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Should TBS Have Pulled

Suicide Episode?

2/26/2012 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Almost a week after "Seinfeld" star Daniel Von Bargen attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head, an episode of the show entitled "The Suicide" -- during which Jerry Seinfeld jokes about people who try and commit suicide, but fail (see above) -- aired on TBS.

The episode originally aired in 1992 and Von Bargen, who played Mr. Kruger, didn't begin his stint on the show until years later. The episode aired again last night. TBS had no comment.

So we gotta ask ...


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Spot on as they would say. As now it seems insensitive, there is nothing like the humor of a good comedian. I am with him.

907 days ago


CBS ran a rerun of Two and Half Men a couple of days ago that ended with Whitney Houston singing "I Will Always Love You" and they didn't pull it.

907 days ago


With all the hundreds of episodes of Seinfeld available to TBS, they could have held off airing this one for awhile. I wish the best to "Mr. Kruger", a very funny character.

907 days ago

The Mayor    

People need to lighten up! Laugh a little before its too late!

907 days ago


IF the jokes were made at the expense of the person who attempted suicide, of course it would be in poor taste. But the jokes had nothing whatsoever to do with the guy, were not directed at the guy, and were made ... what? Decades ago? Stop censorship based solely on how sensitive SOME people MIGHT be. The rest of us are not that delicate.

907 days ago


Who cares ....people are looking to far into it. How about the episode where Kruger spins around in the chair and tells george "Look 4 times no's all me"! One of his legs was already gone and the other was on its way....might as well pull that epsiode too.!!! Everyone needs to chill out and not get upset like george!! Gammys getting upset!!!

907 days ago

lydia Matabi Wilson    

You've got to be kidding me, in this day and age with young people attached to their TV idols! The back lash could be costly, not to mention fatal! They should have pulled the episode, we don't need to highlight that selfish deed.

907 days ago


Yes, let's ask the TMZ troll brigade to vote their opinion about issues of sensitivity and mercy. I'm sure their moral conscience will lead them in their click.

907 days ago


As a parent who lost a precious teenage son to suicide I am horrified that this show was ever aired let alone repeated when on eof it's actors made a suicide attempt.
Those lucky enough not to have suffered depression or other mental health issues should refrain negative comments. This is a serious health issue and should not be the butt of insensitive jokes.

904 days ago



902 days ago


Great show, original, wonderful character actor in so many iconic shows and movies, sad story, no reason to not air the episode. Haters, you deserve yourselves.

896 days ago


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866 days ago

stan sirgutz    

seinfeld was brilliant,jerry is vastly overrated,larry david is a marriage ref was the worstvshow ever, millions of ad and promotion,no,no,ratings,a totally seinfeld project,shows the 0 talent he vis and was ,larry david,is the genius jerry is not funny.

848 days ago


"So we gotta ask..."
Yeah, OK, well while your at it TMZ ask yourself which is worse A TV station not taking an episode titled "suicide" off it's syndication lineup even though it preceded and didn't even include the actor in question, or your blatant invasion and exploitation of that actor's privacy by selfishly publishing his desperate 911 call after shooting himself. Stop trying to act like you give a crap about the morality or sensitivity of the situation.

848 days ago


It is 2/20/2013 and I am watching the rerun of this episode. I immediately cringed...Melinda McCreedy just committed suicide after many failed attempts. I think this episode could run without the usual stand up Jerry gives in the beginning that says what a failure people are that try suicide. Just not modern, we know more today than we did then.

549 days ago
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