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Elton John's Hubby


You're Desperate & Narcissistic

1/16/2012 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Furnish
Elton John's husband David Furnish LASHED OUT at Madonna following her victory speech at the Golden Globes last night ... saying it was "embarrassing in its narcissism."

Moments after Madge won the statue for Best Original Song, Furnish went to his Facebook page and WENT OFF ... writing, "Madonna. Best song???? F**k off!!!"

For the record -- Elton was nominated in the same category and seemed pissed off in the crowd when Madonna's name was read.

But David continued on Facebook ... writing, "Madonna winning Best Original Song truly shows how these awards have nothing to do with merit. Her acceptance speech was embarrassing in it's narcissism. And her critisism of Gaga shows how desperate she really is."

Elton seemed particularly bitter towards Madonna BEFORE the awards ... telling one reporter on the red carpet he believed Madge had no "f**kin' chance" of emerging victorious.

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What was with Melanie Griffith staring over to the right? Maybe I'm reading too much into it but I remember the rumors of her jealousy during her husband's and Madonna's filming of EVITA.

977 days ago


I can't believe people believe Madonna was out of line with her Gaga comments. Gaga has risen to fame by completely ripping off Madonna's image and work. Everything from her look, her faux accent in interviews, her videos, her songs, her tea drinking in interviews and even her do***entary, which was a direct rip from 'Truth or Dare' has been derived from Madonna's work. I think Madonna was graceful about the way she handled the comparisons, because had it been me, I'm almost positive I would have been much more harsh. Also, how can Elton or his husband criticize Madonna for being 'uncalled for,' when Elton and now his husband and blatantly ripped her to shreds for years. Pot meet Kettle.

977 days ago


poor Elton.... jealous, old, ugly, GRINCH looking queen... get over yourself.... Madonna is back! and she is reclaiming her throne!

977 days ago


Mr. Furnish, please just shut up and continue to bite your pillow.

977 days ago


Elton's ridiculous comments about Madonna last night just shows the world that he's a big fat sore loser with a rug on his head. He's just jealous because he hasn't had a hit song since the mid-90's when he exploited Princess Diana's death to sell that crappy record. Screw you Elton.

977 days ago


"These awards have nothing to do with merit"

977 days ago


honestly - these two always spat with each other and reason being is they are both one and the same. they have the exact same personality where they cant take a joke and think too highly of themselves. thats why they dont get along

977 days ago

Madonna would be well cast as the Evil Mother Queen in Cinderella or Snow White.

977 days ago


That;s funny coming from a tired queen like her - hello desperate narcissistic pot, meet desperate narcissistic kettle

977 days ago


Her speech was incredibly benign. This is Madonna, who rolled around on stage in a wedding dress, released x-rated books among many, many other ridiculous and exciting instances - who now has a growing pack of children and is mellowing, relatively speaking, as she gets older. To be so critical of her now, over THIS particular speech, simply shows how shallow Furnish is.... And who gives a rats ass about Furnish anyway? What has he ever done aside from screwing Elton John?

977 days ago


here is another woman, who should shut up,some of her music is ok, but I just dont like her ,I think her star status has made her believe she is above everyone else ,shes better than everyone else ,shes the better singer ,on and on ,yes, she had a few songs back in the day ,anyway, now shes ripping into lady gaga,gaga is nuts ,but I like her ,I think madonna is jealous of her.thats just my opinion.elton john can sing and play the piano , he writes his own music Im with him ,I agree with everything he said.he is far more talented then she is .I don*****ch these stupid award shows ,never will,watching all these self centered,stuck up, vain people in the same room ,just isnt my idea of entertainment ,as far a*****e madonna,71%hate her , I dont,but could care less what ever she does, Im just here because I love elton john.

977 days ago


Sounds like the uptight gay face will get a rough butt hump tonight. Loosen up gay face!!

977 days ago


Elton and Madonna should both be ashamed of themselves. They are both in their 50's, living legends w/ nothing to prove to anyone. What sort of examples do they set trashing each other, belittling younger performers that copying them, and being self centered narcissist. I could have lived without seeing Elton's rant, Madonna dissing Gaga and that acceptance speech, yeah we know she directed it but the award was for music. And Weinstien, don't they buy the leftover movies no one else wants?

977 days ago


She IS very difficult to watch, it's like giving your full attention to a pain in the ass witch. UGHH!

977 days ago


Elton and Madonna are both egotistical queens that are each undeniably two of the greatest names in pop history, but are both past their prime. That doesn't mean the comments about Madonna are wrong, but that Elton (and his hubby) are throwing stones in a glass house.

977 days ago
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