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Gabriel Aubry

Keeps Nahla Close

1/27/2012 10:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry Spends Time with NahlaGabriel Aubry kept a tight grip on his daughter Nahla this AM, in the midst of his battle royale with baby mama Halle Berry.

We're told Gabriel left his house to take Nahla to her pre-school.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle is trying to temporarily strip Gabriel of all contact with Nahla while police investigate a criminal child endangerment complaint against him ... for allegedly pushing the nanny while she was holding the child. Gabriel is also being investigated for battery.



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HEAVEN: Nahla and her daddy look happy together. Sweet little girl.

HELL: Apple Computer uses slave labor in China. Read the New York Times series this week. I hope Steve Jobs is being tormented by a creature with a long tail and a pitchfork.

998 days ago


sweet photo
he's trying to take the high road not speaking our publicly while he is continually being attacked and there are legal proceedings are ongoing
it can not be easy to remain silent but he is right in doing so for his daughters' sake
because if he were to reply to everything Halle and her team of unnamed sources put out there it would become a 3 ring circus with even more paparazzi chasing after/endangering poor little Nahla
Halle and her team insist in trying their case in the court of public opinion in order to influence the court it seems
and the majority of the public- including me- don't believe her allegations
the more of them she makes, the crazier and more selfish/spiteful she appears
Gabriel quietly goes on with the business of being a good dad, while Halle continues her crusade to cut him out of their daughters' life
it is clear who has the best interest of the child and her future in their heart/mind
...and it's not the mother!!!

998 days ago


OMG! Poor Nahla!!! She looks TERRIFIED of her daddy….Not!

998 days ago


Funny how Halle has problems with EVERY man in her life. Seems to be getting out of hand. Someone likes drama and enough is enough as this time it involves a child. The common denominator in all of Halles "bad" relationships is Halle. Perhaps her new fiance should take note and get out before his good name is dragged thru the mud.

998 days ago


He seems to be such a good dad and Nihia seems to be so happy when she is with him. The only one with problems seems to be the mother who keeps trying to stop him from having a relationship with his child.

998 days ago


Of course it's a lovely photo. He was a model who knew perfectly well the camera's would be there this morning people!
Nahla now is his meal ticket and everyone is nice to an opportunity. He's wonderfully photogenic and should totally go to work. Oh, but that would mean child support....

998 days ago

Alicia Baldwin    

I wish Harvey could find out if this is a case of parental alienation. It sounds like Alec Baldwin's claim of what Kim Basinger has been doing to him allthese years with their daughter. Would Halle Berry ever be held accountable or held financially responsible for smearing his name and his lawyer fees.

998 days ago


This is a simple equation of economics. He doesn't work nor does he provide for his child. He's looking to be kept in the lap of luxury (by Halle) with the joint custody order until their child is 18. This joint custody fight (Nahla) is now his career of choice.

998 days ago


The only thing he is guilty of is dressing her in ugly clothes. People with power and money will do or say anything to get things their own way

998 days ago


awwwwwwwwwwww so cute!!

998 days ago


at the risk of irking muse (and the always amusing sincerity should s/he check in), it is only fair to comment that mr aubry does a considerable amount of work as a model and seems to be quite successful at this career. the armani work alone is likely more than i make in a year! and i have no idea if he is a good parent or not... the child certainly looks delightful in this pic.

998 days ago

Dino the Dinosaur    

Cha ching for the lawyers! I've seen these family court lawyers take 2 years to drain a family for 500k, leaving both parents stupid.

Halle is doing the au natural, PAS, (parental alienation syndrome), doing anything she can to alienate father and daughter. Most women will do this with their now hated ex, pas just becoming forefront/aware to the public.

998 days ago


This is "EXACTLY" what Ole Clueless should have been doing in the first place. If he would have gotten up off his "TRIFLING AZZ" and taken Nahla to school "AS SCHEDULED", the incident with nanny probably would have never taken place. He's not doing anything "SPECIAL". He's simply just "POSING" for the cameras and "NOTHING MORE"!!!

998 days ago


Aw, she looks happy to be with her Daddy.

I think Halle is just being irrational and controlling. It is sad how Halle always seems to try to take this to headlines to try to make Gabriel look like he is a bad father.

She should instead do all she can for her daughter's sake to work together with him, for that little girl's BEST INTEREST and not for her own interest and agenda.

What Halle is doing is hurting her child. Be a grown MATURE woman and work with him, not against him, for the welfare and well being of your daughter.

Put the energy you are putting into trying to be malicious and hurt your daughter's father into just co-parenting and working together, so she can spend time with both her Mommy and Daddy and not feel the tension between you two.

998 days ago


Looks like a happy child that loves her daddy.

998 days ago
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