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Lindsay Lohan

Calls BS on Boozing Story --

Threatens to Sue

2/2/2012 12:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201_lohan_x17_exLindsay Lohan says there's NO TRUTH to reports she was boozing at a SAG Awards after party this weekend ... and now, TMZ has learned, she's threatening to SUE the media outlets that published the story in the first place.

A source close to the actress tells TMZ ... Lindsay is already exploring her legal options with her attorneys ... because she feels the false stories are sabotaging her effort to save her career.

Lindsay acknowledges she WAS at the party at the Chateau Marmot hotel in Hollywood Sunday night ... but insists she was sitting with Alan Cummings the whole time and ONLY drank water.

We're told Lindsay's also pissed over reports about a recent gas station makeout session with Dennis Hopper's son Henry (pictured above), where she allegedly purchased Red Bull and vodka.

Sources close to LiLo tell us the actress is adamant the two are just friends ... NEVER MADE OUT ... and the only items she bought were soda, chips, and cigarettes.


Joel Osteen

Good God, He's RIPPED!!!

Joel Osteen shirtlessThe lord is my personal trainer, I shall not want.

Mega-televangelist Joel Osteen hit the beach in Hawaii this week for a little family vacation time with his wife Victoria, his son Jonathan, his daughter Alexandra ... and a SHREDDED SIX PACK!!!

Besides being one of the most famous preachers in the world, Osteen is also a health nut ... who dishes out diet advice on his web page. Judging by his sculpted physique, dude knows what he's talking about.


"The Mickey Mouse Club"

Then & Now


Justin Timberlake
celebrated his 31st birthday this week -- and he's come a long way since his days on "The Mickey Mouse Club."

JT was one of many who hit it big after starring on the Disney show, coming from a crop that included Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, JC Chasez, Keri Russell and even Ryan Gosling.

Check out how well has the rest of the MMC held up over the years!

Manly Mani-Pedi's


0127_manicure_pedicure_launchCan you guess which metro-men have let down their guard and gotten themselves a little pampering on their hands and feet?!

There's nothing a fresh coat of paint can't take care of. 

Stars Breakin' a Sweat


0106_sweatin_stars_launchIf you're like most people, you've already given up on your New Year's resolution to get healthy and work out more.

As you sit around and do nothing -- check out these pictures of stars breakin' a sweat!

Doesn't look fun, does it?

Guess Whose Celebrity Spawn...


This gorgeous dirty-blonde babe is actually the daughter of one of Hollywood's BIGGEST names -- can you guess which star she calls "Dad?"

'Idol' Hopeful Angie Zeiderman

I'm No Gaga Ripoff!

"American Idol" wannabe Angie Zeiderman loves Lady Gaga (as she proclaimed during her audition) but she's not trying to be like her ... she's just being herself.

Zeiderman tells TMZ she's theatrical by nature, and took it as a great compliment when Jennifer Lopez said most contestants couldn't sing a show tune like she did. Angie says she performs every Thursday night at a gay bar in Delray Beach, FL (the only girl who does so) and performs as part of a burlesque troupe that performs all over Miami. 

If the "Idol" thing doesn't pan out, she should have no problem getting a gig ... as a Lady Gaga impersonator. 


No Avatar

Annette Hammond    

I see ALOT of negative comments about Lohan.So i guess it's the people that think they are holier than thou.

964 days ago


The only way this loser can make money is to sue.

964 days ago


On the beauty, YUCK... no beauty I see. All I see are hideous teeth and skin like worn out leather.

964 days ago


Of course Lindsay wants to sue. It's the only way she can earn a dollar these days. She probably figures the alsohol will be out of her system by the time it goes to court.

964 days ago


Lohan is such a loser! Just go away!

964 days ago


My. Word. I am shocked at the picture of that model with the horrible, horrible teeth. She looks deformed. Like some horrid photoshop. But that's something I've noticed over the past few years, they don't pick "pretty" people to be models any more, they have to look like concentration camp survivors or be downright homely (Paz Del La Huerta) or just look 'odd'. As long as they are 6 ft. tall and a size zero, they can look deformed. Anything to draw attention! (I remember the Male Model of the Year some years ago, poor guy looked like a wooden doll that had been left out in the rain!_

964 days ago


Lets just tell Lindsay good bye and crawl back into whatever hole she came from. This is just another sick attempt to get attention.

964 days ago


Can she look her mother in the eye? I doubt it.

964 days ago

Wayne C.    

Anyone see a photo of Lohan drinking. No,if she did, why not a photo to prove it. Because they don't. They see her with a glass of water, and ASSUME. Hope she takes them for a bundle.

964 days ago


about time the judges put that trash away, think they are better than any one else, no room in jaik bs, something funny there, every one else goes,
hollywood film makers, want her to play a icon like liz taylor, , please don't disgrace a real icon with drug trash s---, the only way they can get in the paper , drugs ,booze,

964 days ago


Looks like Lohans boozing has already taken a toll on her, looks like she's been rode hard and put away wet.

964 days ago

Bob Doak    

It amazes me that so many of you despise Lohan. Especially the women. You act as if her behavior is a personal affront to you. Why would you have such a hatred for someone you don’t know? Could it be she's got all the fame and money now, that you cant earn in a lifetime. Would you be ok if your life is in the spotlight and everything you do get criticized? Before you start criticizing her looks Post your pictures

964 days ago


Lohan, you need to fall out of the media, no one cares about you, your a washed up old hag, and you father is ight there also, we all are so tied of seeing you name & pic in the news

964 days ago


Go get 'em Lindsay!

964 days ago


she is hot

964 days ago
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