'Toy Story 2' Oops on Casting Couch Blooper!!! Disney Deletes Old Scene

Disney is changing with the times, and that requires deleting a casting couch-like scene from "Toy Story 2" that's eerily reminiscent to scores of allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

The scene in question is a produced "outtake" at the end of the 1999 film showing the character Stinky Pete the Prospector down on one knee chatting up 2 Barbie dolls. Pete tells 'em he can get them parts in "Toy Story 3" while ogling them from head to toe.

Fans who buy new Blu-ray and digital versions of the animated film will notice the scene's completely been scrapped -- a clear acknowledgment by Disney a lot has changed in 20 years.

Of course, the so-called casting couch practices in Hollywood were publicly exposed when a string of actors -- from Ashley Judd and Paz de la Huerta to Lupita Nyong'o -- all accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct.

Accusations against the movie mogul sparked the #MeToo movement ... and triggered a string of firings and resignations throughout show biz, including at Disney.

Pixar Animation cofounder and Disney animation chief John Lasseter left the company in June 2018 after he was accused of inappropriate touching and remarks. 

John Ratzenberger 'Toy Story' Films Toughen Kids Up ... Not So Bad When Grandpa Dies!!!


John Ratzenberger -- the voice of Hamm in the 'Toy Story' franchise -- says there's an upside parents don't think about when it comes to all the heartbreaking scenes in the films.

The actor -- also known as Cliff Clavin on "Cheers" before his days as a talking piggy bank -- joined "TMZ Live" Friday to talk about the newly released "Toy Story 4" ... and he answered a serious question in an unexpected and hilarious way.

Damn, John!!!

He makes a good point, though -- sadness is part of life, so maybe it's best to have children learn to work through it before an inevitable death of a grandparent.

Parents who aren't so sure can take solace, though ... Ratzenberger says the 4th installment isn't that sad.

John also reveals how director Josh Cooley was able to keep Don Rickles in the latest movie as the voice of Mr. Potato Head despite Don's passing in 2017. Pretty cool stuff.

"Toy Story 4" is out everywhere, and is on pace to rake in about $140 million for the weekend. Nothing sad about that, especially for Disney.

Old news is old news!
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