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Kim Kardashian

Did She Deserve a Dusting?

3/24/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The flour bomb unleashed by an animal rights activist against Kim Kardashian has also unleashed a raging debate over fur, and the tactics used by protesters. 

So we gotta ask...


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Timmy Boy    

This is where I stand:
1) Nothing wrong with wearin Fur.
2) PETA people are just crazy and should dedicate their time to something else.
3) I hate KIM but not because she wears fur. I just hate her. and I am glad she got bombed. I hope it happens again.

945 days ago


Kim who????

945 days ago


Who is Kim Kardashian

945 days ago


Better question: is she worth one ounce of wasted flour or one byte on photogs' camera or one letter on this website? In my opinion: No.

945 days ago


I hate Kim, but PETA is far worse.

Google Petakillsanimals. PETA KILLS MORE ANIMALS THAN THEY SAVE. They are a terrorist cult who brag about setting fire to buildings that test on animals. They bully and physically ASSAULT people for wearing fur. These idiots care so much about animals, yet they assault people and couldn't care less. They want attention, they want to steal your money. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Look it up on youtube. The founder of PETA was grilled about how they kill more animals a year than they save, and he ADMITTED TO IT!! Its not an "animal rights group". You PETA supporters are being "kony'd".

Bottom line: they have NO right to put their hands on you or throw **** at you because of what you chose to wear. Next they're going to start assaulting people who eat meat. They're a terrorist cult.

945 days ago


And LOL PETA you scam artists losers. We all know that you sheep are on here giving everyone who hates PETA and is against them thumbs down. It's so sad you send your little cult members out here to defend your terrorist group on tmz.

So tell me PETA, how many animals have you murdered this year? Google Peta Kills Animals. You'll find all the info you need on this animal killing group that stages themselves as a "animals rights group". Do animals have rights when you chose to kill them? No I thought not you hypocritical pieces of ****.

945 days ago


Nothing is more elegant than a woman in furs. Those against fur are just too poor to afford them and are jealous.

945 days ago


First off I will say this once again. FAKE FAKE FAKE! Think about it for a second. This girl loves wearing fur, do you see her wearing fur at that event? NO, that is because she wouldn't want to destroy her beautiful fur that way. Get flour on her fur? Hell no. Mom wanted paint so that they could say it was Peta but Kim said not on my fur your not. So Mom said OK how about flour? It won't hurt you and it will come right off. Still Kim said not on my fur your not. So they compromised and Kim gave the go ahead to dump the flour on her but only if she wasn't wearing her fur.
Just like I said the other day when Kim wasn't going to sue the girl I said that now she will have to sue her so that it looked real. I also said I hope they paid this little girl handsomely for putting herself in a position to have a record now. I also hope this girl told one of her friends what really happened and we hear the real story. It's all starting to backfire on the Kardtrashians and it won't be long before Ms alien face gets no more face time. I'm counting the seconds they have left.

945 days ago


Honestly can't believe you are all so simple minded not to know her pimp (mom Kris) had set this up at the suggestion of Seacrest. They were trying to keep Kim's name in the press and bringing attention to her perfume (ewww...stank) and WHAT DO YOU KNOW....It worked!!
Seacrest got the idea from the Oscar's dousing he got from Sasha Baron Cohen. It was ALLLLLL planned people!!! The black suit (shows flour more), the back turned (no face Kim said), the Perpetrator (on their payroll), the 'no charges' filed, the announcement from PETA that they had no involvment (do you think they would deny if they did?). SO PLEAZZZZ stop giving these whores more attention. WE ARE SO SICK OF THEM ALL.

945 days ago


Let's see FLOUR BOMB! Isn't that an old story with the KK scene? I think the viewers felt badly when it happened to Chris H. Then suddenly the same thing happens to KK just a couple months later? If you're going to stage something for a pity parade, be original, not a copy cat. ONCE AGAIN, POORLY THOUGHT OUT AND JUST MAKES KK AND MAMA LOOK BADLY!

Too bad somebody didn't change out her perfume bottle with piss and dump it on her. I can't believe she is promoting some personal product in a charity. It is too obvious it was for selfish reasons! KK and mama will need something more of a miracle to pull theitr reputations out of their asses! This only harmed your KK family name more.


Who would you sue then? Stay safe, stay away from any yellow liquid that has the K name on it! I sure as he-- would!

945 days ago


boycott Kim, I see they advertise shoedazzle on here. Harvey does Kim get free advertising for shoedazzle since she brings stories to your website? We all know you love to kiss her ass and ALWAYS pro Kim on any thing that comes along.

945 days ago


Honestly, put aside your hate for KK. If someone saw you on the street all the time and just didn't like you and decided to throw flour at you? You would be pissed! PETA really should be the last people talking about being an attention-whore...look at what they are doing now. In the end, this chick assalted someone...period.

945 days ago


She is sooooooo full of herself. What the hell are u famous for.

945 days ago


Not sure what is more crazy, PETA, Kardashian, or the TMMz poll

945 days ago


yeah buddy..floor the bitch down.

945 days ago
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