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Whitney Houston's Family

Arrives for Private Viewing

2/17/2012 3:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217_cissy_houston_splashnewsonlineCissy Houston (above) and several other members of Whitney Houston's family just arrived for the private viewing service in Newark, New Jersey -- one day before the singer's funeral.

The service is for close friends and family -- as we previously reported, the guest list is extremely small ... Dionne Warwick has also arrived (below).

0217_dionne_warwick_tmzBobbi Kristina just arrived as well (below).

0217-bobbi-kristina-infdaily_labledClive Davis briefly attended (below), but has since taken off -- leaving shortly after the services were scheduled to begin at 5PM EST.

4:08 PM PT: It looks like things are wrapping up -- limos are starting to pull out outside the Whigham Funeral Home.

According to sources, Whitney's casket is platinum from top to bottom with gold handles.


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"While reputable media companies around the world are all covering the developing story closely, others have chosen to cross the line of decency and publish photographs that could only come from someone very close to the 48-year-old singer.

A disturbing photo of the bathtub at the Beverly Hilton hotel where The Bodyguard singer was discovered unconscious and unresponsive Saturday has upset many fans, as it is shown to be still full of the water in which she lay submerged, with towels floating in it.

Other photo leaks are related to the final hours of her life, such as her last meal of a hamburger, fries, a turkey sandwich and jalapenos that was sent by hotel staff to her in room 434. Houston reportedly ate the burger and fries and took the rest of the meal into the bathroom with her for her ill-fated soak.

Most troubling of all to Whitney’s loved ones is the haunting image of Houston’s covered body being wheeled from the prestigious Beverly Hilton hotel on a stretcher after the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party had wound down in another part of the hotel.

PHOTOS: Whitney Houston Seen Leaving Medical Building With Members Of Entourage

With more intimate secrets still spilling onto the Internet, an investigation is expected to be launched by Whitney’s inner circle to weed out who is the mole that has betrayed her trust"

F@CK OFF TMZ! Hope some type investigation gets started against ever single one of you LAME AZZ high school drop outs! Posting this BS..and, it's all LIES.

Everyone close to that family has said Bobby Brown has ALWAYS been invited to the Funeral. TMZ, you post such lies without one once of FACT behind it! SHAME ON YOU, TMZ!

981 days ago


Why aren't Cissy and Bobbi Kristina leaning on each other for support? It seems as if there is a divide between them. BK seems so alone.

981 days ago


BOBBI KRISTINA I'm so sorry this is happening... please be smart and listen to your heart, your Mother wanted you to do so, be a woman of God... and bless your heart I am praying for you.

981 days ago


I've been black all my life. I'm also over 45 years old. I have been to a lot of ''black'' funerals, wakes, viewing whatever you want to call it. I have yet to see people dressed like this going to a service. To the wake or viewing? Yes. But this article said the service was to begin at 5pm. No way in h3ll is this a service and Dionne and her daughter both have on jeans. We don't do stuff like that. On second thought, TMZ thinks it strange the family is calling the funeral a home going lol. It's more like Sunday morning worship than a free for all crying session. So if you've never seen a predominately black church service? Get ready. You'll forget a body is even under the pulpit after a while. Trust---Rev. Winans sho' nuff gonna preach! We also bring our Bibles to the funeral. So don't be shocked if you see some people with them. Just a friendly tip.

981 days ago

who cares    

This so called GOD you speak of doesn't exist. Save you cult material for sunday..... This god you speak of is no different then the Warren Jeffs of today who claim to be god. ANd if you people are so godly what the h3ll you doing on this site because TMZ does the work of the devil as obvious by the people bashing they do in their articles. So F-ck snd this person you call god

981 days ago


Whitney, Your time was cut short on this earth, but you will be remembered throughout the years to come. May the God given gift given to you then will now bring others to know that they need God also.

981 days ago


People look at the caption below the first picture it says Splash the second says INFdailey and the third says TMZ. There is no way they are not going to get through this without any pictures being published it is life in the public eye for these singers and actors. As far as the clothes who cares this is not the homegoing or what ever they want to call it it was a viewing for the family. I am sure tomorrow you all will see the diamonds and gold you all are yelling for.
Goodness and you wonder why they didn't want the public around this is exactly why everything they do wear or say is under the microscope.

981 days ago


To those who are bitching about what her daughter is wearing... Honestly, I don't think she really cares what she's wearing right now. What's all in her mind is that her mom is dead. Gone. Never coming back. That's really hard for a child to bare. Give her a break. Anyway, hope the funeral goes smoothly without trouble from others tomorrow.

981 days ago

Lady Juliette    

I'm sorry she has passed away but your acting like God just died. Why aren't we printing this many pics and writing stories about the soldiers who did for our freedom.

981 days ago


We love you Whitney, I pray for your daughter and Mother may their memories of you bring them some comfort. This is such a difficult time for them, we your fans love you and miss you but we can't even Imagine how your family feels. God bring them peace @ such a difficult time

981 days ago


Love you Whitney. May your soul rest in peace.

981 days ago


I just saw a do***entary on 20/20 of whitney and they said seh was the younges child of cissy and john houston!??? DOES WHITNEY HAVE ANY BROTHERS OR SISTERS????? PLEASE SOMEONE POST!

981 days ago


Her daughter has to be so lost. One minute you have a mom and the next shes dead and you will never hear her voice again. Pray for this girl.

981 days ago


Are you going to watch Whitney Houston's funeral? Vote at

981 days ago


Bobbi Kristina,May god and his arms around you always and keep you out od harms way GOD BLESS YOU AND YOU CISSY AND BOBBY

981 days ago
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