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Halle Berry

One Step Closer to France

6/4/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Halle Berry can move to France anytime she wants -- and she doesn't need the court's approval to do it! We've got details on the new documents that name a clear winner in the parenting battle between Halle and Gabriel Aubry

Plus, the Hot 97 DJ who pissed of Nicki Minaj so badly she skipped out on a huge concert appearance. Peter Rosenberg explains why he ain't apologizing.

Also, Miss Ohio vs. Harvey! After her epically ignorant "Pretty Woman" answer in the Miss USA Pageant -- Harvey thinks he'd make a much better beauty queen. We promise ... no swimsuit competition.

(0:00) Shocking turn in Halle Berry's custody battle with Gabriel Aubry ... it doesn't look like he can stop her from moving their daughter to France.
(10:10) Mary J. Blige's charity could be a massive scam -- just ask the group of women who didn't get the college scholarships they were promised.
(14:22) A New York DJ blasts Nicki Minaj's music -- causing Lil Wayne to pull her out of a festival at the last minute. The DJ -- Peter Rosenberg -- calls in to explain how it all went down ... and whether or not he has any regrets.
(17:30) Mark Zuckerberg's biggest mistake may have been taking Facebook public ... because now he has a billion dollar target on his back.
(22:01) Octomom -- now performing at a strip club near you (if you live in Florida).
(25:10) Miss Ohio gives one of the dumbest answers to a question at the Miss USA pageant ... of all time. You gotta here this!
(30:04) Charlie Sheen responds to rumors that he fell off the wagon ... with one of the craziest statements of all-time.
(33:10) Lindsay Lohan transforms into Elizabeth Taylor ... sorta.
(35:11) Kathy Griffin flashes her panties -- and it looks like she's packing heat.
(38:03) John Cena's marriage ends after a house remodeling sparked a huge argument -- and Harvey swears this happens all the time.
(40:00) The Osbournes massive tax screw-up ... and the painfully big check they wrote to pay SOME of it off.
(43:15) We take your calls!

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Happy Monday!

870 days ago


Halle must of paid the pap ! the timing worked out pretty good for her!.............can't be too hard to pay a pap for a good ol' screaming match

870 days ago


Halle is a bitch.

870 days ago


Dear Halle, why you running, what's wrong with the country you were born in?

Im glad you wanna go, gtfo and never come back.

870 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Dirty Mophead needs to shut up.

870 days ago


Mike Walters - You are a professional journalist and a college graduate, I assume. It's "Harvey and I." You've said "Harvey and me" about 10x today. Sorry to be so picky, but you should know better.

870 days ago


Did Ryan have a milk moustache? Why does the younger Ryan comment on stories, he always seems bored or bothered when talking.

870 days ago


Good For HER

870 days ago


I'm so tired of Mike. He's beyond irritating. Even when he's not kissing someone's ass, I feel like he is. Yes Mike, the whole world is now aware that you had a baby. Yes, you are a father. Just like 85% of men over a certain age. Stop mentioning it!

870 days ago


Move to France? Great. Let's see how she will like paying French taxes. From what I hear, she's a bit cheap so I give it a year and she's back in the U.S.

870 days ago

who dat    

How about you refrain from allowing spicoli dispensing financial advice.

869 days ago

TV Gord    

"(25:10) Miss Ohio gives one of the dumbest answers to a question at the Miss USA pageant ... of all time. You gotta here this!"

More grammar policing: In the blurb where you call someone dumb, you use, "here", when you should have written, "hear". How embarrassing!

869 days ago


Sorry, As much as I love you TMZ Live .. Loud and Obnoxious Ryan and Raquel (him -greasy hair / her - jabba wig) gotta go .. gonna turn the channel for now.. I've got a headache !!

869 days ago


Every parent has there issues so unless theres drugs ect how can a fair decision be made.I hope he mentioned in the courts when she almost lost there child in the department store (as she said on Ellen)! I think she used him to have a child just like Kim used her ex husband, she should have just got a sperm donor. Then custody wouldn't be an issue!

868 days ago

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