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Whitney Houston's Death

Who's to Blame?

3/25/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The L.A. County Coroner's findings on Whitney Houston's death has not settled the case -- by a long shot.  Fingers are pointing in all directions, casting blame. 

So we gotta ask ...


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Who are these people who think Whitney was a greater loss than Michael?...You really can't compare the two. Whitney was a voice and a voice ONLY. Michael himself had a great voice, very unique and strong, could move like nobody else, wrote/co-wrote tons of songs..AND composed music even though he couldn't read music notes, used his celebrity to raise awareness for multiple charities and causes, HE HAVE OVER $500 MILLION OF HIS OWN MONEY TO CHARITY, broke through the colour barrier, set multiple world records.....and most importantly HE STAYED HUMBLE. He was still respectful and kind even though most people treated him like garbage. Michael Jackson had that certain something...he was special, he had a big heart and it showed ....nobody will ever have a connection with the audience like Michael had....NOBODY.............The more I learn about Michael and the more FACTS that come out the more I like him.........Whitney...the more I hear about her the more I dislike her. You NEVER hear about her giving money or time to charities....all I saw was her getting angry when people would just ask her for an autograph. She wasn't THAT nice of a person...BUT I wonder if that's because she was doing hard drugs for decades?.

905 days ago


bottom line here is : CRACK IS WHACK people...cocaine is one hell of a drug!

905 days ago


Dumb. Making up **** posts to get hits. She is ultimately responsible -- no one else. Media is trying to make something out of a drug addict dying from doing too many drugs for too long. That is it. Let's move on.

905 days ago

There's a problem here    

My call is to put the blame squarely where it belongs, right on good old Nippy herself. No one forced drugs and alcohol into her. No one forced her to love a high far more than she loved her own child. Any celeb who isn't centered in reality has "yes" people surrounding them. That serves two purposes; the "YES" people get to hitch onto coattails, and the "STAR" gets whatever it is they want whenever it is they want it. Too bad Nip, the really sad thing is your child is a clone ... without the voice.

905 days ago

There's a problem here    

As far as comparing Michael to Whitney. Are you serious? I guess I missed the part where Whitney choreographed (sp?) and composed most of her music. Whatever Michael was in his private life, you gotta give him his due as far as his enormous talent goes. Whitney? Not so much.

905 days ago


A tragic event is something that can't be avoided. To call Whitney Houston's life tragic is an example of the sad state of the world. She was a drug addict with endless resources for treatment and help who still made the choice to keep using thus making the use of tragic to describe her completely false. Tragic, no; stupid, a resounding YES.

905 days ago


withney and michael where drugs junkies, the only real tragedy was JOHN LENNON, he was a real man, composer, and peace maker, to hell with these loosers, that where only products of greedy C.D.O'S of the music industry

905 days ago


Enough already with this story. Really!

905 days ago


This is so wasteful, I can't believe you guys had the audacity to put this pole together. Let her rest in peace already, she made mistakes as have the rest of us.

905 days ago

LoJeana Moore    

It's no one to blame for whitney death she new what she what was doing just like any other person.

905 days ago


OK, so 80% thought Whitney's life was 'tragic', not successful?? In the words of Amy Poehler on SNL, "Really?!" I would NOT classify her entire life as some tragedy... that's stupid.

905 days ago


Whitney Houston's DeathWho's to Blame?"


905 days ago

Kimberly Traylor    

As we may want to point the finger at this person, or that person. Whitney, was a 48 yr old woman, she new right from wrong. Her mother {Cissy}, raised her up in the church. Her whole life was in Christ. She chose to live her life, and success and leave the all mighty father out. She forgot where she came from, and you just can't do that. I loved her music, and I really try not to judge people, for GOD, knows our heart. I pray that Bobbi, get it together tho. I will keep the entire family lifted up in prayer!!!! You will truely be missed and forever loved.

905 days ago

Juan Gomez    

I used to be addicted to drugs bad, but when I had kids that made the difference and I got totally clean - can pass any drug test. That just shows what a piece of trash she was, she still continued being a junkie and bailed on her kid. Glad she's gone.

905 days ago


I feel that the person that we need to point the finger at is the person that took the drugs in the first place. Whitney had the choice and the means to get help and didn't want it. I feel sorry for her family, but come on and put the blame where it belongs. We all have decisions to make and we need to own up to our shoft comings. I thisnk that it is such a waste of such a beautiful woman and voice; however you have to want to live life clean and sober.

905 days ago
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