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Up to $1 MILLION in Debts

(But I Really Needed DirecTV)

5/1/2012 8:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Nadya Suleman claims she's so damn broke ... she owes between $500k and $1,000,000 to various creditors ... including doctors, lawyers, teachers ... and DIRECTV!!!!

TMZ just obtained a copy of OctoMom's bankruptcy documents, in which she claims she only has between ZERO and $50,000 to her name ... because she's blown a fortune on super important things like water and power and the ability to watch all of her favorite cable shows.

God forbid a destitute woman with 14 kids be kept from watching "Game of Thrones."

Here's the list of Octo's creditors:

-- Orkin Pest Control
-- Roberto Robles Gardening Services
-- Sparkletts
-- William F. Turner Attorney at Law
-- Kaiser Permanente
-- The DMV
-- Farmers Insurance Group
-- Verizon Wireless
-- City of La Habra Water Dept.
-- So Cal Gas Company
-- So Cal Edison Company (power)
-- Sylvan Learning
-- Superior Court of California
-- Whittier Christian School
-- DirecTV

In the docs, Octo claims she completed a debt education course -- as required from everyone who files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Octo took her course on the Internet ... though it's unclear how she paid for the Internet access.


No Avatar


I love how your call this bish "Octo" LOL

904 days ago


Game of Thrones is addictive. I don't blame her.

904 days ago


I hope her creditors get the money for her playing with her clown car.

904 days ago

the real diva    

so she sold the list to TMZ to get some money. as will pay her for any news she has..she needs to get a real job and care for her kids. she can spend 5oo dollars on her hair but she cannot pay bills. she needs to get a real job and work on paying things off. instead of thinking her 14 kids will make her money...she needs to get a real job.the kids should be taken away anyways.. she cannot care for them properly.

904 days ago


She cannot be helped. This women truly is a lost cause.

I don't know how she will raise one productive member of society.

She is bringing down California's property value. SERIOUSLY!

904 days ago


Really TMZ leave her alone! What do you have against her that you enjoy humiliating her on a daily basis? Is it because she is any easy target? She can't pay you to post favorable stories about her unlike those vile Kardashians? So she has made some terrible choices...her and her children are suffering for it.

904 days ago


Would it be much better for the children if she allowed many of them to be adopted by really fine homes to care for them better than Octomom ever could now that she's doing porn?

904 days ago


See, America is the greatest nation on earth. Where else can you have no income and yet receive $1 million dollars worth of goods and services and then not pay for it? Just a little something for us 99%'ers to think about.

904 days ago


What wild hair got up TMZ's a**. No, seriously. TMZ paid that hairdresser $5,000 for a photo of a check Octomom paid -- proving she did NOT use a welfare debit card or taxpayer money to pay for her hair -- yet rips after Octo for having phone, cable, and water bills? WTF?

904 days ago


So she paid $520 for her hair, expensive eyelash extensions, manicures & pedicures, designer clothes and handbags, Ugg boots and loads of plastic surgery but stiffed things like her rent and utility bills. This women has some messed up priorities. She even stiffed her children's school. What is wrong with public school? If you have 14 kids and no job your kids have no business being in private school.

904 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

Let's see:

Professional gardner
$520 in hair services
Lipo, tummy tuck, breast implants, lip injections, Botox
Mani's, pedi's
Eyelash extensions
Bottled water delivery service
Cable TV
Private school
Private tutoring sevices
Professional pest control services

Yep, sounds about right for a welfare whoore.

Why is Kaiser listed? The State of California pays for all her and her kids medical care or did she stiff Kaiser for her plastic surgery?

904 days ago


This woman makes me sick. Just a week ago, she got a $520 haircut, and said she was making suddenly this week, she's bankrupt. What a piece of garbage she is. Those poor kids need to be removed and placed with families who aren't interested in being in the media for every stupid thing they do.

If we all stop paying attention, do you think she would go away????

904 days ago


So what bills DID she pay? That scam artist never paid for ANYTHING. She didn't pay for even the basics for her children: She didn't pay rent, electricity, gas, water to shower, water to drink, gardening services, school fees, tuition,legal services, the DMV (for what?), insurance, medical services, her cell-phone bill, her cable bill - THAT WOMAN PAID NO BILLS AT ALL, and she's receiving $2000 worth of food stamps and $4000-$5000 welfare money a month in addition to free housecleaning, free babysitting, free plumbing services etc. The people of California who are the ones putting food on her table deserve to know what she does with the money.

904 days ago


Becky: 14 minutes ago
I work my ass off to support my daughter. We live off of $30 a week for groceries. We have NEVER had cable, never had health insurance, never paid for water to be delivered to our house (or any water that is not from our faucet), never paid for gardening I could do myself. We need public assistance, but I am too afraid to apply because of women like her. Women like her mean that when mothers like me desperately need help we are too afraid to ask for fear that our families will forever be stigmatized as lazy freeloaders.
Becky, Public assistance was set up for people such as yourself. Who need ASSISTANCE. It's people such as this woman expects others to pay for things that they don't even have themselves because she feels ENTITLED to it. As if the taxpayers OWE her for bringing 14 kids into the world for us to support.
Women who work hard, such as yourself should feel no shame in receiving supplemental assistance.
We need to get all the generational freeloaders off public assistance.

904 days ago


Also I noticed she didn't pay her attorney, does she have a new one? Her manager and spokesperson are not listed so I assume she is still paying for services.

904 days ago
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