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Kim Kardashian

Did She Deserve a Dusting?

3/24/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The flour bomb unleashed by an animal rights activist against Kim Kardashian has also unleashed a raging debate over fur, and the tactics used by protesters. 

So we gotta ask...


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I hate the idea of animals being hurt but this is just rude and childish. There are other ways to protest and it just makes PETA look like a bunch of idiots. Show a little class and more people will listen.

950 days ago


It's not a crime IMHO. She should sue for damges if she things she suffered a lost.

950 days ago


Technically,she was assaulted, so she can sue. But for someone who wants to garner a bit more sympathy from the public, perhaps keeping a low profile and letting this blow over would be a better choice. Unfortunately, this is not the first or last time she is going to come under fire. I'm sure the fortress of bodyguards is coming next for KK.

950 days ago


People can wear what they like!

Animal activists and the rest of you are hypocrites unless you can vow... you've never used food/ medicine/ cosmetics/ toiletries tested on animals! Your a pure vegan! And you never wear leather anything.... otherwise its just the same. It's an animal injured for a product!

Kim like me will wear fur with pride because like me she is not so narrow minded as the fur critics!

Real fur is sooo much better for the environment anyway than fake plastic trash!

950 days ago


Yes, Kim has a right to wear fur if she wants because she has a choice. But did the poor animal that got killed so she could look cool have a choice? No. What a waste of a life to kill an animal for their fur. And what is this, the 60's again? Who wears fur now anyway? It's so unpolitically correct, as should be obvious!

950 days ago

I am Spartacus    

This question alone shows you Kim, or i should say Kris, set this up... "Kim is more sympathetic now?"

We all know TMZ is on their payroll. So Kris has this set up, use TMZ to broadcast it and see if now people will feel sorry for Kim.

Sorry but you fail as does the rest of your family. You are all talentless famewhores who everyone wishes would disappear!

950 days ago


People may criticize Kim all they want but the truth remains the woman who assaulted Kim Kardashian broke the law. That sort of violent behaviour is unacceptable. What's next, water, hot water, stones, broken glasses? It's bullying and harassment at its highest. We can hate on Kim all we want but for a second imagine someone else did the same to you. I'm no Kim Kardashian fan but I think people should be treated the way they expect others to treat them period.

950 days ago


This was just normal event for animal rights HOWEVER I am appalled that people think torturing animals is as bad as torturing humans...What the Hell America? And people wonder why are country that once was great is going to hell in a handbasket

950 days ago


She is nothing but trash and a dirty who** she only wants more press and TMZ will give it to her dirty a** she must be sucking Harvey off

950 days ago


She prob got the women to do that herself. So her namewould be everywhere again.

950 days ago


Kim K is a trashy mediaholic that will do whatever it takes to keep her name in the news.This comment alone makes her happy.There is nothing you can do. Check out a real role model that has more looks and class at (Jessica Alba)

950 days ago

Don't care    

Peta activists are weirdos. That's who needs to get a life.....or a job. Anyone with enough time to stalk another person and strategically plan something so weird, needs to put that effort into finding an honest job. Guess they were on spring break from occupy "insert city of choice".


950 days ago


How is it any different to wear leather or fur from animals than it is to eat them. STUF stupid PETA. Its not torture any more than it is for the millions of americans having a burger or steak tonight.

950 days ago


Kim KaGASHian is a whore bitch!

950 days ago

Elizabeth Arroyo    

Kim Kardashian should not press charges . PETA is defending the rights of animals that cannot defend themselves. She should be an example, that animals rights are important. Don"t get angry contribute to the society.

950 days ago
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