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Aubrey O'Day

Table for Two ... Dogs' Butts

3/9/2012 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Celebrity Apprentice" contestant Aubrey O'Day must like extra spicy salads ... because she lets her dogs -- and their dirty little butts -- sit ON THE TABLE at restaurants. Bad, Aubrey, bad.

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Just because someone is rich and a "celebrity" doesn't mean they can't also be dirty trash. The examples are everywhere people. I LOVE dogs, but this is inappropriate, BIG TIME.

955 days ago


That's pretty gross. That restaurant could lose business and its owners could lose their license over that.

955 days ago


I don't agree with sitting dogs on a table where you eat but think about the towel they use to wipe down your table the SAME towel they have been using to wipe down tables all day is probably not much cleaner than a dog's ass.

955 days ago


It's an outdoor table FFS! Who the hell knows what else has been crawling over it...a pampered dog would be the least of my concern. There was probably pigeon **** on it before she sat down. If you're going to eat at a table outside then you have to expect gross things might have been in contact with it. Hopefully the restaurant wipes it down well with disinfectant between customers. But seriously, I'm sure some people's dirty sick hands are grosser than those dogs butts. I hate when people complain about crap like this because next time I try to go sit on a patio with my dog (who I don't put on the table btw) I'm going to be told that dogs aren't allowed anymore...ruins it for everyone.

955 days ago


I love animals, but cannot, for the life of me, understand why people feel like their dogs need to go everywhere with them. ESPECIALLY in SoCal. I don't want your dog next to me at a restaurant. I don't want to see your dog in a store. It's bad enough that most don't even clean up after their dog, just letting it **** wherever. Are you that lonely that you have to take the dog everywhere you go?! SMH!

955 days ago


And there are people with pet allergies! How would you feel if I just put a bag of peanuts down next to your kid who is allergic? Keep your dogs out of restaurants/stores!

955 days ago

Honey Badger Don't Care    

It's an outdoor patio open to nature and birds SH1TING all over the table and chairs. I guess you should eat food off of a plate and not from the table if you don't what ass juice on your food.

955 days ago

Gloria Unread    

This is bad, but not as bad as my experience at a Kenny Rogers Roasters in Alpharetta, Georgia.
A woman took her baby, placed it on the table, and changed it's dirty diaper right in the middle of the restaurant! It left a big sweaty outline of the kid's ass on the table, too!
There were four or five other groups eating there - yet no one said anything to her. We all just stared at her, frozen in a mix of disgust and disbelief. Who the f*** thinks that kind of behavior is acceptable?!? ( I hate to sully the good name of Kenny Rogers Roasters, as it wasn't their fault and they cleaned it up right away, profusely apologized, and gave us all free chicken and cornbread for our troubles. )

955 days ago


Not bad. It's fine. A little dog butt never hurt anyone. Let them dine.

BTW, TMZ...I have been commenting for years. Why do I suddenly have to re-create an account and verify the post via email? Have done this now many times, yet still not recognized as having an account. It just started again a few weeks ago. Please fix this...Thanks.

955 days ago


its a very fine video clip. thanks for sharing it.

955 days ago


inside that dog's clean butt hole are some nasty little anal glands ready to squirt! what an ignorant person she is

955 days ago


WHY IS THIS DOG DYED PINK?? Aside from the fact that she's putting the dogs ON the table, look at the poor dog. It's not enough that she's dressing it (hello, it's an animal, not a doll), but she's apparently dyed it pink as well. This equates to animal cruelty but yet it's considered the norm in LA. Seriously, disgusting.

954 days ago

Tiggy dogs (4) of them RULE the house, BUT they are not on tables, on my head while I sleep maybe, but not on tables, especially in public. I and my dogs have manners... unfortunately Aubrey and her dogs do not!! Time to train up the owner of public animal etiquette.

954 days ago


one more thing, dying your dogs to me is short of someone needing to see a counselor. She needs counseling and the dogs probably need therapy from the embarrassment.

954 days ago

Mujer Latina     

I agree , totally inappropiate. Dogs are to be fed in there corner, they have no place in a table. People conditioned themselves to do whatever the hell they want just because you have money and are a celebrity. Get out of here........

954 days ago
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