'Housewives’ Writer Marc Cherry Didn't Plan to Kill Nicollette's Character

3/7/2012 5:20 PM PST

Marc Cherry
did not plan to kill off Nicollette Sheridan's character on "Desperate Housewives" until after he allegedly hit her ... at least as far as one writer could tell back when she worked on the show.

Lori Kirkland Baker testified today ... she knew absolutely NOTHING, zilch, nada ... about the death of Sheridan’s character Edie until Dec. 2008 ... 7 months AFTER Marc Cherry claims he made the decision.
Adding fuel to the fire ... Baker said Marc Cherry only brought up killing Edie AFTER he sparred with Sheridan on set -- though she admits she was not present for ALL plot discussions.

Baker was employed by the ABC show for its 4th and 5th seasons. Her contract was not renewed.