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Al Sharpton

Obama's Falsetto Could

HELP with Voters

1/20/2012 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


President Barack Obama
's kick ass rendition of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" at The Apollo last night was GREAT for his campaign ... because it humanizes him to voters ... this according to Al Sharpton.

The Rev -- who ALSO killed it on stage at The Apollo a few years ago with a GREAT rendition of James Brown's "I Feel Good" -- was out in NY today when we asked for his expert opinion.

Rev told us, "The President has SKILLS ... he showed real skills ... he sang an almost perfect falsetto."

He added ... "[The performance] humanizes him, and it makes people understand he knows the words to the song. How many presidents actually know the lyrics to the Al Green song?"


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Fat Mike    

It's a shame one of his SKILLS isn't POLITICS.

1009 days ago

buzz kill    

Reverend my ass!

1009 days ago


I love President Obama! I will vote for him again.

1009 days ago


The Rev. Al is looking more and more like a serious contender in the George Stevens look-a-like contest.

1009 days ago


Why was Sharpton surprised, everything Obama does is better than anyone else.......Gosh, the man without a shadow can do anything because if it doesn't work, it's Bush's fault.

1009 days ago

Ozzie X    

FYI TMZ keep the camera man. He is articulate, may stumble a little bit, but is very respectful.

1009 days ago


Oh please with all you haters in here. 1st off...GET OVER IT! He showed a moment of fun..not a big frickin deal in the long run but because its Obama all of a sudden he's killing us for it. Pahlease. I have no problem with my President since I voted for him and will be proud to vote for him again. He is 1 million times better than a man who was kicked out of Congress for improprietary issues, also vilifying a man over an affair WHILE having one (yeah, great morals), a plastic millionaire who is so far out of touch he thinks he's "unemployed", a $10,000 bet is normal and that $375,000 in salary for speeches is "not that much". Another man who is so dang crazy on the right, he wants to ban BIRTH CONTROL because his faith doesn't beleive in it so OF COURSE everyone should also agree with him. He would also take away a woman't right to choice over HER OWN DANG BODY and would more than likely immediately start another war with Iran after just getting out of a 10 year war that accomplished nothing but break our country and economy and then there is Ron Paul. No foreign policy at all (now THAT is scary) and as long as it works with his "civil liberties" he will also destroy the progress we have worked for so long over the last 4 years. Yeah...Obama is such an evil and awful President...NOT. Ignorance is bliss obviously but unless you actually do the research, spitting out the same BS retoric that has been spewed over the last 4 years doesn't convince anyone. The TRUTH however, works wonders. Too bad Republicans never go for the truth.

1009 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Scraping the bottom of the barrel with Sharpton. Yuk

1009 days ago


Didn't Nero play the violin as Rome was burning? Yup, Obama sings while this country is crumbling all around him.

1009 days ago


This so called Rev. it a complete IDIOT

1009 days ago


If singing helps Obama with the voters, he needs to start singing now all the way until November 2012, because he needs all the help that he can get!!! SEE YA OBAMA!

1009 days ago


Yes, because the American public is gullible, uneducated, and stupid!!!

1009 days ago


I like the President, and what people forget is, it takes at least 4 years to sort out the crap from the previous president. He's doing a great job!

1009 days ago


Al Sharpiesniffer wants to know "How many presidents actually know the lyrics to the Al Green song?"

The answer is "Only those that have rehearsed it". Just like everthing else this useless administration does. It's all show and no go.

1009 days ago



Sharpton, you look unattractive

1009 days ago
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