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Jessica Simpson

It's a Baby ...

Birth Hint!!

4/19/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson looks like she should've popped that baby out weeks ago -- and now her fiance is sending signals that's exactly what happened! Or we're totally misinterpreting a coffee run.

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No Avatar


If she's breast feeding she's not allowed caffiene either.

920 days ago

My Big Salami    

She never was pregnant? ...Thats called a chile cheese frito belly TMZ!!!

920 days ago


Coffee may be for everyone else, but she won't be drinking that for a bit..or at least its not a good idea for baby.

920 days ago


I hope she used her c section recovery kit! its the best thing after a reduce pain and help you get out of bed easily. Be well jessica and congratulations, even if you haven't delivered yet!

920 days ago


I can't get the video to play.

920 days ago


Two separate stories: fiance and fiancee ... where NEITHER is correct. The word, properly written, uses the stress mark on ONE and ONLY e in the word. In fact, the true spelling in French has a stress mark on the a and the e of fiance. "fiancee" is not even a word. Two different stories on TMZ and they never heard of consistency or correctness. Pathetic. I come to TMZ on for photos of what's going on in entertainment since many of the gals are hot, but this crap is pathetic!

920 days ago


Ugh, people. Pregnant women may have up to 200mg of caffeine a day - or 12 ounces of coffee, and up to 750mg while breastfeeding. Stop being so judgmental.

920 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I saw a magazine cover at least two weeks ago that said she already gave birth.

920 days ago


I can't play the video, but that looks like soda not coffee..

920 days ago

There's a problem here    

She could have done a little better than she did with that pregnancy. She looked so sloppy. I thought she was a fashion maven. All she wore were ill fitting bras and moo-moos, and her hair was HUGE trying to hide how fat her face got. God bless her, but I would hate to be her and try go get that weight off. She loves her food.

920 days ago


C'mon Jessica!!! Let us in on the Baby!!!! Congrats if you had your baby.

920 days ago


Don't ya just love the guy walks out with two drinks & everyone assumes it must be coffee. Well if its coffee its cold coffee in those glasses & secondly they are diet sodas with no caffine & many cool drinks that are not caffinated. What I love about this story is that it's all very probable Jessica played the media at there own game & has delivered & in her time will make her announcment & then maybe not. lol After the trashing & rediculous comments she has endured she owes no one any explanation & her real fans get it & know her.

920 days ago


It sure seems like she should have popped that puppy out a while ago but Jessica likes the limelight and I can't see her being all hush-hush about it if she did deliver. I'm 50/50 on this one.

920 days ago


Hello you don't drink coffee for like 6 months after birth if you're breast feeding! All you young kids working at TMZ--come on!

920 days ago


Ummmm. She was on the cover of People magazine last week talking about her daughter and being a TMZ is a little late on this one.

920 days ago
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