14-Year-Old Talk Show Host Gays Choose Perversion No Matter What Gaga Says

6/6/2012 10:44 AM PDT

14-Year-Old Talk Show Host Caiden Cowger -- Homosexuality is 'Perverted' Choice

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You gotta laugh just a little watching a 14-year-old radio talk show host blast homosexuality as a choice people make -- "no matter what Lady Gaga says."

Caiden Cowger says the homosexuality "problem" is out of control in his state of West Virginia. 30 kids in his county -- many of whom grew up with him -- have chosen to be gay.

Cowger says Obama and Biden are both personally responsible for turning people gay.

However you feel about the issue, the kid is doing West Virginia no favors -- he struggles with the English language during his rant, and for the most part loses the grammar war.