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Oprah Winfrey

Lands Interview

with Whitney Houston's Daughter

3/3/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey
has finally found a way to get people to watch OWN -- she's scored an interview with family members of Whitney Houston, including daughter Bobbi Kristina

The show "Oprah's Next Chapter" will feature Houston's only daughter ... as well as Patricia Houston, her sister-in-law and manager, and Houston's brother Gary. It is scheduled to air next Sunday. 

Oprah was one of the guests invited to Houston's funeral in Newark, NJ last month.

Houston was 48-years-old when she was found dead in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton on February 11. 


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Oh great let's throw the baby to the lions for big O Bucks. Oprah needs ratings so will she go for the throat of this young heartbroken daughter & ask the 'cutting' questions ? Or will she be gentle and nurturing ? You Guess.

The media needs a new hot mess to exploit.

942 days ago


Instead of "interviews" try "intervention" for the kid..
Something about fame you lose your self respect and morals along the way.. But money talks, it's obvious she was likely broke.. Dope will do that to ya.

942 days ago

R Smith    

LOL! Still wont get me to watch Oprah!

942 days ago


I forgot to blast the money grubbing family. What happened to getting her to Rehab ASAP. Just like the Jacksons. These families make my skin crawl. Where were they when their children were spiraling out of control? I know, taking their money. Priorities are money, money, money.

942 days ago

Jessica Schlachter    

You all complain about Oprah, but I bet most of you will tune in to see Bobbi Kristina. As for this being too soon after the funeral: Life goes on for the rest of us including Whitney Houston's family

942 days ago

Tony the Giant    

There you go. If there is anything positive out of this interview, it's gonna be alerts all over the internet anyway. They gonna make you watch it, whether you like it or not.

942 days ago


Oprah was told to move along in our county because she stopped her limo and had her camera crews photograph Amish without their consent. Sheriff told her he didn't care who she was she needed to move on out of the county.SOOO what does she do she gets her staff to find an Amish family that would invite her in their home for dinner. I do not watch her show just seen the advertisements for it but she couldn't let well enough alone she is the powerful OPRAH she will do as she pleases.This with KB is a cissy set up to pull in bucks.

942 days ago

Ana Lacanski    

Yes, money talks. +StevenB +Leeza +t "Grieving family" want this Interview!

942 days ago


I really thought Oprah had more class than this. I agree with qtTT media whore

942 days ago


dont care what they say a book was written when john houston was still alive and i have it its a book no one wanted bck then cuz whitney was a train wreck now everyone is gonna buy it oprah you wanna buy it i havecopywrright and her dad predicted her death he said nothing worse than a junkie with money in his own words so good luck with that interview anyone wanna buy my book its authentic

942 days ago


Lol Why Are People Making Such A Fuss? Surely Enough If The Family Didn't Want To Do The Interview They Wouldnt Being Doing It Right?
So Back Off With The Name Calling? Oprah's Only Doing Her Job, And Maybe Hearing It From The Horses Mouth Will Stop All The Speculation And Ridiculous Accusations Based On Media Gossip. You All Need To Quit Moaning!!

942 days ago


Ofatra you're sick and delirious.Do the RIGHT thing,LEAVE THIS CHILD ALONE.TO HELL WITH THE RATINGS.

942 days ago


Still won't make me watch her network. I am so sick of Oprah.
TMZ why not give us a poll on if we will watch? It's too soon after Whitney's death. I didn't watch Ms. Jackson or LMP on Oprah talking about MJ.

The only interviews I would watch would be if Oprah had on the real person speaking for themselves. She spoke horrible about Michael around 2005 and then couldn't wait to cash in on his death. I don't know how she treated Whitney.

Can't stand her, she's too faced

942 days ago


Black people exploiting black people. Where's Sharpton's big mouth now?

942 days ago


Sorry, but OWN/Oprah is as sick (doing the Interview) as the one's who sold Whitney's picture in her casket.It's all about money. Even you have to pull Krissi in the spotlight while still grieving. Shame on you...I bet family members wanted to do the interview ,of cause for money and OWN said similar to the Bobby Brown Show "Being Bobby Brown" (where they only gave him the Show as Whitney agreed to be in it) they did it now as Krissi agreed on it. Poor girl doesn't know what is going on and joined them.
They should leave her alone..that's what Whitney would have wanted for sure.

942 days ago
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