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with Her Nephew

2/10/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ice-T's wife Coco posing naked with her infant nephew -- an innocent and adorable picture ... perfect for launching loud and heated debates with your co-workers. Trust us.


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I am Spartacus    

i'm sorry but i don't see this as being a big deal. She's not sexually attracted to the baby and the baby has no idea what's going on. This is just Coco liking her body and being naked and laying next to her nephew. If she has no problem with it and the mother has no problem with it, then why should i have a problem with it. The baby isn't being harmed or scarred for life from this.

949 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Disgusting, reprehensible, bizarre, and unacceptable.

Can't unsee!

949 days ago


I don't do this with my nephews. Nor would I allow my sisters to do this with my son. This is very strange, but it is even more strange that she would want to tweet it.

949 days ago


How disturbing! What is she doing sleeping butt naked next to a baby? Gross!

949 days ago


It's so sad that these pathetic attention whores (both men and women) get fame and fortune for being STUPID.

949 days ago


that is sick. i am a women and if this was a man, esp an "uncle" he'd be sitting in jail right now. can't this sl*t keep her clothes on for one sec.?!

949 days ago


This is probably just to get publicity for their upcoming show. Their show and Jersey Shore are both really stupid.Not worth watching, period.A bunch of morons,making millions of dollars for nothing.

949 days ago


She looks like a giant side of beef!! Coco is cuckoo,cuckoo!!!

949 days ago


If it was her child this would be acceptable. You just don't get naked with someone else's baby.

949 days ago


Is it just me or is anybody else seriously tired of seeing her boobs everywhere you look.???? I'm sure Ice T may enjoy the heck out of them and she may be proud of their size but I don't like seeing her overblown, plastic beach balls for boobs all over the place.
And as for this picture, it's KIDDIE PORN. That is so innapropriate on so many levels it's disturbing. Why would an aunt be naked with their nephew at any age??? A mother, yes, aunt, HELL NO.
I can understand if she was clothed, just watching her nephew sleep. I have done that millions of times. But not her breast centimeters from his face!!!!! If that would have been my child I would have raised holy h*** with her. Anybody now can photo shop that kids picture into sick, nasty porn to get off on. I would never in a million years post my nephew or niece's photo's on the Internet with out my sister's express permission and then I would let her view them first beforehand. Then maybe it's just me and my old fashioned ways.

949 days ago


The nude picture of her and her nephew is not right. However, the picture of the dog squatting on her head is just NASTY. I have a cat and I love her but I will not allow her to squat on my face. Anyway not sure why I'm all that shocked because Coco always looks nasty and trashy anyway.

949 days ago


why does she have her own show again? everyone should write to E! and boycott their stupid show! This tramp is desperate for attention, she is one insecure female.

949 days ago


If this was "her" baby, it wouldn't cause us to blink an eye, but it's not and it's SO WRONG ON EVERY LEVEL. It's disgusting and twisted and shows that she doesn't have one iota of common sense. She's just "common" and uncouth.

949 days ago


This *** bucket slut is disgusting,, I hope the mom bathes and sanitizes this baby!! God knows how many men Coco just slept with before laying down with this baby. Ice T's a pimp and this is his whore!! Ewwww!

949 days ago


OMG she will do anything for an extra 15 minutes, she knows the clock is ticking on her career. I say call CPS for lewd and indecent behaviour with a child. If this were a man they would have already locked him up and thrown away the key...she's gross!! Go away!!

949 days ago
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