TMZ Live Halle Berry One Step Closer to France

6/4/2012 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Halle Berry -- One Step Closer to France

TMZ Live

Halle Berry can move to France anytime she wants -- and she doesn't need the court's approval to do it! We've got details on the new documents that name a clear winner in the parenting battle between Halle and Gabriel Aubry

Plus, the Hot 97 DJ who pissed of Nicki Minaj so badly she skipped out on a huge concert appearance. Peter Rosenberg explains why he ain't apologizing.

Also, Miss Ohio vs. Harvey! After her epically ignorant "Pretty Woman" answer in the Miss USA Pageant -- Harvey thinks he'd make a much better beauty queen. We promise ... no swimsuit competition.
(0:00) Shocking turn in Halle Berry's custody battle with Gabriel Aubry ... it doesn't look like he can stop her from moving their daughter to France.
(10:10) Mary J. Blige's charity could be a massive scam -- just ask the group of women who didn't get the college scholarships they were promised.
(14:22) A New York DJ blasts Nicki Minaj's music -- causing Lil Wayne to pull her out of a festival at the last minute. The DJ -- Peter Rosenberg -- calls in to explain how it all went down ... and whether or not he has any regrets.
(17:30) Mark Zuckerberg's biggest mistake may have been taking Facebook public ... because now he has a billion dollar target on his back.
(22:01) Octomom -- now performing at a strip club near you (if you live in Florida).
(25:10) Miss Ohio gives one of the dumbest answers to a question at the Miss USA pageant ... of all time. You gotta here this!
(30:04) Charlie Sheen responds to rumors that he fell off the wagon ... with one of the craziest statements of all-time.
(33:10) Lindsay Lohan transforms into Elizabeth Taylor ... sorta.
(35:11) Kathy Griffin flashes her panties -- and it looks like she's packing heat.
(38:03) John Cena's marriage ends after a house remodeling sparked a huge argument -- and Harvey swears this happens all the time.
(40:00) The Osbournes massive tax screw-up ... and the painfully big check they wrote to pay SOME of it off.
(43:15) We take your calls!