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'Bad Ass' Bobby Brown

From the Funeral to the Stage

2/19/2012 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after Bobby Brown made a brief appearance and then bailed at Whitney Houston's funeral ... he showed up to perform with New Edition in Connecticut ... and stayed.

Bobby has performed numerous times since Whitney's passing, the first time just hours after she died

Bobby gave another shout-out to Whitney and again referred to himself as ... "bad ass Bobby Brown."

Still classy as ever.



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What a bowl of chocolate hot mess you are Bobby Brown.

984 days ago



Poule: 39 minutes ago

Boy is he fat !! Can not do his moves no more.
She knew he was no good for her but could not resist, it's a classic, don't you know girls like that?
Oh, he is fat? Ok, Fat Ass Bobby Brown

984 days ago


Bobby will always be in the gutter just where he belongs. Bab Ass Bobby Brown dream on **** off.

984 days ago



wisewife: 9 minutes ago

It's time to leave Bobby alone.

Leave him alone? Who would want to mess with him? LOL JK
We are just trying to find a more cool name for him than just Bad Ass. How about Big Bad Ass, Bobby Brown?

984 days ago


So for all those that just want to blame bobby for the world...Aretha did a no show... Whitney was her goddaughter..She didn't even call to say wouldn't be there... Why cause she has a show to do...I see many say that was ok... She had a living to make blah blah... So bobby doesn't get same pass??? I am no bobby fan... But last I checked Whitney died.. Bobby was no where near or a part of it... So why do we have to make him the ******* in this? If I wanted to blame someone.. And I don't.. I blame Ray the body guard... From the beginning of his stories.. You could see Whitney had started to lose it... Who did he call for help? Ray was another enabler.. Thats why he was with her 11 years.. No other bodyguard lasted that long... Maybe we should ask him a few questions.

984 days ago

Jerry Kaigler    

Look Bobby Brown is no angel ,however, Whitney Houston was his wife. Regardless of what drugs he introduced her to, they shared a sacred bond of the union of marriage. He loved Whitney and Whitney loved him so please stop the Bobby bashing!!!!!! He is still a human being that lost someone he loved. RIP Whitney!!!

984 days ago


BOY!!! I never have seen TMZ work so hard to play dirty. Bobby Brown was who he was when Whitney Houston married him, he had about 3 or 4 children then and was doing pretty good, in other words he payed his child support, he was always known for being a bad boy, she said it, and she said she loved him, she loved him warts and all. He is not dragging his daughter through a court, he has not said anything bad! Why does he still have a voice? he never did rock, he stuck to pot, she smocked rock cocaine and cannot blame it on regular smokes allot of singers smoke, they sure do.I loved Ms.Houston but blaming someone else for what demons chased her will serve no one. And TMZ how you forgot that MJackson was indeed a child molester says even less about you, the man could not sleep, why?because he could not have any children to sleep with.They said his sleeping problems began when all the kids cleared out of the BED! Maybe a 45 year old man was comforted by little boys sleeping with him and did not "molest" them is one thought, it is what I believe may have happened, but it was not right, yet you have made him some kind of hero he was not. The only children he had were ones he adopted, none had any DNA from him, how odd. Leave BBrown alone, what about Aretha? What excuse have you found for her? That was sad!!!! SAD

984 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

All this shows is that he got chucked from the funeral on purpose so he wouldn't hear the same stuff he read and heard when he didn't cancel the show the afternoon she died. Problem with guys like this is they think everyone else is as smart or stupid one should say as they are, because they think to a certain level and figure everyone else is the same.

984 days ago


Still using Whitney to get himself noticed, just like always. Not "bad ass Bobby" - Bobby's just an ass.

984 days ago


He's a bad ass ass hole!

984 days ago


I don't think much of Bobby Brown....HOWEVER...lets keep in mind that they have been divorced since 2006 so it's not like he's the widower here....PLUS for all we know Whitney could have referred to him as "bad ass bobby brown" and that could have been an inside joke for her...we don't know.

984 days ago



984 days ago

Annie Tame    

She no matter what the past, will always be THE VOICE. He was her choice but ennded up being the worst thing that ever happened to Whitney. I see his involvement with her death as another photo opportunity. Bobby Christina needed her DAD not BOBBY BROWN THE EGO. ROT IN HELL BOBBY.

984 days ago


I thought he was sooo distraught about not attending the funeral and being there for his daughter.? It's like in your faces I'm alive and singing and she is dead and dead! Looks like he was going to be singing here straight after the funeral anyway even if he had attended. Oh well you used he in life and still using her in death for publicity.

984 days ago

Molly Pitcher"    

They were here in Kentucky the night before Whitney's death and this is the same show they put on here. When he introduced himself he said that we could call him what his parents call him "bad ass" Bobby Brown. Maybe it's a cultural thing but some cultures are known to say things like "Bobby Brown sit your bad ass down" or Your "bad ass" is going to get it when we get home. "Bad ass" can mean two different things depending on how it's used.

984 days ago
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