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Whitney Houston Funeral

Hearse Arrives at Church

2/18/2012 6:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The gold hearse carrying the body of Whitney Houston just arrived to the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, NJ ... where Whitney's funeral service will be held in just a few hours. 

We'll be live outside the church until the service begins, which is scheduled to be at 12:00 PM ET/9:00 AM PT. 


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I feel like you people are covering an awards show! Here is Whitney arriving in a pimpin' gold hearse! Wonder what she's wearing??

981 days ago


why is the hearse there so early?

981 days ago

frak mena    

I learned something I did not know there in USA... There has to be INVITATION FOR A FUNERAL... HOW Weird it looks to me.. 'cause I learned that Mel gibson was invited to the funeral of Whitney Houston... Is that a funeral Party or What??? I'm Dominican never been there in USA.. Bonao. Rep. Dom.

981 days ago


@robert Galen.. You are ignorant! I'm sure you don't have it all!

981 days ago


Also all the cable news cnhannels keep calling Aretha Franklin her Godmother I hate to burst all your bubbles but she is not and never was her godmother. Fact Whitney Houston never called her Aretha her Godmother she called her Auntie Rea. Aretha Franklin has said in the last week she is and never was her godmother. Get it right people

981 days ago


And they want to "emphasize faith, not fame". BS!! Looks like they are emphasizing mammon.

981 days ago


Did I see a picture of Whitney on the side of the hearse in the window? Classy.

981 days ago


I am in awe over the fact she was so in love with her church and God and His music,reliegous and sang with all her love for God, why did she fail HIM and get into drugs , how could she be that weak to be captured by God enemys the devils drinks of alc and all other drugs, where were her ministers to help her detox and big family who failed her even if they tried , to little to late ,,one hr left alone Thier all guilty and acctb aunt etc Where was her daughter at who watched over her,and aunt? and others,? i hope it haunts them to their grave, and they all rot in hell ,they all killed her A fact, one hr left alone in tub, thye said we made her take showers, was it lunch break time for all her money hungry sob 's crooked people in her lfe, greedy and phonys, one hr left alone , ihope all her bs family and fiends rot in Hell plus no detoxicg help by all thiese years like others , many show biz poeple got addicted and recovered, Her mininters were just worried about her money no one to detox her, BBrown i pray he goes to hell soon, and that dirty rj did he ask her to do a porno movie too like kim fat ass,bitch one hr left alone ty big fat ass aunt living on hr money ty all the paid entruage

981 days ago



981 days ago


i'll say this... TMZ is the bizness everything they post is always confirmed as true.
thank you harvey.

980 days ago


Thanks TMZ for showing the funeral, thanks once again.

980 days ago

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