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14-Year-Old Talk Show Host

Gays Choose Perversion

No Matter What Gaga Says

6/6/2012 10:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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You gotta laugh just a little watching a 14-year-old radio talk show host blast homosexuality as a choice people make -- "no matter what Lady Gaga says."

Caiden Cowger says the homosexuality "problem" is out of control in his state of West Virginia. 30 kids in his county -- many of whom grew up with him -- have chosen to be gay.

Cowger says Obama and Biden are both personally responsible for turning people gay.

However you feel about the issue, the kid is doing West Virginia no favors -- he struggles with the English language during his rant, and for the most part loses the grammar war.


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Do you hear banjos playing in the background????

838 days ago


I'm a straight guy from Holland, and i can not believe my ears! From what stoneage country did this so called radio maker crawl. Its very hard to believe that there are still people out in the world and in a modern country as the US, that are so intelligent that if they would eat a meatball they would have had more brains in their stomage than in their head. What a dumb comment. I guess he thinks that all Dutch live in mills and sell tulips. Grow up and get a live and real job instead of talking such ignorent trash. Maybe Caiden is infected with a virus because he new some of these kids in first grade an talkt to them. Listen Caiden its not that gays try to have sex with you ore try to turn you over like a vampire. They are still the same people the only thing that has changed is youre stupid view and comment on them.

838 days ago


Tsk, tsk, tsk... What a little assh*le.

838 days ago


hahaha, okay. He is very polished for 14, too bad his show is obviously a political trip. He should turn comedy like Howard Stern. As for the topic, he had way too much time on his hands to come up with this one. I'm sorry but a kid/teenager/man who isn't gay will not even be turned on by the thought of having sex with another man. They'd be watching porn on their ipad.

838 days ago


Guess it was all too much for him. Last time I checked his YouTube video, re: Obama is making kids gay, had 81 likes and 4800 dislikes and now his account has been closed. The most interesting part of his rant (and by that I mean "interesting") was when he said that out gay kids had been "indoctrinated" when it seems that you Caiden is the one who's been indoctrinated by his far-right, evangelical parents into their chosen lifestyle. This is a choice. Being gay is not.

838 days ago


he speaks with such conviction because it's from first hand experience. he chooses not to act on his homosexual urges every day. that, however, doesn't make him any less gay.
maybe the focus should be on your OWN life, son, since that's the one YOU are living.

838 days ago


Romans 2:1
New International Version (NIV)
God’s Righteous Judgment

2 You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.

838 days ago


This kid is AWESOME! YES!! Finally a kid with some gaul... America needs more kids like this one.

838 days ago


Really? Are the conservatives that hard up that they are noticing a 14 yr old rant about HIS perceptions of homosexuality that he learned from his parents and other close minded adults around him? A 14 yr old who by the way is very effeminate looking..not that there is anything wrong with that..but in the south it could get him in trouble.. ANd how many platforms do we have to give to these people who want their 5 minutes of fame?
It is not a choice..who would choose to be discriminated against by the morons in this world? I mean really? Think about it..Grow up..and not just the 14 yr old kid..all of you h8ers out there.
The world is changing..the world is evolving..religion needs to stay in the church or the home..not in government or other peoples lives..let people 'choose' religion..Obama is not condoning being gay..he is just accepting most normal people he understands that not everyone is the same..Gawd I don't even know why I am responding to the ramblings of a crack baby..

838 days ago

Still in love with his ex-wife?    

Caiden, you poor little homophobe, just keep thinking you're straight. But when you come out, Jesus will love you anyway!

838 days ago


Gee....I also think hitler was preaching at 14 years old, it only gets worse!!!!!

838 days ago


People do have the right to do what they want, free will is everyone's right. Not for Christians!!!! In the Bible it is clearly against homosexual activity, and when you try to (as a Christian) condone it, your rewriting scripture to work for a choice you've made. As a Christian id love to make some changes that would better suit my life style, and still claim righteousness! It doesn't work like that. Babylon, was done away with for multiple on going sins. One of them being homosexuals.God didn't say sorry homosexuals your collateral damage in my wrath, that decision from man along with others brought that wrath. Being gay is a decision. Unfortunately a sin. I sin Everyday like everyone else. Difference is i acknowledge my sins as a man! I don't make excuses for my sins, and saying your born that way is a lie and excuse to do something you want to do.

838 days ago

John Walker    

someone needs to teach this kid that the "gays" are born that way ... so are pedophiles, granny rapists, fecal freaks, people into bestiality ,and all the other deviant heathens .... If that fecal freak sees a piece of doo doo , they have to eat it , they were "born that way " ; ) ... kisses

838 days ago


NO where in the bible does it say that you can't be gay . and in the bible it does say god love all his children and i believe you have the right to love who you want even if that means a person loving the same sex

838 days ago


This Kid is right, all you Homo's are in denial, read your Bible people..Gay is not the Way...Stop shoving your Gay lifestyles down our throats, Adam was made for Eve....Not Steve......

838 days ago
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