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Rosie O'Donnell

I Don't Want Lindsay to DIE

... Like Whitney Houston

4/26/2012 6:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Rosie O'Donnell believes ... if Lindsay Lohan doesn't change her life ... she will end up just like Whitney Houston ... dead.

Rosie went back on the "Today" show this morning to expand on why she doesn't believe Lindsay should have been cast as Liz Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime movie ... or ANY role for that matter.

Ro suggested Lindsay is heading down a similar path as Whitney ... and believes the only way she can be saved is if she takes time away from the ruthless Hollywood machine.

Ro also explained why she feels obligated to speak out about Lindsay .... saying, "Watching Whitney Houston's funeral I remember thinking, 'Why didn't more people say what they knew?' We all knew."

She continued, "We watched 'Being Bobby Brown' ... it was like watching Sid and Nancy ... they were people in the throes of addiction. But all anyone cared about was that the show was getting ratings."

"To look at Lindsay Lohan, you can't help but feel for her ... and I do not think she's untalented, I think she's quite talented."


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Rosie is absolutely right on this one. Lohan is not fit to work right now judging by everything that is in the news about her over the past few years. I think Rosie is saying what everyone else is thinking----and no one else would say it!

911 days ago


Oh shut up Rosie. This woman got a lot of publicity by mentioning Lindsay a few days ago, Rosie bathed in the attention she was getting and now she's back for more.

If Rosie O'Donnell has any real concern for Lindsay why didn't she talk to Lindsay privately? oh thats right, no one would know about it! Also, by her talking about Lindsay to the media, how does she think Lindsay will feel about that? Truth is Rosie O'Donnell doesn't know and doesn't care about Lindsay, all Rosie wants is her name in the media, Rosie is disgusting.

911 days ago


Rosie hit the nail on the Head. She is absolutely correct no matter how many of you dislike her, she's correct Lindsay is someone's child and no parent should promote their drug addicted child to continue down a path of destruction. She needs to come out of the Hollywood Life for a couple of years.

911 days ago


The "Today" Show is just plain garbage, Has Kardashians and Kris Jenner as co-hosts and give the loud, foul-mouthed women free publicity.

911 days ago


True Lanie
everything you stated was and is truth except you need to add this....Lohan Inc started this fact they jumped on it like finding a 50 dollar bill on the side walk...because it gives them the chance to keep her name and face in the media spotlight...and they are going keep it going as loooooooooong as they can....milk it till the poor cow runs dry..... but by that time they will have another story to spin. and in the mean time Lindsay will be doing just what Lindsay like to do...snot, sex, and party...

911 days ago


Should have added that Rosie could care less about Lohan - she's trying to keep herself alive by staying in the news.

911 days ago


Since I picture the majority of the haters to look like Rosie, I think she should become the official voice of the haters. The haters can relate to her in every way, shape size, and form!

911 days ago


Rosie is 100 correct! Rosie has her opinion, it is a very valid one based on Linsay's behavior. Linsay thinks she has all these accomplishments, when in fact she hasn't had a starring, bankable role in 10 years. Lindsay should be humble, not this ego-maniac party twit.

911 days ago


Have you ever seen the Mystery Science Theater 3000 where they watch Manos- The Hands of Fate? Well I have, and I picture you to look exactly like the master, MANOS! Thats why the chicks think you are so hot, because you look like, MANOS... Hands of Fate!

911 days ago


yo:  4 hours ago
Whatever else I might think about Rosie and her personality, ...
I gotta admit she is completely right about this one.
Good for you Rosie, having the courage to stand up and say what we all know!

^ yo, totally agree

911 days ago


I don't care for Rosie but she is absolutly right. Lindsey need's to get out of LA, but we all know that's not going to happen, so I think working could be the next best thing for her. If she were kept busy with work it might help keep her out of the clubs. Plus if she were working again maybe she would feel better about herself, she would feel relavent again, and it might help with her sobriety!!!

911 days ago


The haters should gang up and get a petition going at the grocery stores. Maybe if they can get enough signatures they can officialy make Rosie there spokeperson... for life.

911 days ago


Some people "move like Jagger" and some "Die like Whitney"'s really just a matter of choice. I truly hope that Lindsay makes the right one.

911 days ago

Cool Breeze    

Oh, so you want her to change and be a double donging carpet muncher like you ?

911 days ago


I agree!!!!!

911 days ago
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