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Trespasser to Kim K:

I'm Here to WORK for You

1/30/2012 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
The stranger who appeared at Kim Kardashian's Beverly Hills mansion Sunday night told police he was convinced he had a LEGIT job interview scheduled with the reality show fam ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim called police late Sunday night when the guy showed up to the home with luggage, requesting to stay in her home.

When cops arrived to the scene, we're told officers explained there was no interview ... and told the man he was not allowed back to the property.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the man was genuinely convinced someone from KK's camp had set up a real deal interview with him for an opportunity to work on one of their reality shows.

Cops gave the man a trespassing warning ... and then drove him back to a local airport so he could book his flight home. 

It's unclear if the man was delusional ... or simply the victim of a cruel prank.


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Technically he WAS at the right place "the Psycho ward" LOL

997 days ago


Lemme guess! Ryan Seacrest sent him...ya know he is pushing this family like a cheap suit...would not put it past Ryan...he will do anything to pushing ratings and having anyone talk about this garbage. Hence...have someone show up at their house so folks will talk about them. Soon enough they will all be an 80's hair do.

997 days ago


Obviously Pimp Jenner is paying TMZ to keep these whores in the news. Hey TMZ....Everyone hates the Kartrashians, get a clue.

997 days ago

the truth    

if you people dont wanna read stories about this family then plzzzz stop writing in this . ignore it.

997 days ago



997 days ago

That's Right    

Knock Knock?
Who is there?
Snoop who?
Snoop Dog Byotch!!!!! You Dumb ass black men you should not have tried to wife the bitch, she not that type of a hoe. She gets around, see when Reggie took her to Africa she was looking at the Africans because they had bigger ****s then his, he didn’t no how to act afterwards they sent his ass to Miami. Ray J the only brother that bounce back from the bitch. She’s Cold blooded, I’m pretty sure she’ll have a book in a month talking about all the men she got and how she played them, so my advice is you can’t make a hoe a housewife, don’t try to reinvent the wheel let her do what she was born to do “hoe” yeah hoe……. punk bitch

997 days ago


The gypsy whore family strikes again.

997 days ago


Fake story, lying Kardashians! It's actually sad, Kim acts like a whore because she was raised to be one! Shame on Kris! What made money more important than her children and their dignity? And Kim will never get married! Too vain, selfish and neurotic!

997 days ago


Notice how TMZ brags..."we brok the story"... Even high school journalism wouldn't print this non- story so why so proud of reporting garbage TMZ?...just to be fair, just how much does TMZ get paid for every Kardashian phony story?....and do you guys even read the comments and see that your readers HATE the Kardashians?....pretty soon you will be up on the Boycott site....jeez used to be so damn cool....

997 days ago


They the Kardashian,s will be suing each other in the very near future.

997 days ago


More Fake Kardashian Drama.

F Kim K Superstar and her fake B.S.

997 days ago

liquid kitty    

Sad to say, but I would not put it past this woman to do this in order to garner some sympathy press. NEXT.

997 days ago

arale norimaki    

to kim CRAPdashain Oh my God, dude, relax. Dude, I forgot to put on deodorant, OK?

Look we need to talk to Green Man for a minute please.

997 days ago


I guess this is proof this realy happend.
Its funny he shows up when the show is aring
where kims marrige falls apart cuz she is having panic attacks over
her Husband wanting to ship 15 boxs of clothes
to her house.her closet space is maxed out
and hos dont let tricks move thier boxs of clothes in.
she was terrifed of givng up colest space.
Once she realsied to be a wife you have to give up something she wanted no part of givng she said she feelt dead inside.she sold her soul when she made the porn film
and has nothing leftf but a deep dark hole.
This big exclusive is so intresting.. NOT
but it was mighty kind of the LAPD to give the dude
a ride to the airport.
Butt kim should have let the guy come in and live their cuz hes problay the last guy on the plante that would want to live there with the wicked witch of the west.
First she gives her own husband the boot befor he moves in then she kicks this guy out befor she even gave him a chance. He probly woudnt of even comented on he rbody oder.

997 days ago


This is not "Breaking News" TMZ. No one cares. If it was a Chinese child slave laborer showing up at her doorstep to collect her $1 paycheck for working in the Kardashian Kollection sweatshop, then, yes that would be "breaking news" and we would all care.

997 days ago
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