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Bam Margera

I Spent a Night in Jail


2/22/2012 3:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera
still has no idea why he was arrested Monday in New Orleans -- telling TMZ Live, he was hauled to jail ... spent the night behind bars ... but was NEVER booked for a crime.

TMZ broke the story ... Bam was cuffed in the French Quarter after a Mardi Gras party -- when he jumped in to a pool, fully clothed.

But Bam insists, he didn't break the law -- and when he asked why he was brought in to the station in handcuffs, the cops couldn't give him an answer.

When he was released the next morning, Bam says he never received a ticket OR an explanation -- nothing. He's still stumped.

For the record -- we called police in New Orleans, and they didn't have any record of Bam in their system ... meaning he really wasn't booked for anything.


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During Mardi Gras the cops put you in a drunk tank to sleep it off and let you go the next day if your drunk and disorderly. Considering this is Bam we're talking about i'm sure he was both.

786 days ago


I hope this guy stops drinking soon.

786 days ago


Most establishments post rules regarding pool usage. Most require the appropriate appropriate attire (bathing suit). Damage has occurred to the pools filter system (ex...pen that leaked, paper money, id, that partially disintegrates, pieces of jewlery,and tight clothing restricting movement resulting in death.

786 days ago

john wilson     

cause hes a celebrety with money ... end of story ... we cant all be swimming in the pool with our cloths on can we?

786 days ago


what a loser im so sick of bam, attention whore

786 days ago


He's lucky to be alive. especially if there is no record of him being there. many have died in opp. the rank and deputies are lawless and accountable to no one. anything could happen and no one would ever know.

786 days ago


New Orleans is notorious for that sort of thing. He's just lucky they didn't plant anything on him and try to charge him with it! Louisiana sucks so ****ing bad. I moved far far away and will never go back!

786 days ago

Fred Farkel    

The cops did you a favor ya dumb A S S. Now why don't you shut up and change your pomous attitude.

PS: You're ugly.

786 days ago


If any of you are from the New Orleans area you would know that the NOLA police are on extreme edge during Mardi Gras season. It is a very dangerous time to be in New Orleans, but a very fun time as well. NO police don't play around at all during Mardi Gras. They will take you in for anything, including the drunk tank to sleep it off. They weren't being unlawful, they are just trying to keep as many people safe as possible. It's the law of the land in NOLA. Don't mess with the police, they don't play!

786 days ago


Sick & tired of yet another punk with money who thinks he can do whatever he wants. How come nobody got the NO pd's account of the matter?

786 days ago


Well friends this is an example of "Felony Stupid" and this cat is guilty.

786 days ago


So the loser would have preferred being arrested for drunk and disorderly instead of just being hauled off to sleep it off. Count your blessings. loser! They gave you a free pass...

786 days ago


he was detained, not arrested or booked, for being a drunk dumbass. nothing more, nothing to see, move on.

786 days ago

His Mrs    

First of all I was born and raised in NOLA and there are always drunk frat boys coming to Mardi Gras doin stupid **** so the NOPD is always on their A game suring this time of year. Second of all, somebody had to have notified the police because the station is right around the corner from that hotel. The sad part is that that individual knew exactly who they were and the lifestyle they lead so why was she so upset that he jumped in the pool fully dressed when he has done worse things. Third of all, people who have no business in management should not hold the title. She should no longer have a job and should be sued for her actions. And if he wasn't charged then he should do the same with the department. KARMA is a b!@#h and it's all coming full circle and she is about to get what's coming to her

786 days ago


OMG what an idiot. Bam even admits to taunting and disobeying on officer. His senseless blathering about tazering a guy in a pool is priceless. Harvey really softballs him in the interview also. Why can't Harv just tell that moron, "Look you disobeyed an officer and got what you deserved'. Didn't you used to be a LAWYER Harv?

786 days ago
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