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Whitney Houston Funeral


Getcha Programs Here!

2/18/2012 4:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217_whitney_program_WM_BTMZ obtained one of the programs distributed today at the family viewing for Whitney Houston.

The program -- titled, "I Will Always Love You" -- features photos of Whitney with some of the special people in her life -- including her daughter Bobbi Kristina, her mother and Clive Davis

Bobby Brown is not photo'd in the program.

The "Home Going" ceremony for Whitney is set to go down tomorrow at 12PM EST -- we'll be live streaming the entire thing.


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This is the most disrespectful disgusting title I have ever seen . You guys have shown you will do anything for a story . The family is grieving , the world is grieving, you turn this into a carnival theme . What the hell are you doing with this program memorial ? The so called family or friend who gave out this program needs to be smoked out and banned from the funeral . TMZ you have sunk lower than whale **** .

956 days ago


Whoever posted that program and put the "catchy" phrase with it should be fired - they are just too insensitive.

956 days ago

R.J. Frankli    

We can all say and think what we want but here is the truth of the matter. Bobby Brown is Bobbi Kristina's legal dad. He and Whitnet were legally married when she was born. From what I could see on the show she adored both of her parents. Legally he is her next of kin(the Daughter) She is still a minor in many states. She is only 18. He has every right to see and be with here. We want to blame Bobby but he has not been with Whitney for a few years now. She in fact was dating Ray J. Bobby Brown has a new wife and everything. Whitney is dead, Bobby Brown is not. Many say he did not do cocaine until later in life. Marijuana and alcohol was his drugs of choice. Whitney admitted she only used the purest of cocaine. Remember "Crack is whack:? I loved and still love Whitney Houston. Her music speaks for itself. I just do not think we can continu to blame Bobby Brown or anyone else for her addiction. He has not been in her life for years now. Why not blame Ray Jay, what about her family, comeon guys. I have been clean and sober for over 20 years. It is hard, very hard but for years I blamed everybody else except me. It is only when I took full responsibilty that I began to recover. Trust me it is hard and you can falsely believe that you have it beat. I had been clean for 15 years when my son died suuddenly. I was devastated and the first thing my disease told me was to go and get high. Fortunately I knew to call my sponsor and get busy doing what I needed to do. It is a daily battle and one I probably will always fight. I pray for her daughter because she has lost her "Mother" boy, that is hard for anyone. Whether we like it or not she will long for her father. She is a child. This time for him to step up to the plate and be a father. Cissy is at least 70 years old. I enjoy all of your comments and this is the first time I have ever commented. May God Bless and keep you all. Rest In Peace Whitney.

956 days ago


You think it's all BS don't you Harvey, can tell by your headlines. Oh the sincerity of Hollywood.

956 days ago


I am starting to agree with some folks here, tmz is printing false info for example Bobby Brown not attending the funeral service & he is not pictured on the funeral program. SHAME ON YOU TMZ.

956 days ago


Actually, TMZ - Bobby is referenced in the program AND pictured. He's hugging Whitney. Way to cause drama and get the hits on your page.

956 days ago


On my copy of the program I see a picture of Bobbi Kristina,Whitney and someone I thought was Bobby!!! Are you sure he's not there after all he was a part of Whitney's life !!!

955 days ago


I admit i read TMZ. If I want the hollywood gossip news this is the first site I go to. But you continue to hit lows that aren't necessary. This is a completely disrespectful headline that wouldn't get any more hits than another one. It's a funeral not a ball game. Have some respect for her memory and those she left behind.... change the headline! !!!

955 days ago


The 12 page
Funeral Program that's being posted all over Facebook has Bobby Brown in it!!!He was her Husband, and he is Bobbi's dad,so why not?

955 days ago

Ragen Gillotte    

bobby brown was the LOVE OF HER LIFE, and the father of her child...what is your problem, folks? u need to quit taking big liberties with people's lives simply because u don't like the guy. He loves her still and u r cruel.

955 days ago

myles schulz    

we lost a great voice but i dont believe the flags should be at half mast in new jersey for this.

955 days ago

Anthony M Griffin    

TMZ should be ashamed of themselves for putting saying getcha programs. What if that was your family member. Would you do that to your mother, father, sister, brother or family member. I understand you want to be the first to report news, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Report the news don't slam people. Get ready for a lawsuit. Believe me the family will go after all those news outlets who have been killing her name. Watch this funeral is going to go crazy with gossip and lies. They made fun of Mike and they would not do this to one of their own. By that I mean a white celeb.

955 days ago


You guys have no problem with being totally despicable, do you?

955 days ago


Watch Whitney Houston Funeral Broadcast Live Full Stream online

955 days ago

tyrone stanton    

you rest in peace whitny we dj's will keep your music alive

955 days ago
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