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Beyonce's Slim Body

Exactly What Conspiracy

Theorists Ordered

3/21/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

032012_beyonce_stillWho killed JFK? Where's Hoffa buried? Did Beyonce really give birth? Mysteries that may never be solved! Except she totally had that baby -- though she IS oddly thin already. Hmm ...

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After having a first child it is not unsual to get your figure back quickly especially if you breast feed. Also many many many African American babies are born with straight hair, it starts to curl up with in a month. It's kind of like eyebrows which are straight, but the hair does not stay that way.

947 days ago


Its been TEN freaking weeks since Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy. Her and JayZ are making millions on a yearly basis, she can afford trainers, and nutritionists to help her get back to pre-baby weight. I swear there are many celebrities who have given birth and popped right back into shape: Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba and Camilla Alves to name a few. I'd understand if it was 2 weeks after Blue Ivy's birth but its been 2 and 1/2 months that's a lot of time to drop baby weight when you're dedicated and aren't eating hohos all day.

947 days ago


you people are sick - and clearly need hobbies

947 days ago

La Mom    

Not to brag (okay, maybe just a little!) but I was back to my "pre-baby" weight 3 weeks after giving birth. Not unusual for a first child.

947 days ago


95% of the people on this site are coo coo for coco puffs. I can't believe people have built a conspiracy theory around something so insignificant. And that so many people believe it. The woman had a baby. Give it a rest. She's a disciplined entertainer who knows when it's time to put down the twinkies and pick up a kettle bell. Some of you should take note....And to the losers saying she had a white baby. You're dumb. Beyonce has a mixed background and all ethnic babies come out lighter with straight hair, and then get darker as they age. Just like some white babies with light eyes or light hair sometimes experience a change in hair color and eye color as they get older.

947 days ago


When a woman is pregnant their breasts get larger (I:E: Yummy Jessica Simpson) and they stay bigger as long as milk is producing. So where are beyonce's Large Milk Bags? It doesn't matter how much baby weight you lose your breasts produce milk for a long time. Wasn't she caught breast feeding TMZ.

947 days ago


not hating on beyonce but i did have both natural birth and c-section. natural i did hurt for almost 2 mths and didnt want to leave the house. c-section, i lost my weight really really fast but i still couldnt move because of cut above my va.j.j. ....this woman was walking out the woman i know walked out. every hospital makes u leave in a wheelchair. thats hospital policies only because they dont want to be reliable if u fall before u get to your vehicle. but all that matters is that b and jayz have a family now. this woman loves her man. they have already lost one child the dont need the drama behind if the baby is theirs or not. they love this baby as their own and thats what matters..

947 days ago


Oh yeah she had a surrogate. When you are pregnant the stomach doesn't sink in. It's possible to produce milk w/out given birth. All you have to do is use a pump or she could have nursed until the milk came. Survial of the fitest...remember!

She didn't have a baby. AND FYI Green-al: There are black ppl with straight hair and fair skin. Remember slavery & oh yeah, interracial relationships.

947 days ago


I just think she had a surrogate! there's no way she is this fit that fast! and i felt like her pregnancy went sooo fast, Jessica Simpson still pregnant and is as big as a house, but Beyonce's for me felt so quick, something weird going on...

947 days ago


it isnt uncommon for women to go back to the same size they were my sister gave birth and three weeks later if that she was back to size 0. and i know she didnt work out or diet or anythng like beyonce did so it is very possible that she did have the baby

946 days ago


I bet Heide Klum didn't really gave birth to her children, neither did Gisele, oh and Jessica Alba oh and...

944 days ago


"Who killed JFK? Where's Hoffa buried? Did Beyonce really give birth? Mysteries that may never be solved! Except she totally had that baby -- though she IS oddly thin already. Hmm ..."

Whoever comes up with this **** is soooo STUPID!! I LOVE IT. Thanks for the laughs..

943 days ago


People...she had a baby! Don't compare her to Jessica Simpson or any other pregnant woman. Beyonce has very shapely hips and the shape of a woman's pelvis can actually determine how pregnant they look. Hence, have you ever heard the expression "pregnant in the hips." Besides, diet has a lot to do with it also. Jessica Simpson has cankles, which indicates she is retaining fluid, due most likely to high sodium intake. Beyonce stated numerous times that she intentionally watched what she ate while pregnant to avoid blowing up like the goodyear blimp.

942 days ago


That selfish money hungry joke, did not have a baby. She care's more about her body than her baby. Why is she lying to the world? People will find out the truth. And you all shoud not buy her music because she is fake.

941 days ago


Now we all know she didnt have that baby folding stomach and her interview with Diane from 20/20 why did she brush her hand off so fast picks of her sitting down and leaning over who can do that when preggo! I would never buy a labum again i hope u all do the same!

941 days ago
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