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'Bad Ass' Bobby Brown

From the Funeral to the Stage

2/19/2012 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after Bobby Brown made a brief appearance and then bailed at Whitney Houston's funeral ... he showed up to perform with New Edition in Connecticut ... and stayed.

Bobby has performed numerous times since Whitney's passing, the first time just hours after she died

Bobby gave another shout-out to Whitney and again referred to himself as ... "bad ass Bobby Brown."

Still classy as ever.



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What kind of punk bit#h can't walk into a funeral on his own? Who the hell needs a pose of 9 people with them? He should of sat by his child and tried to comfort her and kept his mouth shut for once in his life.

985 days ago


BB and the rest of these supposed bad asses are all posers on steroids. Ever see the show Punked when any of them were involved; not one of them demonstrated anything except what extreme cowards they were. The first sign of a coward is his willingness to hit a woman; the only reason a mans hits a woman is because the coward realizes she is a victim who can't knock his lights out. My 7 year old daughter has more balls than this collective pack of ******* put together.

BB is just a f-ing *****, low a low life s*** bag and why Houston got involved with this low life POS is one of the worlds mysteries.

985 days ago

Be real    

She was a crackhead who birthed a child with another crackhead and now their daughter is a crackhead. Stop making her into some saint people....she was a drug addict with a very good voice years ago. Other than singing she was a wasted druggie who was a horrible parent from all accounts. This idol worship crap is insane....she OD'd and now her young daughter is without parents. Yea she was a saint.......not.

985 days ago

Chin Tang    


985 days ago


Stop Instigating: 3 hours ago

TMZ .. enough is enough ... stop making this about Bobby. Whitney was his ex wife. They had been divorced for 5 years .. going back to work when you are an entertainer is not disrespectful. Fans have paid their money to see New Edition and that includes Bobby Brown. I am sure that he is contractually obligated to be at work. Y'all need to stop being so messy. RIP Whitney!!!!!!!!

985 days ago


How about douche bag Bobby Brown

985 days ago


Why do you keep referring to the fact that he calls himself "bad-ass bobby brown" in the show? It seems that as journalist you would have researched him and come to the realization that since almost the beginning of New Edition, they have done an introduction number like this in which they proclaim "who they are". Get the hell over what he calls himself. You people are the reason that Bobby Brown is being so disrespected in the media. The fact that it was clarified as to why he left the funeral and you are still making it seem that it was "entourage seating issues" is classless and just bad journalism. But I guess what can I expect from tmz, right?

985 days ago


Black trash. Just add malt liquor and bad music.

985 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

JUST WHO are the DUMB ASS_holes that support this type of CELEB??? Must be TRASH that LIKES FILTH like BROWN!!!!

985 days ago


Most of you are just so full of hate or just want something to troll about. I imagine you are the same ones that cant stand Obama, feels the World owes you everything, and still complaining about that girlfriend or boyfriend , that broke up with you in the 10th grade. By the way who wouldnt today recognize or even remember you if they bumped into wearing a sign. We are are flawed; You, Me, Bobby and Whitney combined. Thing is what do we do with our life and our choices going forward

985 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

I hope Bobby considers legal action against all of these gossip sites, including TMZ, that have done nothing but smear his name ever since his junkie EX-wife died. She did drugs before she even met Bobby Brown and was still doing them heavily SIX years after they divorced.

This guy doesn't have Whitney Houston money. He has kids and a family to support, which I'm sure is expensive. He has contractual obligations to perform at shows so I see no reason for him to cancel out on his obligations for an EX-wife he'd be divorced from for 6 years.
He went to the funeral and her family.. the same bunch of enablers that were in the room with Whitney when she died (NOT Bobby Brown) and the same people that allowed her daughter to drink and supplied her with sedatives that damn near killed her the same day in the same way Whitney died.

I'm FAR from a Bobby Brown fan but he's done nothing wrong in this matter.

985 days ago


What the f@#k do you want him to do? Life goes on. Her family treated him like **** while she is being portrayed like some sort of angel. She is the one who chased after him. She comes from Newark and Newark is next door to Hell. Give the guy a break!

985 days ago


I never liked Bobby Brown and I never will....I still believe he should have stayed at the funeral, if only for his daughters sake....I always thought him and Whitney were close up until her untimely death....i don't get it, and i don't get me it was a very poor excuse to leave the funeral....i doubt it very much if it was because of the seating arrangements as reported....Bobby Brown never had any class and he never will.....he should be ashamed of himself....Still will never ever understand what a beautiful woman that Whiney was ever saw in this homily person, and a druggie to boot, and a low-life......nuff said......

985 days ago


He's alive, she's dead. He may be a Bad Ass but she's a Dumb Ass.

985 days ago


what was classless was the Houston's treatment of this child's only living parent. they had room enough for every Winans family member, her supposed God mother (at times) was a no show, they didn't have to move Bobby and his family around to intentionally push him into leaving. security knew what they were doing because they were instructed to do so. Whitney would NOT have approved!

985 days ago
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