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Barack Obama

I'm Praying for Bobbi Kristina

2/13/2012 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama is concerned about Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina after her recent hospital scares ... this according to a rep for the White House.

Press Secretary Jay Carney just released a statement -- claiming Obama's thoughts and prayers are with Whitney Houston's family, especially her daughter.

TMZ broke the story ... Bobbi was taken to the hospital Saturday night and again on Sunday. We're told Bobbi was "hysterical, exhausted and inconsolable" after her mother's death.

Family members fear Bobbi might be suicidal.


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When exactlly was it he called the Terry family to express his condolences about their son, a border patrol agent, who was murdered by a government run "fast and furious"? This guy should fly to Hollywood and stay there. It's as shallow as he is and he would fit perfectly with these losers!

890 days ago


He only made this comment because she was black...

890 days ago


Obama made comment because it's all
"All About the Votes". He may get a few extra votes from this soundbite, but he will still lose the election because of his reckless spending, tax n spend, tax n spend. 3.8 trillion budget, 1.4 trillion in new taxes. He has no clue, or he is trying to destroy this country. One Term,

890 days ago


Did he ever say anything about Matilda Ledger losing her father at such a young age? Whitney's daughter is 18.

890 days ago


Election year. He needs Hollywood to ba$k some more and get him the voters.

890 days ago


I wonder who he prays to, Allah? Obummer is the biggest FAKE and LIAR on this earth.

890 days ago


Enough about this seriously... its sad and my heart goes to her family but what about our Soldiers being killed every day?? One singer getting all of this attention yet our own Soldiers dying for our freedom can't get this spotlight?! I see where the priorities are...

890 days ago

An Old Lady Who's Seen it All    

Who gives a F about what he says. Just one more photo op for the freak- Let the poor woman rest in peace. And STAY AWAY from her daughter. Keep your political BS away from her and her family.

890 days ago


I am so tired of people talking trash about obama , he is a GREAT president, if yall were to pay close attention to him yall would know that he tried to change everything he said he would but CONGRESS keeps rejecting his plans , so don't be mad at OBAMA be mad at CONGRESS!!!!!!!! and yes he always give his condolences to every nationally known person who has pass , it just don't be on websites like this. Watch and you will learn

890 days ago


This young woman had two dysfunctional parents!! Hope she gets the professional help she needs because without it she too will be a statistic!!

890 days ago

doretta B    

May god be with the family and carry her daughter through this time of sorrow.Whitney will live on forever just not here on this place called earth.GOD BLESS HER AND HER ENTIRE FAMILY.

890 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

We went black,now its time to take or country back!Go Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

890 days ago


For the people who hate on what President Obama said ---go to hell

890 days ago


of course he comments, he needs all of hollywood to donate to him. Of course he could be doing stuff like seriously cutting the budget, but he is too busy for the likes of real business.

890 days ago


What about all the other people who were drug addicts? Where are the thoughts and prayers for them?
Really, shouldn't he have something more important, as the President, to comment on. It is not because of his statement that he is a bad president. He is a bad president because as with most Americans, he doesn't believe in personal responsibility!

890 days ago
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