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Celine Dion

Drugs Killed Whitney Houston

2/13/2012 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Celine Dion isn't waiting for the coroner to give an official cause of death for Whitney Houston because she apparently knows what killed her ... drugs. 

Speaking to "Good Morning America" today via phone, Dion wasted no time pinning Houston's untimely passing on drug abuse. She told Robin Roberts, "Whitney has been an amazing inspiration for me ... It's just really unfortunate that drugs, bad people or bad influence took over. It took over her dreams. It took over her love and motherhood."

Dion immediately linked Houston's death with other famous people who died from drugs. She went on to say, "When you think about Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, to get into drugs like that, for whatever reason. Is it because of the stress and bad influence? What happens when you have everything?"

A cause of death has not yet been determined, but sources close to Houston's family tell TMZ the coroner has told them she died from Xanax and other prescription drugs mixed with alcohol.


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mary wtf..
what is wrong with speaking french ?? and at least her marriage is for real!!
I mostly think that she was misunderstood. Xanax is a drug...and MJ did take drugs, even though a doctor prescribed them and/or gave 'em to him MJ is the one whom took the decision to take 'em. same thing for whitney, as sad as it is, she took drugs, very powerful drugs...

879 days ago


Celine is also Diva, but she may have jumped the shark with those remarks on live tv. We don't know what killed WH yet, we just assume it was an OD.

While we're on Diva's; Aretha, Diana, Cher, and Whitney hold that rank, all others just think they are.

Whitney sold her records BEFORE there was internet access btw, just sayin.

879 days ago


Whitney was a hard-core drug addict for decades... honestly I am surprised she lasted this long... She probably abused the perscribed drugs that she would have truly needed coming off the hard stuff such as rock-cocaine, and this is why she died... Docotrs do not have a world-wide data base that tells the what a prior doctor gave a patient. Her drinking heavily did not help, and the mixture is probably what killed her. Whitney was a talented woman, but like so many people; drugs ruined their lives, and all those around plain and simple. Maybe this will be a wake-up call to anyone thinking about doing drugs, and that it reaches all borders.

879 days ago


This just in, David Cassidy also says Whitney died from drugs!

879 days ago


is it likely that she died due to drugs, yes highly likely. Should people run around spouting off at the mouth about it, no.

That talentless hack is trying to get her name in the news anyway she can. To do it on the back of a deceased woman is vile.

879 days ago


She's just stating what most of us think but don't want to say and which will be true in the end. It's not rocket science to know what killed her. Sad, but true.

879 days ago


what the hell?! this title is completly misleading. TMZ sucks!!

879 days ago


She only said what the truth was, Hollywood likes cracked out people who will play their game. You can play with drugs, get clean, start again, but the vital organs are so damaged they shut down. It looks so much better on a death certificate to say heart attack instead of drug abuse. Sorry, people know the truth and Whitneys family needs to be honest with themselves and the public.

879 days ago


Obviously Celine doesn't need any attention and knows how much we care about her opinion. Given she gave birth via artificial insemnation in order to have kids by a man that's old enough to be her great grandfather.
Thanks Celine your view...Doesn't matter.

879 days ago


celine dion really pissed me off they asked you to coomend on what she meant to you not what you think she died from nobody asked your damn opinion people kill me being so judgemental i used to like celine dion but not anymore! STFU and think before u speak and if you dont know what to say dont say aything at all

879 days ago


TMZ doesn't like Celine, they always pick on her for everything - so their ******* tone is not surprising here. As for what she said about Whitney and drugs...well hasn't everyone else on the planet said the same thing??? It's different for some reason when Celine says it??

879 days ago


Celine Dion is being rude. She has no right to discuss Whitney's death and her parenting skills. I have not heard any other Celebrity saying what she is. When Canadians were asked on TV how they felt, they were sad, no one made comments like Celine. If her opinions were asked, why couldn't she just say Whitney was a beter Singer than her.
People should ask her, how Canadians really feel about her.

879 days ago


I'm calling BS on the alcohol being the leading cause of death, most of the alcohol would have been metabolized from the night before. Down here it's called a Texas leg spreader when girls take a xanax and a few shots or has a few beers. I think she was worn out from parying and took to much xanax and fell into a deep sleep then slid under the water and drowned. Plus the half life (half life is the amount of time it takes for a drug to decrease by half) on xanax in your system is only about 1 to 2 hrs it's a drug that works fast and wear off fast thats why they use it for anxiety and a Doc. would write the script to be taken every 3 to 4 hrs or as needed . It sad any way you look at it

879 days ago


Crack heads always die prematurely, its unfortunate but true. Celine can spot the truth, its unfortunatethat many of you can't see this as a "TEACHABLE MOMENT" and unfortunate that Obumbler won't recognize it as that to his community, having been a former crack user himself(see his own book).

879 days ago


No one seems to understand how Whitney landed into the world of drugs but one who has followed her career from the very beginning and seeing myself in some of her choices I think I understand. I might be stretching but this is my opinion. She has always had a problem being accepted for the person she was. When she was on Soul Train in the late 80s, she was actually booed and called "Whitey Houston". She wasn't black enough. Then she was too close to women and suddenly she was lesbian. In 92', she finally gave everyone what they wanted..she married the stereotypical bad boy black male. I do not think Bobby himself was actually her decline, but it was more based on the fact that she had to fit into a life, a stereotype, a sexuality, that was not her. No one knows how miserable that can be and I think that drugs filled that void of not being the person she really was and the stress of being someone you are not. She stayed with Bobby for 15 years trying to be what was expected of her but its hard to change once you have lived with those demons so long...So yes, the drugs killed her physically but she died emotionally 20 years ago. Whitney was a wonderful person and I hope she now finds peace in another life. Whitney, your true fans would have accepted you for whoever you were, I just wish you would have realized that and not let others conform you to change.

879 days ago
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