all four members belong to the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, which returned to the U.S. last fall after a tour in Afghanistan ... after 7 members of the 1,000-person battalion were killed in action.

So far, the names of the men have not been released. reports the men had been showing off the video as a "war trophy" at their home base in Camp Lejeune in NC.

At least two of the Marines have been interviewed by USMC officials -- but are not being detained.

A rep for the White House says President Barack Obama is aware of the video -- but would not say if he has actually seen it yet.

Hillary Clinton has condemned the video -- calling the action "deplorable behavior."


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If you notice they are dead, Blown up or shot, I don't think a little urine will bother them. Get over it

991 days ago


All they are doing is rinsing the dirt off the s*** terrorist faces so they can be identified. God bless our boys and the hell they go through. You opinionated bleeding hearts will never understand WAR. You just sit around in the comforts of your little homes and pretend the world is full of people holding hands and singing uplifting songs while the rest of us take care of business.

991 days ago


no excuses, These are Marines and should be held accountable. Find another way to releive your stress.

991 days ago


DEBBIE: 4 minutes ago

no excuses, These are Marines and should be held accountable. Find another way to releive your stress.
If you were in charge...what would you do to hold them accountable?

991 days ago


Judgmental...walk in another's shoes in combat where they use real bullets and you lose the guy next to you from enemy fire...then pass judgment. War is hell, mentally and physically. After you make that real life walk, then comment.

991 days ago


If you don't like what they are doing way don't you take there place. If that's as bad as it gets thats OK by me, if they catch one of ours they would rape them then cut there heads off. When I saw the pic it looked like they were out of water and we were just trying to cool them down. To the US guy and girls over THANK YOU and keep up the good job your doing. Some people pay good money to have that done to them and they are getting it for free.

991 days ago


Hillary Clinton sat with the Prez, movie popcorn in hand, watching the slaughter of Osama Bin Laden. Such hypocrites!

991 days ago


#1, stop talking video and photos of everything you do, just let it be a lovey memory,#2 Who wouldn't like to piss on the people who crashed planes into the World Trade Center.You can't pick and choose who its ok to pee on and who its not ok to pee on

991 days ago


The only thing better than pissing on a dead Taliban soldier is working up a good bowel movement.

991 days ago

Ryan Brown    

We just can't say we are better than some1 and then immitate their behavior. If I say I'm better than a racist, I would not try to be like them and further their cause. once again, regardless of what these guys did, the lack of judgement in filming it, is going to seem deplorable. if the world didnt see it, who would care that some ppl got pissed on?

991 days ago


So, for all the people disliking anyone who says anything critical about these soldiers, I suppose you'd be OK with the Taliban peeing on dead US marines and uploading the video to youtube?

I'm not on the side of the Taliban and nor do I disagree with the soldiers being there but that doesn't mean I can't criticise these idiots. There is no excuse. All these soldiers have achieved with this video is to alienate themselves even from those who may support them (including Afghan's who they are allegedly there to help)

991 days ago


Hillary Clinton is the new Hanoi Jane.

991 days ago


This is war. I'm not looking to be better or nicer than my enemy. I'm looking to beat them. If we have a few isolated incidents like this, I'm ok with it. Maybe we can just send them to sensitivity training like in the corporate world. Really? This is war...nothing about it is pretty. For anyone (especially Afghanistan, US politicians, armchair quarterbacks safe at home, etc.) to demand an apology is crazy. Something tells me that the US military members that have been killed by Taliban have experienced far worse.

991 days ago


Come on, really? Was pissing on a couple of dead guys really all that bad? At least they were dead. Think of what they do to the us as Americans, alicve or dead. I hope those marines get a nothing more than a "good talking to" and thats all!

991 days ago


piratesrule8: 8 minutes ago

...I suppose you'd be OK with the Taliban peeing on dead US marines and uploading the video to youtube?
Do you seriously think the Taliban have not only pee'd on dead US soldiers but far worse? The only smart thing they did was not put it on YouTube.

991 days ago
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