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"Dog the Bounty Hunter"

Buried ... But Not Forgotten

5/22/2012 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Dog the Bounty Hunter" is dead (the show, not the man) -- so it's time to pay tribute to the most feared man mullet in fake reality TV crime fighting.

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OH NO they can't be pau! No more watching Beth apply make-up while driving at high speeds thru the streets of Hawaii and no more watching the gang in their circle time holding hands and singing kumbaya. What are all the ice heads gonna do now?

881 days ago


They're so dysfunction they make the crap on Jerry Springer look normal. From Lelands wikipedia entry:

"In 2011 it was rumored Duane Lee and Leland quit the show.[4] The March 21, 2012 episode showed Duane Lee telling Beth “You want me fired, you gotta fire me," and then Leland weighed in, saying “I quit too.”[5] In 2012, the two brothers admitted leaving the show‎.[5] In a tweet from Beth she wrote, "It will take 6 weeks to get thru the whole thing tonight's jus [sic] the beginning‎".[5]

Since leaving the show Leland operates his own Bail Bond Company on the Big Island of Hawaii and heads Bounty Hunter Tactical Supply Co.[6] while Duane Lee moved to Florida.[6]Duane Lee and Leland severed all ties with their family."

881 days ago


Good riddance and take your fat wife with you.

881 days ago


How rude, TMZ!!!

881 days ago


I hope Beth knows I love her. She will see this is the right thing. I hope she doesn't get all Yoko Ono and stuff, screaming and crying making a scene.
I don't want Yoko Ono, I want Beth. I even had my teeth fixed and I washed my feet so they don't smell so bad. I will wear new underwear too if that's what she wants. I know that she probably will want my BO. That's what love does to a woman. She may even want my toe nails in her soup. I will do anything for her. After we are married I will have Baby Lysa come live with us in Florida. Yes, I have made plans for us to live with my cousins in Jacksonville. I have a single wide with a water hook up and the gas station bathroom is only just down the street. I can get a job, maybe one outside holding a sign or something. I'm sure Beth likes nice things so I will need to make at least $11 dollars an hour or hour and a half or so. An hour and a half would be good too but a hour would be better.
I want lots of money to buy things for my honey at the 99 cents store.

881 days ago


Really didn't like the show, but at least we got a funny South Park out of it, starring Beth's boobs.

881 days ago


I didn't mind the Dog, and his son's so much but, that Beth and her dumbass, trailer trash attitude always rubbed me the wrong way. Very easy to talk tough when you have a bunch of people there to save your chubby ass. Like these rappers and their "posse's"! Just a freaking joke that no one laughs at.

881 days ago


Pure white trash with cash!

881 days ago


This show has been on life support ever since it came out that this guys a racist. The network finally decided to pull the plug. Good for them.

881 days ago

buzz kill    

This guy looks like a freak. Who ever told him that hairstyle looked cool?

881 days ago


I would like to know whatever happened to the story reported on TMZ about Dog pretty much admitting that he'd had an affair during a radio interview?
I read the story, and heard the voice clip of the interview, but when I went back a couple of days later to find it for a friend I couldn't find it.
Anyhow, I'm just curious.
Good luck to all involved, especially to the kids of the disfunctional couple.

881 days ago

Pink Dahlia    

I liked the show. But Dog wasn't the star and tough guy, it was Leland. I like Duane Lee too. I will miss the brother's.

The phony part,was cussing up a storm and then praying.

881 days ago


That is what happens when you not Humble or even PONO!, you should have treated people a little better and should have not let your Ohana get to big headed, the only one that had a good head was Leland. You some times have good qualities and then you show shame, no Can Like Dat!

881 days ago


racist bastard

881 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

R.I.P. Dog

881 days ago
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