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Bobby Brown

Absolute CHAOS for LAX Arrival

2/13/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0213_bobby_brown_videoIt was a crazy scene last night at LAX ... as Bobby Brown returned to Los Angeles to be with his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, following the death of Whitney Houston

As TMZ first reported, Brown decided to skip a concert in Nashville last night to be with his daughter, who has been hospitalized twice since Houston's death.

Brown was met at the airport last night by a sea of photogs, all shouting questions his way. He didn't utter a single word.


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Damn those people are savages!

983 days ago

Logan R    

He knows or cares as much as Ashton cares about Demi. They have been divorced for a long time now. Other than getting her hooked on drungs what else has he done for her?

983 days ago


So what came first in Whitney Houston's life: the drugs or Bobby Brown? She should have ****canned him way before she did. Let's hope Lindsay Lohan and all those other wannabes sit up and take notice about how the mighty can be taken down by pills and alcohol. It could happen to you, Lindsay! It could happen to any of us. I thought Jennifer Hudson knocked it out of the park. No one sucks more than Chrissie Brown, the girl abuser.

983 days ago


How do you idiots sleep at night. Bobby was welcome to LAX by a bunch of crazed photogs and the video made me ill. No sympathy, just a paycheck. But until we collectively refuse to buy any publication that uses these photos, the practice will continue. Are we that blood hungery? Unfortunately the answer is yes.

983 days ago


Why is it that the media encourages worship on these egotistical drug addicts? Seriously, it's sad someone died, but a legend? Did she save someone's life that I wasn't aware of? She chose the path of a street junkie, the only difference...she could afford a better brand of drug...that's it.

983 days ago


He LOVES that woman no matter if they were divorced or not she was and always will be the love of his life. These people in the video are s*** of the earth, God some people are disgusting! BTW he didn't get her hooked on drugs SHE made her OWN choices and would be the FIRST to tell you that! Rest in peace Whitney, there will NEVER be another as great as you!

983 days ago


I can't believe that of all the "dirty" words said here, in the comments, on TMZ they block out the word S-C-U-M! What the ****?

983 days ago


The ONLY words he should utter are- "I'm an AZZ for not coming sooner"! What a loser! He should be filled with GUILT for what he did to her! Those LA doctors who contribute to all this DRUG use should ALL lose their license! When you know someone OBVIOUSLY has a drug problem, you DON'T prescribe MORE drugs! What a whacked out place Hollywood is!

983 days ago


booby should go join her in and jump off a tall building thanks for the drugs you low life dope head help kill a treasure

983 days ago


My wish for this family is that the media would leave them alone during their time of mourning. The family can't make a move without the media crushing them. This family is so fragile right now. I would hate to see another tragedy brought on from the pressure of flashing cameras and hundreds of questions being thrown at them. Please have some sympathy for them and give them some space.

983 days ago


you photogs have no respect at all.

983 days ago


I'm sick of people blaming Bobby for her drug use. Whitney was a grown ass women who could have made her own choices. My husband can sit around and smoke crack all day, but I'm not going to engage in that type of behavior because I choose not to. It's all about choices and she didnt make the right ones. Who knows, she could have been the one to introduce him to some of those substances.

983 days ago


Now What? He is going to make Bobbi an addict too! What a garbage of person.

983 days ago


The only question I have is why did this man not get on a plane the minute his daughter lost her mother? He waited a whole day, and then was "willing to miss a concert"? Is there any wonder here why the poor daughter is so distraught?

983 days ago

Jason W    

Whitney killed Whitney not Bobby. Bobby is going to try to take care of his child who has had drug issues already. From everything that has been reported Brown is clean now. He had to get away from the cycle so he got a divorce. You people are sick for saying all he cares about is fame. He cares for his damn kid idiots. Let him take care of her in peace. The man has lost both parents and his exwife in the last year. If this doesnt push him back to drugs nothing will. Give the familly some peace for God sake.

983 days ago
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