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Al Sharpton

Obama's Falsetto Could

HELP with Voters

1/20/2012 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


President Barack Obama
's kick ass rendition of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" at The Apollo last night was GREAT for his campaign ... because it humanizes him to voters ... this according to Al Sharpton.

The Rev -- who ALSO killed it on stage at The Apollo a few years ago with a GREAT rendition of James Brown's "I Feel Good" -- was out in NY today when we asked for his expert opinion.

Rev told us, "The President has SKILLS ... he showed real skills ... he sang an almost perfect falsetto."

He added ... "[The performance] humanizes him, and it makes people understand he knows the words to the song. How many presidents actually know the lyrics to the Al Green song?"


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Firstly, Al Sharpton has caused more problems for racial equality.All he does is stir the pot and incite more hate between the blacks and whites.And if he truly believes by Obama singing a song that will help him with being re-elected, then he has serious mental issues as well.
At this point I do not know who can fix what.But I do know this country has SERIOUS issues that has to be addressed NOW.It is my opinon, but our present president has does nothing to correct anything.I do not feel we can survive another 4 years...

1008 days ago


Hey Tracy wake up. Obama is a ****ing idiot. Look at all the "change" he made for the country. Crimes committed by blacks has more than doubled. Way to go jerk off obama.

1008 days ago

modern hippy    

Sighs/ ...I respect the comments on this thread because I love reading people's opinions on this issue. I'll be the first to admit that it's been rough four years. Yes Obama didn't fulfill all the campaign promises but I asked you this...How do you expect a man to come into office and completely change 8 years of complete and utter massive chaos!!??? We Obama came into office this country was practical destitute. We were in a pointless war. Serious where are these alleged weapons of mass destruction? Please tell me because I Dnt think there were ever any. I believe Obama shouldnt have promised something he could not deliver in four years. I believe American will need at least 8 more years to radiciate this economic situation it is in. I will definately vote for Obama again...not because he's half black but because I Dnt think it is fair to expect this man to come in and be god. He is just a man and he deserves a chance. It helps that all the republic candidates are idiots. Well Ron Paul is an ok guy. (and please guys Dnt attack me for stating my opinion...and any non racist person care to answer my question I would appreciate it)

1008 days ago


First off, obama promised to bring us "change" but all he brought was the same ol $h!t. Bush gave us the patriot act and obama signed an extension. Then he signed into law the NDAA which is something that Bush at his worst could have never gotten passed. He swore he'd never have the feds raid pot stores that states have deemed legal but he did it anyway. He swore he'd "bring the troops home" but he never did. He took them from iraq but then sent them to other places. Now we are gearing up for a war with Iran because they have WMD. Sound familiar? If you are happy with that, vote obama. If you want 4 more years of bush, vote whoever the republican is unless it's Ron Paul. It you want actual change vote third party.

1008 days ago

Debbie Alexander    

Reverent Al Sharpton should take the word "Reverend" out of his name if he is going to back and scobble for Obama. I think it is a sin for a "REVEREND" to vote for a man that supports & has the government pay for abortions-which is Yes, Murder. I think it is an embarressment for a Rev to do this. Pastors especially should vote for the Bible-not the black man. Obama has also stated that "this is not a christian nation-it is a muslim nation" and that should offend any pastor, but oh no not Rev Al Sharpton. Obama did not allow the National Day of Prayer for the 1st time in the white house...where was REV Al Sharpton on that issue? A pastor should uphold Israel being safe-you know that is in the Bible...where is REV Al Sharpton on that issue? You know, people can back and vote as they may because it is a free country...but please do not insult me with Rev in front of your name Al Sharpton. Maybe you should rethink your issues hum?

1008 days ago


2nd Term Around-Obama ft Ke$ha & Will-I-am LMAO

1008 days ago


I didn't know Republicans read Celebrity Gossip websites.

1008 days ago


Of course, Al, what song do you know and what office would you like?

1008 days ago


People read rags, to whoever said they didnt know Reps read these reputable sites. Really there is only so much serious reading you can do before you go blind, sweety.

1008 days ago


So sad that some people will fall for him singing and that is suppose to get him through the next four years. God Forbid. Haven't they seen enough unemployment, companies folding up, people suffering to make ends meet. Haven't we lost enough with him in office.

1007 days ago


Too many haters out there. Amazing to see all the Republican candidates advertizing here. TMZ has a new FOX type mentality these days. Sad.

1007 days ago


I guest next he'll be eating watermellon & tap dancing. Black people still being OBAMAboozled, and they just don't get it.

1006 days ago

George Hale    

I saw Al Green in concert. Barry Obama is no Al Green. The falsetto? It's a lack of manhood, pure and simple. Obama is candy.

998 days ago
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