Jerry Seinfeld To My Lovely NYers ... We'll Bounce Back, So Stick Around!!!

Jerry Seinfeld has a thing or two to say to anyone who thinks the Big Apple is done for amid the coronavirus pandemic -- and it can be summed up in two words ... Shut. It.

The legendary comedian penned an op-ed for the NYT titled ... "So You Think New York Is ‘Dead’ (It's Not)," and he takes aim at a specific guy who wrote a LinkedIn article claiming exactly that, while also saying the city wouldn't bounce back amid a resident exodus.

Welp, Jerry believes otherwise in pretty strong terms, and even calls that author a "putz" who should stop waling and whining about the death of NYC. He writes, "Oh, shut up," while adding ... "Wipe your tears, wipe your butt and pull it together." Well said, JS!

You gotta read the editorial yourself, but basically ... Jerry makes the argument that New York (Manhattan especially) is resilient and that the abandoned streets won't last forever. He says there's a magic in that town that'll resurge, even if it comes back slightly different.

He also says the "work from home" trend will die out too eventually, 'cause it doesn't capture the same energy as when people are together. He thinks the same applies to NYC.

Now, Jerry isn't advocating for things to get back to normal just yet -- he's just telling true New Yorkers to tough it out and wait for the storm to pass ... because in his eyes, it will.

If there's anyone you should listen to on the topic of New York life, it's the Sein. Take heed.

'Seinfeld' Actor Richard Herd Dead at 87 ... Played Mr. Wilhelm

Richard Herd -- who played George Costanza's Yankees boss on "Seinfeld" -- has died.

The veteran actor -- who's possibly best remembered as Mr. Wilhelm on the hit sitcom -- passed away Tuesday at his home in L.A. due to complications from cancer.

Herd only appeared on 11 episodes of "Seinfeld," but his time was memorable (and hilarious). He portrayed a (fake) New York Yankees executive who supervised George when he was the assistant to the traveling secretary, and would often give GC complicated tasks he'd fumble his way through completing (or not completing, more often).

Mr. Wilhelm eventually stole George's dream gig of scouting for the Mets ... a great farewell to his character.

Richard had many, many roles besides "Seinfeld," though -- he acted in huge films like "All the President's Men," "Get Out," "The China Syndrome," and "Planes, Trains and Automobiles."

On TV, he also appeared on "Simon & Simon," "Murder, She Wrote," "Quantum Leap," "SeaQuest 2032," "Dallas" and "Hart to Hart."

He's survived by his wife, Patricia, and his three children.

Richard was 87. RIP

Larry David Blows Up at Autograph Hounds ... Still Rewards 'Em!!!


Larry David went FULL Larry David on a gaggle of thirsty autograph hounds who really need to find a new gig, according to him -- and yet, in the end, he kinda encouraged them.

The "Seinfeld" co-creator and star of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" was leaving his season 10 premiere Monday night in L.A. ... and before he could get to his car, he was greeted by the John Hancock brigade. One of 'em told Larry he'd been waiting for 7 hours, and that set LD off on a 'Curb'-worthy rant.

Larry made it clear he didn't tell them to waste 7 hours ... and ripped the group, saying no celeb likes signing for these guys who follow them for signatures, which they turn around and sell.

'Seinfeld' Star Jason Alexander A Show About Nothing ... Is Going for $500 Mil, Yada Yada Yada


Jason Alexander knows media companies are lining up to drop a gold mine for the rights to air "Seinfeld" reruns, but he's not too concerned about the final sale price ... for one very good reason.

We ran into George Costanza at LAX and asked him about the crazy bidding war that's supposed to be going down in 2020 after "Seinfeld" leaves Hulu and hits the open market. Estimates are the streaming rights will go for upwards of half a BILLION bucks!

Jason -- who played Costanza for nearly 10 years before the iconic sitcom went off the air in 1998 -- says he can't believe people are still watching their show about nothing in 2019. Still, he loves the fact folks are discovering it anew, and getting some (little) kicks out of it.

Our photog asks if Jason's gonna see any of that money when the new deal is finally done come next December. You gotta see his response, because he's clearly not the least bit concerned. But, is he disappointed? Just watch.

Jason, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards famously did NOT get a cut of the syndication rights. It's one of the reasons the show came to an end. However, they did negotiate large lump sum payments, and of course, they get mailbox money (Screen Actors Guild royalties) as long as the show keeps airing.

As for where Jason would like to "Seinfeld" stream after a 5-year run on Hulu, he says he doesn't really care ... may the best conglomerate win. Classic apathetic George.

Michael Richards Here's How 'GoT' Stars Should Handle Critics Been There, Done That


Michael Richards is one of the few people in the world who can relate to the criticism targeting the "Game of Thrones" cast as the show ends ... and he's offering them some sage advice.

We got Michael Wednesday at Sunset Plaza and asked what message he'd send to folks over at 'GoT' ... now that fans are bitching about an underwhelming final season ... and the "Seinfeld" star says it's all about perspective.

Michael lived through the same thing back in the day -- "Seinfeld" was hammered over the series finale -- and Kramer says the secret to dealing with the haters is appreciating what came before.

It's hard to find a "Seinfeld" fan who didn't hate the show's final episode ... and Michael explains how he's dealt with the backlash for all these years, and why 'GoT' stars would be wise to follow his lead.

As Sunday's finale nears, fans are fearful 'GoT' is heading down the same path as "Seinfeld" ... but Michael isn't buying the narrative that HBO's writers are rushing through the 8th and final season. Sorry, social media mob.

Check out our clip ... Michael says its extremely hard for any show to go out on top, and one bad game doesn't tarnish a career.

Famous Wildlife Expert Jim Fowler Dead at 89

Jim Fowler -- the famous zoologist who made tons of appearances alongside Johnny Carson on the 'Tonight Show' and made a cameo on "Seinfeld" -- has died.

The longtime co-host of "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" died Wednesday at his home in Norwalk, Connecticut ... according to his family. The cause of death is unclear.

Fowler worked at a raptor sanctuary in Florida before landing his show 'Wild Kingdom' in 1963 ... co-hosting with fellow zoologist Marlin Perkins before going solo from 1985 to 1988. The show was later revived in 2002 and it aired until 2011.

Fowler, of course, appeared in over 100 episodes alongside Johnny Carson and also served as a wildlife correspondent for 'Today.' Fowler and Carson were tight ... to the point both families all went on a vacation to Africa after the 'Tonight' host retired.

Fowler was huge in the bird world ... becoming the first man to successfully trap a harpy eagle and bring it back alive in the U.S.

"Seinfeld" fans will remember him for his appearance on season 9 of the hit series ... "The Merv Griffin Show" episode. Kramer invited Fowler for his animals segment of the show. Fowler brings a hawk which hilariously attacked George Costanza, who was holding a squirrel.

Fowler was born in 1930 in Albany, Georgia. He was a standout baseball player who fielded offers from the Yankees and Phillies. Fowler was also rather tall ... standing an intimidating 6-foot-6.

But, he was a big softy when it came to all animals. The "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" wrote on its page Fowler's mission as a naturalist was to "educate the public about wildlife specifies throughout the world and how to preserve environments for both animals and humans."

Fowler was 89.

Jason Alexander I Want Some Krispy Kreme Nazi Money ... Or At Least Some Donuts


Jason Alexander is looking at Krispy Kreme's connection with Nazis through a positive lens, or at least a hungry one ... he wants a cut of the reparations, but he'll settle for a box of donuts.

We got the actor in Larchmont, L.A. Wednesday afternoon and our photog asked him about the owners of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts donating $11 million to charity after discovering their Nazi family ancestors used slave labor in German factories during World War II.

Jason, the son of Jewish parents, jokes about wanting a taste of the money, or at least some delicious treats ... then gets a bit serious and tells us it's noble for the Reimann family to try and make amends and take accountability -- even though he doesn't blame them for their ancestors' actions.

Speaking of reparations, Jason has some thoughts on how our country should come to terms with its slave history. Check out the clip for a lighthearted take on some heavy topics.

'Seinfeld' & 'Spider-Man' Actor Stanley Anderson Dead at 78

The guy who sentenced the 'Seinfeld' squad to a year behind bars in the series finale -- and who helped turned Willem Dafoe into the Green Goblin -- has died.

Actor Stanley Anderson passed away Sunday just six weeks after being diagnosed with brain cancer, according to a family statement obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

Anderson is perhaps best known at Judge Arthur Vandelay, who presided over Jerry Seinfeld and co.'s criminal trial in season 9's final episode, where the gang was thrown in jail for violating the "Good Samaritan Law" in a fake town in Massachusetts.

He also played General Slocum in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" -- who told Norman Osborn he was gonna cut his funding if he didn't try his ability enhancing serum on a human subject ... thus forcing Norm to try it on himself and become Spidey's arch nemesis.

Anderson has starred in a number of other movies and shows over the years, including parts in "RoboCop 3," "Armageddon," "Runaway Jury," "NYPD Blue," "The Drew Carey Show," "Law & Order," and many, many others. His acting career dates back to the '50s.

He tended to play men of authority -- doctors, judges, psychiatrists ... the President. Makes sense too ... he had quite the on-camera presence.

Stanley was 78. RIP

'Seinfeld' Writer Spike Feresten Mickey D's Using My Muffin Top Idea ... Great, Send a Check!!!


McDonald's is revamping breakfast by ripping off a famous "Seinfeld" episode -- and the guy who wrote it says he deserves a piece of the pie ... er, muffin.

Spike Feresten wrote "The Muffin Tops" for season 8, and Wednesday -- the same day Mickey D's announced it's selling the best part of a muffin -- he told us he's got no beef with the golden arches. Well, as long as the check's in the mail ... as they say.

Seriously, though ... Spike hasn't gotten a dime, and says it just seems right for McDonald's to cough up some dough -- for him AND Jerry Seinfeld -- since it's clearly jacking their ingenious breakfast invention.

Spike isn't talking lawsuits or anything, and might be joking about getting paid ... but can't blame the guy for shooting his shot. Elaine Benes wouldn't settle for a penny less than 30 percent!

Larry David Immortalized With $150k Chain Thanks To David Weintraub

Larry David's legacy is now cemented in gold -- literally -- thanks to a $150,000 chain of the comedian's mug.

Larry's been immortalized in a piece purchased by Executive Producer and manager David Weintraub. David's a huge fan of the "Seinfeld" creator and wanted to honor him with some bling.

The piece -- created by Moses the Jeweler in NYC -- weighs about 200 grams. The Larry mold features 300 diamonds and the chain he swings on is made with 200 additional diamonds. It's even got one of Larry's famous lines, "Pretty, Pretty, Pretty" inscribed on the bottom.

Weintraub tells us in total, he'll have 40-carats in diamonds hanging from his neck.

Larry David's always super busy with awesome projects, but he's also great just hangin' around.

John O'Hurley on Hurricane Harvey One Storm Isn't Climate Change


John O'Hurley isn't buying reports Hurricane Harvey is strong proof of dramatic climate change ... at least not until he sees some hard numbers.

We got the "Seinfeld" star leaving Craig's and he says it's too soon for scientists to pin Harvey on global warming. He explains what it would take to prove it ... for him, at least.

O'Hurley's a longtime conservative, and a Trump guy, so his stance isn't all that surprising. Of course, if he's looking for numbers ... we'd suggest checking the data on Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, and the polar ice caps.

What's left of them, that is.

Seinfeld NYC Architect Nabbed in 'Operation Vandelay Industries'

"Seinfeld" is back ... linked to a guy who's been indicted for passing himself off as an architect, and the investigation is called "Operation Vandelay Industries." Seriously.

New York's Attorney General announced a 3-charge indictment Thursday against a guy auspiciously named Paul Newman -- yes, Newman -- for allegedly defrauding construction companies, business owners and others by pretending to be a licensed and registered architect.

The AG says Newman drafted bogus designs for over 100 properties in 3 NY counties since 2010, making tens of thousands in the process. He was also the only employee at his company.

George Costanza would be proud.

Jon Voight I've Still Got ... The 'Seinfeld' Bite


Jon Voight still has a vicious set of chompers ... 21 years after his infamous "Seinfeld" bite, he flexed his powerful jaws again.

Our photog caught up with Jon at LAX Thursday and talked about the 1994 episode where George compares teeth marks on a pencil to the bite mark Jon left on Kramer's arm.

You gotta see the clip -- Jon was happy to recreate the awesome Seinfeld scene. And yeah ... the pencil's definitely going in our TMZ hall of fame.

As soon as we get one.

'Seinfeld' Diner Sued Handicapped People Want Big Salads Too!

A wheelchair bound woman is suing the famous diner featured on "Seinfeld" ... because she says the place isn't handicap-friendly -- and the owner doesn't deny she's right.

68-year old Carolyn Coleman is suing Tom's Restaurant in NY -- Monk's on Seinfeld -- for not complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act ... which requires restaurants to be handicap accessible.

The woman lists a whole slew of codes the restaurant is violating ... and the manager acknowledged to the NY Post they're not up to code -- and don't have any real plans to fix it anytime soon.

Coleman -- who's been in a wheelchair since '96 -- wants more than $30K. She's also looking for a court order that would force Tom's to comply with the ADA.

She could always go to the bizarro diner.

Soup Nazi Lawsuit NO STOCK FOR YOU!!

The NYC soup kitchen made famous by "Seinfeld's" Soup Nazi has an enormous problem with its stock ... a problem that has triggered a million dollar lawsuit.

It seems Soupman needed some quick cash, and a woman named Penny Hart came to the rescue. She claims in a new lawsuit she loaned Soupman a ton of cash ... in all she says she's owed more than $1.5 mil.

Hart says Soupman had 2 options -- either pay her back the money or give her 500,000 shares of stock in the company.

Short story -- Hart says Soupman screwed her and she's been stewing ever since. Now Hart wants payback.

A rep for Soupman says Penny will get the stock as soon as she holds up her end of the bargain. The rep didn't explain what she's supposed to do.

Loaning money to a soup kitchen is bisquey business.

'Seinfeld' Jerry and George Reunited at Tom's Restaurant

Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander reunited Monday for a SECRET project ... inside the famous diner where Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer dished about nothing.

Someone on the crew told our photog Jerry and Jason -- and possibly Larry David, who was also there -- were filming a Super Bowl commercial.

But another crew guy said the shoot was for an episode of Jerry's webshow "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" -- but that guy got kinda hinky when we pressed him about the Super Bowl. If we had to bet, our money is on Super Bowl.

Jerry left through the front but was mum ... Jason and Larry snuck out of the side door.

No puffy shirts were spotted.

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