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'Two and a Half Men' Ad

You Don't Have to Settle

for Ashton Kutcher

4/24/2012 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen Two and Half Men billboard ad
Ashton Kutcher is no Charlie Sheen ... and he never will be ... at least that's the message an L.A. TV network is trying to convey in a new marketing campaign.

KTLA in Los Angeles has plastered billboards all over town promoting the syndicated run of "Men." The billboards feature Charlie's face next to the words, "The Original" ... and if it seems like it's a shot at Kutcher ... that's because it is.

A mole at the station tells us ... the marketing people are playing off the premise that "Men" was simply better with Charlie. They believe fans miss him ... and will be more into the reruns because Charlie "was the show."

Can't argue with facts.


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

The Weekend Getaway

0424_ashton_kutcher_mila_kunis_launchDo "friends" take weekend trips to the beach ... go shopping for flowers ... and hit Starbucks together? 'Cause that's what Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were up to this weekend.

The former "70s Show" costars were spotted in Carpinteria, CA together -- a small beach community near Santa Barbara.

The two were seen picking up coffee and later buying sunflowers ... out of a van.

Friends don't let friends rock red socks with shorts ... so, they gotta be dating ... right?

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Inside the New Miami Mansion

It only took him five years, but Ricky Martin has finally unloaded his Miami Beach mansion!

Originally listed back in 2007 with an asking price of $16.9 million, the "Livin' La Vida Loca" singer finally sold his 7 bedroom, 9 bathroom abode for $10.6 million.

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No Avatar


I don't watch tv much but every now an then i would watch 2 and half men, charlie was kept me laughing and coming back to watch again. Never even crossed my mind to watch the new one,because i know it is probably boring now. who cares what charlie does on his own time! as long as he does his job and makes people laugh. Nobody said u people that are perfect had to do drugs or have sex with prostitutes to to laugh with him.Charlie rocks, nuff said

910 days ago


it is true, Charlie Sheen is much better than Ashton Kutcher.
The producers should bring back Charlie because that would make Two and a Half men the number one sitcom once again.

910 days ago


Bring back Charlie. Ashton doesn't fit the show. Without Charlie Allen's not as funny, Jake is awful (that maybe because he has grown up in real life) and Berta isn't used as much as she should be. If they can bring back JR in Dallas and Marco in All My Children they can bring back Charlie.

910 days ago


I am not ejoying it as much without Charlie.....I am hoping that this is just a GIANT Punked...If everyone is involved with this it would be greatest punk ever and being Rose was the last to see Charlie alive there are endless open ends to this show...

910 days ago


Ashton is doing a good job...he did not replace Charlie he was thrown into the mix as a completly different character. So I mean it would be different if he was "Charlie".

910 days ago


I watched the first show when Kutcher took over, and it was my Last! Charlie made that show, his drunken antics were funny not gross as Kutchers nude scenes were not acting and extremely gross. I have heard in the news about the shows actors acting out using drugs, and underage drunkeness on the show and find it extremely distasteful. It seems the show is condoning nudity, drug use, and underage drinking. Lets get back to the original, it was way better and a show I truly looked forward to watching. I have purchased all the DVD's of Charlies show's and watch reruns at other times. I don't condon Charlies rampage but I did enjoy his acting on the show and never seen him having a problem doing the job of entertaining his audience.

910 days ago


The sign says nothing of the sort. It is just what you read into it that makes it say what you want it to say.See how many answers you get when you ask people to interpret the sign.

910 days ago


Kutcher is a moron like the rest of them.

910 days ago


the biggest mistake was having Ashton Kutcher... no one can replace Charlie...

910 days ago


I gave Ashton a chance and watched the first few episodes. Not only does the show suck without Charlie Sheen, but they picked a poor, poor replacement. I found it difficult to laugh, it was just plain stupid. A friend of mine said it best, "Ashton Kutcher is, Ashton Kutcher." They should have just canceled the show as soon as they fired the star. I'll settle for re-runs and will definitely check out Charlies new show when it comes out. Anyone who actually enjoys the new 2&1/2 is obviously easily-amused, sorry.

910 days ago


They should bring Sheen back as Charley. They bring the dead back all the time on the soaps. They are bringing him back next Monday. Cathy Bates will be playing dead Charley. They say she has learned all his mannerisms.

910 days ago


They just happened to get it right. Ashton does not even come close. Saw one show with him and I was done. What a horribe replacement.

910 days ago


Ashton sucks on 2 1/2 Men just like he sucked in every other dumb show he's ever done. With one or two exceptions, he only plays a dumb character and that is only fun for a kid to watch, not adults.

910 days ago


Charlie Sheen's character was nothing but a womanizer and pig. I'm glad Ashton is nothing like him and shouldn't be compared to Sheen's character. Most of the so-called laugh scenes were nothing but disgusting foul-mouthed put downs of women. He only used them as sex machines. How stupid do the writers think the viewers are. The only funny scenes on the program are the one-liners by Berta. Talk about sick parenting....Charlie's brother character was a disgrace and insult to all men who have any brains. I for one have watched Ashton Kutcher since he started and not too impressed with his character. I wish everyone would stop comparing Ashton and's not fair to Ashton. He is his own character on the program and not a redo of Charlie "the pig". Don't watch the new shows or repeats often. Most of them are a turnoff.

910 days ago


I don't watch much TV, but my guilty pleasure is 'Men' reruns with Charlie Sheen. Ashton sucks, and the twice I watched the show with him, I had to shut it off. To each his own, though. I will stick to the reruns.

910 days ago
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