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Joey Buttafuoco

I'm Happy Mary Jo Got Hitched!

2/27/2012 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0226_joey_buttafuoco_video_exJoey Buttafuoco says he's happy his infamous ex-wife got re-married this weekend, but in news that should shock absolutely no one ... he describes his relationship with Mary Jo as "strained."

Our photog bumped into Joey and his current wife in Beverly Hills yesterday, where he said he's actually met Mary Jo's new hubby and described him as "a really nice guy."

But when it comes to him and Mary Jo these days, Joey told us, "Mary Jo and I, we still speak. It's strained, but you have to understand why … unless you've been under a rock."

No, we get it.


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even the guy whos cousin makes $87 an hour thinks Joey Buttafuoco is a douche.

968 days ago


He just doesn't go away, does he?

968 days ago


He's so gross and obese! Just nasty! THe woman next to him isn't much better, with her fake burgundy hair color and loose turkey skin skin. LOL I'm happy for the EX ... at least she found a REAL man and not some douche who had sex with children. AND speaking of Amy... LOL OMG what a joke her life is... she has a kid now..(WHO EVERYONE WILL LAUGH AT BECAUSE OF THE *HORE HIS MOM IS)...I heard she went to a bar and stripped for some of the customers, and they boo'd her and yelled for the REAL strippers to come out on stage. SHE's WASHED UP and she's a JOKE!

967 days ago


Amy shot the wrong Buttafuoco.

967 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

It obviously took Mary Jo 20 years to learn to trust a man again. I understand her completely.

Prayers for her new husband to give her the fidelity and love she never got in her first marriage.

967 days ago


Good God, that does porn? Strained relationship? Well no sh*t Sherlock, you and your little tramp damned near killed her, what? You think bygones should be bygones? I think the mechanic there sniffed too many gas fumes (among other things)

967 days ago


The years have not been good to him.

967 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Jesus Christ, get it right for once TMZ. Mary Jo Buttafuco is not infamous - she was just a suburban housewife who's sleazy husband was boffing an underage girl. This underage girl decided it would be a good idea to shoot her lovers wife in the freaking face.
So why don't you actually read your own crap once in a while. Mary Jo Buttafuco is what's known as a VICTUM OF AN ATTEMPTED MURDER. That doesn't make her infamous, you morons.

967 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

The absolute worst part of this? TMZ "bumped" into this s***bag in BEVERLY HILLS. That's right, this piece of crap is in Beverly Hills living the good life. Why? Because sites like TMZ, magazines, Television, radio - they are still willing to pay this human garbage money for some ungodly reason.
He should still be in jail for boffing an underage girl. For the assaults, hell, he should just be in jail for being Joey Buttafuco.

967 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

Why in the hellz would Mary Jo even have ANY kind of a "relationship" with this fat F**K anyway? Their kids are grown so they need zero contact with each other. This turd is the biggest POS to ever walk the face of the earth. I believe he told Amy Fisher to shoot Mary Jo. He told people he wanted a divorce and he was sick of her not working and bringing in any money. I'll bet you he had a life insurance policy on MJ.

967 days ago


Wow, his wife looks like Drita from MobWives

967 days ago


This doofus and his ex-wife are still a story? What next, Patty Hearst? Is Wrong Way Corrigan still alive?

967 days ago


why is this being reported? he is not a star and who gives a crap!

967 days ago


Mary Jo deserves some happiness....she is walking around with paralysis in her face and a bullet is still lodged in there.

967 days ago

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