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Mark Zuckerberg

When the Tip

Just Isn't Enough

5/30/2012 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Zuckerberg's billions keep shrinking -- poor guy -- but is that a good excuse to skate on a tip after a romantic dinner in Italy? Depends on who ya ask ... and if you're any good at converting dollars to euros.


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In some spots in Europe, it is not considered good etiquette to tip.

878 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

the standard emotional blackmail tip or we feel entitled to spit in your food is mostly a US thing. and it's a terrible thing. ever heard of tipping the mechanic 20% because otherwise he doesn't get paid? of course not, that would be moronic, just like it is in the restaurant business.

I don't know about all of europe but I think tipping is unfortunately a possibility but much less standard.

878 days ago


He's outside the US. He doesn't have to tip.

878 days ago


You don't tip in Europe. The tip is already in the bill. If anyone doesn't know that.. maybe you should get out of the states more often.

878 days ago


every pic i see of these two look so stiff.
looks like they are so uncomfortable with each other.
have they met? ha.
tip anyway.. who cares, we are americans. we tip.

878 days ago


It's been said, but you don't tip in Europe. Italy is no exception. It's applied to the bill and the concept of "servers wages" don't exist. Swell reporting though.

878 days ago


tipping is not required in Europe like it is in the USA. also, service in Europe sucks, and everything is overpriced, esp if you are buying euros with usa dollars. the zuckerbergs did the right thing in not leaving a tip. just because someone has money doesn't require them to pay more than the next guy. besides, they paid 2.50euros for a cup of tea...that is almost $4.00 and more than enough.

878 days ago


so for all you non travelers, take it from a european, we do tip, not the over the top 20% that is expected in usa (for crappy fake service) but we tip what we feel mirrors the service we got, i.e bad service = no tip, good about 10%, waiters are paid by the restaurant owners and i think that is the way it should go, and as for the people that think that europe is to expensive, then dont come, the majority dont appreciate it anyways.

878 days ago


Payback is a bitch

878 days ago


They are the most boring people I have ever seen. They never look happy. It's almost like they didn't know each other before the wedding.

878 days ago


I think Mark and Chan are the most unemotion couple of all time.
Mark must be married to Facebook, because he looks like he doesn't want to be there at all.

878 days ago


I live in Italy now and the tip is included in your bill!

878 days ago


Actually, in Italy, you don't tip. This is because what they call the "service charge" is included in the price of a meal. I've lived in Italy for the past two years and have not tipped once; it's not expected or necessary.

878 days ago


It's only in North America and certain backwards parts of Britain where you are blackmailed into tipping. Servers in other parts of the world actually get paid a proper wage.

For those saying "Well he's so rich, it wouldn't hurt to leave a little extra for the waiter". You're idiots. You don't become a billionaire by spending like one. Rich people don't hand out charity unless it comes with a tax deduction.

878 days ago


I've never seen a honeymooning couple look so miserable. They look like they would rather be doing just about anything else rather than spending time together.

877 days ago
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