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Morning Show Wars

Sarah Palin to Co-Host 'Today'

4/1/2012 10:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBC has countered ABC's move of bringing Katie Couric to "Good Morning America" this week by announcing Sarah Palin will co-host "Today" this Tuesday. 

On their website, the peacock said that Palin will "reveal a different side of her than you've seen before." NBC is also promising that "a surprise legend will return to the broadcast Monday morning."

Palin and Couric are forever linked from their infamous interview in 2008 when Couric hosted "CBS Evening News."

The interview is widely credited for destroying Palin's credibility ... probably forever.


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America's fascination with ditzes continues...

901 days ago

The most silly person    

I will NEVER watch anything with Katie Couric, I always turn the channel when she is on.

901 days ago


I will never watch the today show ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

901 days ago


April Fools! Right?

901 days ago


Who is parenting that baby she was exploiting during the campaign?

901 days ago

Ali S    

I have been a loyal Today fan for 20 years. After reading this, I will be switching my channel to GMA.

901 days ago


Love katie and glad to see her coming back to Morning Tv for a week, I always liked katie and Matt together and miss them. I was also a big fan of katies late husband Jay, I started watching him when he covered the OJ trial.

901 days ago

Mary A    

Chatkath: you mean her "kinda country western redneck drawl" so does "black folks" ebonics and latinos & asians accents bother you as much ? or Hillary's screaching ?
NBC ratings will sky rocket on Tues. just like Dancing w/the Stars did w/Bristol Palin. Deal with it !

901 days ago


April fools jokes were funny when I was 8 but I guess there are so many stupid people in the world who believe everything they are still worth doing

901 days ago


I had no interest in watching that show before. Now I really have no interest in watching that show.

901 days ago


"destroying Palin's credibility ... probably forever"

That type of slant figures, TMZ, since you are bunch of pathetic liberal pukes.

901 days ago


Yeah, Katie has had a much more stellar career. She managed to take the dismal ratings for CBS Evening News to new depths thus getting herself fired. The majority of the people went with mainstream media and voted Obama. Possibly the worst president since Jimmy Carter. That's what happens when you listen to biased media, Hollywood and college students when deciding our president.

901 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

thanks NBC for keeping Leno going for too long and allowing this cross-eyed screeching gal from Waysilly to ramble and entertain me. There's nothing better than when Sarah blathers free-style! She never completes a sentence. She uses wrong words. Her factoids are usually twisted. It's like her chaotic mind just streams forth through her flapping lips and then she flashes her simpleton smirk like she's proud that she got her point out. Is my daddy watching?
I'll never ever understand how Alaskans could have voted for her to be governor and I will always hold Johnny McCain't responsible for unleashing this Kardashian family from the frozen north on the world.
Oh....and her insights about Pakistan have proved to be extremely naive (what a surprise!). It's embarrassing that she was ever in the presence of world leaders. I'd love to see her interview Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, or anybody with knowledge or a brain. Any Kardashian, Paris Hilton, or any Lohan would be more appropriate and on her level though.
I hope I can see the show - more Palinertainment!!!! She's been way too quiet lately.

901 days ago


IF NBC IS SO LIBERAL, why, then, would they invite Sarah Palin to their show? Doesn't make sense. As for Katie Couric, her time has past. Who can ever forget how she, deliberately, caused a loving grandfather to break down in tears, about his loving grandson. The woman has ice water running through her "questionable" heart. No thanks!!!

901 days ago


I'm no fan of sarah. I've made my fair share of sarah palin jokes. I think she's prettier than she is smart. I'd feel lucky to do her If she was a single woman. I don't think she's presidental or v.p. material. I think she's too conservative to represent america as a country. My real point though is, I swear i didn't see much wrong with that interview.

She seemed to make sense so I kept waiting for a big blunder, and I never saw anything that made me go "what an idiot"

I know she's said some stupid stuff, but I didn't see it in that video.

901 days ago
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