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Whitney Houston Funeral

Casket Under LOCKDOWN

Until Burial

2/18/2012 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The casket of Whitney Houston.
The casket of Whitney Houston will be heavily guarded until the burial Sunday morning, with a whopping 10 security guards tasked with keeping watch on it ... TMZ has learned. 

According to our sources, the casket will be kept at the cemetery until tomorrow's burial ... but will be well-protected until then.

We're told the family will get an opportunity to see Whitney one more time between now and tomorrow morning.  

Today's funeral service featured touching testimonials by Kevin Costner and Clive Davis, among others.


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Dat Bobby, he be wanting to hop in dere and bang Whitney one last time!

946 days ago


So Bobby is releasing a statement over this?! Supposedly he didnt want to cause a scene. Sure Bobby you didnt cause a scene by going up and kissing your ex wifes casket and then walking out with your entourage of NINE... The front three rows were for family of which YOU and YOUR entourage were not so get over yourself. You wanted your NINE person entourage to sit in the front row. Poor baby did you get your feelings hurt. Im sure you have that drink in your hand to help with the pain and later you can hit up YOUR crack dealer since YOU are the one that got Whitney started on that!!! The only good thing you did was provide a sperm sample so Whitney could have Bobbi.. Grow up already dude and keep working because you DO NOT have Whitney anymore to pay your back child support to keep your butt out of jail!

946 days ago


What a bunch of bull s*** today. It's sad that she died, but come on! Enough already! She had it all and threw it away. She was no hero.

946 days ago


Why is it that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jacskon show up at every Black event??? Self serving is what I think. Bobby Brown was whitney's ex husband, regardless. He should have been in the first row.

946 days ago


Rest in Peace, Whitney. The pain and confusion are in the past. Please find clarity in the wonderful beyond.

946 days ago


Now she's on lockdown, kind of late don't you think? She should of been in lockdown in rehab, and she might still be alive.

946 days ago


They made it very clear no cameras or phones were allowed so why were'nt the people allowed to view the body?

946 days ago

who cares    

They should have cremated Whitney, it's the only way she gonna make it up there to the heavens worthless crack whore who is called a Christain... You Christains are some F ed up people......

946 days ago

who cares    

Hey isnt Warren Jeffs a Christain????? I thought so

946 days ago



Bobby Brown may have been Whitney's husband for 15 years but he was a really BAD husband during those years and he knows it. He is the one person along with Whitney's mother, judges and cops who had the power and persuasive ability to break her stubborn mule headedness and megalomania enough to get her into rehab and continue to stay on the rehab program.

People with a lot of money and people on her payroll can simply FIRE everyone else on a whim if they upset her in the slightest. I'm sure Whitney ended up with only people who would suck up to her and do whatever she wanted even if it was self destructive to her. Afterall, their jobs and livlihood depended on it. Real friends will "get into her business" and "stir things up" if getting her into rehab is clearly the right thing to do.

It's not smart for any boss to have a bunch of "yes men" around them. When you have "yes men", they're going to give you bad advice because they think that's what you want to hear ... right up til the point where the boss runs straight off a cliff.

946 days ago


I, for one, am glad this is over. Whitney had a voice for the ages and a face to match. But she threw it all away for years of drugs and alcohol. The strange thing is that her years of addiction lasted longer than her actual singing career.

946 days ago


eslie: 4 hours ago

Most black churches always bury the dead in the morning. I have only seen people buried in the morning myself, never in the evening.
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The above statement is absolutely false.

946 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...why is she being kept at cemetary and WHERE THERE?..i DON'T GET IT...why not at funeral home still..weird

946 days ago


Seriously?? 10 guards, thats ridiculous.

946 days ago


Whitney is in Heaven. She was so very very beautiful and talented. Obviously a kind soul.

946 days ago
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