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Ashton Kutcher


After Demi Emergency

1/26/2012 8:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just one night after Demi Moore was rushed to the hospital for inhaling too much nitrous oxide -- Ashton Kutcher hit up a Bruno Mars concert in Brazil ... where he fist-pumped his brains out.

The video was shot the same night Ashton dropped by a nightclub in Sao Paulo with a mystery female companion in a red shirt -- the same girl is standing beside him at the Bruno Mars concert.

As we previously reported, Ashton gave a Brazilian photog the cold shoulder when asked if Demi was okay -- giving no answer.

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Demi Moore is a vapid moron. She has three kids, that now have to take care of her, because she has spent the past 6 years tweeting the world her drunken body in skimpy bathing suits while partying on in an attempt to not grow old. She clearly has had drug issues for years, because you don't wake up one morning and just say "hey, I think I want to do some Nitrous Oxide"! Take care of your kids Demi, and grow old with some dignity!

978 days ago


What's he suppose to do ... He's in Brazil?!

978 days ago


After 7 years of marriage, he could show some concern.

978 days ago


Further proof that white men can't dance!

978 days ago


This guy is an idiot. I am not sure what women see in him. He's dorky looking and now obviously he's a jackass as well.

978 days ago


TMZ STAFFERS, can't believe you let this one get by without making some kind of comment?! AK looks like he has a HUGE boner! You guys ALWAYS have something to say about those kinds of things and ....nothing, crickets....You guys must be slipping.....lolol

978 days ago

the truth    

i dont think he should run back and visit Demi . im sure he knows whats going on. but maybe Demi doesnt wanna see him. she needs to move on anyways. maybe she doesnt wanna see anyone because of what shes going thru. she may need her space now anyways and concentrate on getting well. and for the people who are saying Rumors hair is all messed up are a bunch of jerks. im sure shes not worried about her hair right now . shes worried about mom.NOT HER HAIR!

978 days ago


He's a douche bag...

978 days ago


What people fail to realize is that Ashton & Demi have been living separate lives for a long while, not even being under the same roof. Demi has secretly been seeing a NFL football player, I know. I have seen them out on a few also in another state, as well as at a concert together. Demi has been very happy. Which is why she announced to the public in November 2011 She was moving forward, she was happy then and had been moving forward for sometime now, which I applaud. she & the NFL football player have spent a great deal of time together for a long while, I was glad for her, when I noticed her at the concert she looked happy with her NFL star, for her birthday he even bought her a new car for one of her birthday presents. She was glad to get rid of ASHTON, her new downlow african american HUNK broke up with her and she can't handle it... TRUE. and it's making it look like ASHTON is the reason, so not true. The NFL star is twenty eight years old. and she thought she had him in the palm of her hand. So with her throwing these antics and trying to hurt herself is a way to try and make him stay with her.. NOT. he has moved on. She thought when she made her public announcement about no longer being with ASHTON and moving forward that her and the NFL star would start being public, NOT, he wasn't having it. She should have just continue to let him be her boy toy, but she wanted more.So this is why all of a sudden DEMI is tripping, trust me. I'm not a fan of how ASHOTON has done here in the past, However; he has been out of the picture for a long while now, she's heartbroken of getting the boot by this NFL HUNK, trust I know. That's why all of a sudden the antics. GROW DEMI girl, there's other fish in the sea. there are other african american men you can date, that will go public with you, just not this particular NFL should just look at the fact that he was your rebound and helped you to get over ASHTON quickly, which is what he did. So put on your big girl panties and move on forward from this NFL star, cause baby he's long GONE!!

978 days ago


Life does go on but he's very immature without this showing this incident. He really needs to grow the freak up. Doesn't matter if they're divorced/divorcing, its called compassion. He's acting as if she was the one that cheated and he's not doing anything out of the norm by "being with someone". Apparently he did that throughout the marriage so there's nothing new to report on that note. Non funny ass Making Charlie show look bad

978 days ago


If someone is an ex-husband, their responsibility to the ex-spouse is over. Call up Bruce Willis if some man needs to take care of this silly woman. She responsible for herself, and no one including her daughter should be responsible for her situation. Grow up Demi, Yer old enough to be on your own.

978 days ago


There is a reason he didn't book the first flight home people, it's called a clue.

978 days ago


Fist pumping and Bruno Mars should never be in the same sentence. They are two opposites like night and day!

978 days ago


So what? You don't know whether he's spoken to the family or not. You don't know what their situation was before the split. Demi seems like she's been in trouble for quite awhile. This may not be news to him. Just stay out of it, tmz.

978 days ago


In this video:

It shows what others have been saying about their "open" marriage, possibly? Demi is honking another female's ta-ta while drinking some Corona Beer during the daytime. Beer for breakfast?

978 days ago
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