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Aretha Franklin

Calls in Sick to Whitney's Funeral

But Performs Hours Later

2/19/2012 7:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Aretha Franklin canceled her scheduled appearance at the Whitney Houston funeral service.
Aretha Franklin canceled her scheduled appearance at Whitney Houston's funeral service in New Jersey yesterday afternoon ... but was well enough to perform at Radio City Music Hall that night.

Aretha said she had been suffering from leg spasms and wanted to rest up for her show, rather than travel for the funeral. She released a statement, saying in part, "heart goes out to my dear friend Cissy, Dionne, Bobbi Kristina and the rest of the family. May God keep them all."

The Queen of Soul dedicated a portion of her show to Whitney, and also to Nick Ashford, who passed away last August. 


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tamika jackson    

wow this is the ultimate disrespect not only did she not inform the family which was apparent when dione warwick called her onto the pulpit. and to think that she didnt appear because she choose her concert what a pathetic fat hore i would rather pay to see charlie sheen then to see her decrepid a!!

791 days ago

I Was About To Say    

I am NOT surpised, this is typical Aretha.

791 days ago

I Was About To Say    

I hope NO ONE shows up at HER funeral.

791 days ago


John8:32...thanks for putting those two pigs on blast. I was very disturbed about their filthy comments and hope they never work in the industry ever again. R.I.P. Whitney. May God watch over your dear Bobbi-Kristina, your grieving mother, and your million plus fans.

Remember, we were all born into an imperfect world and will forever be works in progress.

791 days ago


Sickening. If fans became pissed because Aretha cancelled her how due to a death in the family they need to get a grip and suck it up. I know we live in the land of the entitled where everything is about me, me, me but come on already. As far as comments that state Aretha "needs to make a living too," are you serious???? You really think she needs the revenue from any more concerts to survive? SMH.

791 days ago


I thought it was unfortunate that Aretha Franklin was not in attendance at Whitney Houston's ("known as her family") funeral. Especially after she had been very vocal on so many news programs following the week of Houston's passing. However, I will say that when I heard Aretha would not be attending at the last minute. I was not one bit surprised. She has struck me as selfish and ungrateful for quite sometime now. I have not liked the way that when they have paid tribute to her (on tribute shows).. She barely gives the performers a hand clap, and the better they are, the less impressed she seems. I have said, she cant even pretend to be grateful for tv's sake. Loved her early music immensely, but so not feeling her in recent years!!!

791 days ago


It's sad all of you crazy judgemental, idiot's are talking so disrepectful about a sixty seven year old senior.Mrs Franklin loved her godchild dearly.

791 days ago


she should have got in a wheel chair and went to her God-daughter at once and been with the family !!! what a shame!!

791 days ago


Aretha is such a vile and sick "Godmother". As if one performance would force her to file for bankruptcy! I thought this was so disrespectful to Whitney and her family that she would not bother to show up to her funeral. Whitney only died once and she didn't make an effort to show up and pay her last respects? It's not as if stupid Aretha's fan's wouldn't understsand why she would cancel her show and reschedule it to go to Whitney's funeral. It was better that she didn't show up after all. Aretha has to make everything about her and she would not feel comfortable having to give up the limelight for Whitney one last time.

I never did like her because her music is just ok. Frankly I don't see what the big deal is about her music! Whitney's will always be better!!!!

791 days ago


The poor woman has pancreatic cancer....who are you to judge her energy level?...maybe being so close to death freaked her out...she has to face her own longevity....I doubt she was a druggy like a lot of people in her field...maybe deep down she lost respect for the whole family....that family let Whitney kill herself for way too many years.....bottom line is Whitney killed herself...period.,!

791 days ago

frnacisco 2010    

so show must stop beacuse this lady(whitney) had the wisecrack to die?

791 days ago


I have a serious issue with people who are greedy,Really, at her age, she needs money that bad REALLY, if she had cancel the show, do you think she was not going not to eat..... I have lost all respect for her, and she will not get a dime of my money.

791 days ago


She's the Queen of Shade. Her ego has been in shambles since the media has been referring to Whitney as the greatest voice of them all.

791 days ago


I love Aretha Franklin's music. I think she should have showed up at the funeral and I also think she should have fulfilled her obligation at her concert. One never knows the story behind the story. At any case, it is NOT a good look for Aretha Franklin. It would have been politically correct for her to appear. Maybe she does not like funerals as she did the same thing to the King of Pop. However this is different because this was supposed to be her Goddaughter. There could have been bad blood between them or something. Everything goes full circle and we never know who we will need before it is over. You know Whitney was on drugs for a LONG time and maybe she was tired of her antics and did not really want to be involved in the drama. I think ReeRee keeps it real and does not believe in phony appearances or maybe it was just too much for her to bear.

791 days ago


Sorry she had been knowing for days what day the funeral was going to be, she could have reschedule her show. she knew she was whitney's greatest inspiration in the music industry. that was really disrespectful towards Whitney & Cissy. and even if she couldn't sing for the funeral, she could have at least attend. no the bitch didn't show up at all smh she should be ashamed

791 days ago
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