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Paris Jackson

I Am a Victim of Bullying!

6/10/2012 6:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_paris_jackson_videoParis Jackson says she is going through the things every teenager goes through ... which unfortunately these days includes being the victim of bullying.

Michael Jackson's only daughter sat down with Oprah Winfrey for an interview on tonight's episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter." Paris is no longer being home-schooled and she says the girls at her new private school have tried to bully her ... but she says, "It doesn't work."

Paris also says she (much like her father) is very wary of people trying to use her. She told O, "If I feel someone is being fake to me, I will just push away."
She's definitely learned a thing or two from dear old dad.


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Dose Of Reality    

I'll say it simply for you.

You are the definition of one of Michael Jackson's stuperfans. Incapable of logic and reason because you are blinded by what you think MJ was.

864 days ago


Dose - you are totally incorrect as usual. This has nothing to do with being a fan or not being a fan. This has to do with the truth, something which you wouldn't know if it bit you in the behind.

864 days ago


she is not the victim of bullying, she is the victim of a delusional screwed up family. She probably has no clue what it is even liked to be bullied and is just a whine spoiled little rich kids clueless brat

864 days ago


Dose Of Reality

MJ's representatives entered into an agreement (a "confession of judgement") with the family to pay for "damages" which essentially agrees that "damages were done". That's legal in civil matters. However when provisions in an agreement prevent people from actively and willingly participating in processes for a criminal trial, it becomes illegal. A prosecutor could have pursued the case, with the family acting strictly under subpena, but without willing participants and with MJ's legal team, it would be a tough case, putting the victim under further mental duress. Sure the family had problems, but does that make someone less of a victim. Yep, the father was most likely negligent in caring for his children but the mother was as well, granting MJ the type of "alone time" for other benefits. That is actually a reoccurring them in MJ's profile for child abuse.

You are so full of it. I have been a paralegal for 20 years and you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

But just to play along - prove it and show a copy of what you're talking about!

864 days ago


This Confidential Settlement shall not be construed as an admission by Jackson that he has acted wrongfully with respect to the Minor, Evan Chandler or June Chandler, or any other person at all, or that the Minor, Evan Chandler or June Chandler have any rights whatsoever against Jackson. Jackson specifically disclaims any liability to, and denies any wrongful acts against the Minor, Evan Chandler or June Chandler or any other persons. The Parties acknowledge that Jackson is a public figure and that his name, image and likeness have commercial value and are an important element of his earning capacity. The Parties acknowledge that Jackson has elected to settle the claims in the Action in view of the impact the Action has had and could have in the future on his earnings and potential income.

The Parties recognize that the Settlement Payment set forth in this paragraph 3 are in settlement of claims by Jordan Chandler, Evan Chandler and June Chandler for alleged compensatory damages for alleged personal injuries arising out of claims of negligence and NOT for claims of intentional or wrongful acts of sexual molestation.

Finally, the do***ent makes it clear that the Chandlers could have still testified against Jackson in a criminal trial:

"The Minor, by and through his Guardian ad Litem, and Evan Chandler and June Chandler , and each of them individually and on behalf of their respective agents, attorneys, media representatives, partners, heirs, administrators, executors, conservators, successors and assigns, agree not to cooperate with, represent, or provide any information, to any person or entity that initiates any CIVIL claim or action which relates in any manner to the subject matter of the Action against Jackson or any of the Jackson Releases, except as may be required by law."

864 days ago


jm50 I applaud your perseverance in dealing with BnB aka DOSE OF UNREALITY, but this fanatic has been on these boards for over a year and always says the same things over and over and over again. It is pointless to counter his claims because no matter what proof you provide he will argue the opposite.

Pathetic that some are so obsessed that they spend numerous hours and days posting their distorted perceptions of Michael.

864 days ago


Adults should know if they use a Sperm Seller and an Egg Seller (no one donates them, they sell their own flesh and blood to be) when the child is born and looks nothing like the so-called parents, other kids can be cruel. Paris Hilton doesnt have a mother, never did. Debbie Rowe admitted the kids were NOT hers, she was a Womb for Hire. Paris' Egg Seller mother will probably never come forward. Who's your Daddy? A Sperm Seller. Tragic beginning, tragic life for this girl. She has no idea where she came from.

864 days ago


Ho baciato coloro per i quali vivo ed ho detto loro che li amo; hanno occhi di velluto che scrutano i miei. Sanno che sono stanco, li ho rassicurati con un sorriso. Io sono il loro castello, abitano in me. Questo luogo non c'entra, siamo in attesa, presto tutto sarà migliore.
C'era una volta la mia casa, la nostra. L'ho partorita affinché divenisse gioia per me e per i piccoli del mondo.
C'era un tempo in cui vedevo le stelle sfiorare il sole all 'alba ed il silenzio diventare armonia.
Nella mia stanza a consumare con i piedi il pavimento di legno, nell' estasi della mia danza. Là, ora, non vi é voce né strumento. Sono stato derubato delle mie cose, della mia dignità.
Non mi sono voltato quando mi sono lasciato il cancello alle spalle; come un ladro nella notte me ne sono andato con i miei cuccioli aggrappati a me.

Vi é importato di me quella notte?

Dopo la gogna, la disperazione. Stavo morendo di paura e di vergogna. Fa male.
Dite che mi amate, io vi amo di più.

Nel cortile, la luce forma schegge di cristallo che attraversano gli alberi. Mi trattengo un istante. Questo tramonto vorrebbe parlarmi ma non capisco ciò che dice e mi interrogo sulla forza che esercita oggi su di me.
Vorrei avere più tempo, c'é molto da impegnarsi stasera.
E minuzioso eseguo ciò che la vita mi ha chiamato a fare, preciso, preciso, sempre di più. mi battono le mani, gridano il mio nome e poco alla volta tutto si allontana.
Sono solo, sono vibrazione, sono energia, sono il dono, magia e visione.
La luce mi penetra e mi trapassa, non mi fermerò ora. Finisco con Earth Song, un nodo in gola. Ascoltatemi.
Devo andare.
Lascio il profumo del mio abbraccio sugli abiti dei miei nemici perché la mia voce, il mio sudore ed i miei nemici sono il mezzo per costruire il sogno. E li stringo più forte stasera perché il sogno mi abbaglia per via di quelle strane schegge di sole che s' infiltravano tra le fronde degli alberi.
E' notte nel cortile ed ho freddo. Penso a quanto sia dolorosamente dolce amare.Fa male.
Salgo le scale. Loro, gli angeli. I miei angeli. Dormono.
Questo letto non ne vuole sapere di me. Molti non ne vogliono sapere di me. Ho dato loro tutto e mi hanno fatto di tutto.
Io sono l' amore che ha digiunato incessantemente nei miei anni, i miei giorni senza tregua sono scritti nella mia storia.
Sono il bambino innocente, un giovane albero tagliato che avete cercato di dissestare con milioni di mani.
Resisterò, esisterò. Tutto questo é per voi, per la promessa e la speranza.
Sostenetemi, sollevatemi.
Fate che possa appoggiare la testa sul cuscino e riposare, abbassate la musica, fuori e dentro di me.
Devo riposare.

Fuori é mattino ma io non lo so.
Sono stella che sfiora e saluta il sole.
Oggi non ci sarò perché sono dentro al sogno.
Non toccatemi ora che sono dentro al sogno.

Dedicated to Michael J. Jackson. May his last wish come true.

Susanna L.B.

864 days ago


girl get a real job!

864 days ago


How the Media ****tered the Man in the Mirror


It was seven years ago when the twelve jurors of Santa Barbara County liberated Michael Jackson of the heinous charges for sexual abuse, conspiracy and giving alcohol to a minor. Interesting, 12 jurors of the most conservative California County, with not a single Afro-American among them, after more than four months of the trial, hundreds of witnesses interviewed and 30 hours of deliberation, reached an unanimous "not guilty" decision on all 10 counts.

Except for this trial was declared a "trial of the century" and displayed media at their worst. Sensationalism, exclusivity, negativity, excentricism, chaos, and hysteria were some of the features. After all, that was the thing that interested them and us the most (and unfortunately there are few who do not fit into stated majority).

While working on the biography of Michael Jackson, a few weeks ago I spoke with his lawyer Thomas Mesereau, who was the most credited for the legal victory. We also talked about the media coverage of the case:

It was horrible. I learned very quickly that the media was the enemy, that the media had an agenda, and their goal was not justice, it was not fairness, it was not truth [...] Because the media likes things that shock people, they like drama, and to have him found guilty and have him hold of the jail would have made a great stories for them. So I didn't trust the media, I felt they were trying to sabotage me, I felt they thought I was an obstacle to them, and they also knew they could not seduce me or even find me. They could not find me in a restaurant, they could not find me in a bar, they could not try and put me in a compromising position
Although the media have not managed to put Mesereau in a compromising position, they did it with a few people that were close to Jackson. Statements of his ex-wife Debbie Rowe have been twisted and remodeled. The media chased the former employees from his Neverland ranch to find the smallest particle of doubt.

They have written about the so-called fact that he wasn't the father of his own children and looked back at his plastic surgery (publishing an increasing number of operations with each new publication), finding all that you might call "strange," "twisted" and "depraved." Bjork described it best in a 2003 interview: " the US right now, it's illegal to be an eccentric."

In the mildest sense the statements of people who defended Jackson were drawn from the context. The case of wrong information transmission was often. For example, when the heterosexual porno magazine was found on Neverland (Jackson admitted that occasionally leaf through such content) most of the media referred to it as pedophile material.

Many would say that we can't put all media representatives in the same mold. True, there have been several media outlets and authors who were following it objectively without any bias or prejudice, and reporting was based on court transcript and official do***ents, but they are, of course, a tiny minority. Our media (in Montenegro) have not been a part of that minority, but rather have served as a copy / paste mechanism which borrowed information from it's foreign colleagues, of course, only in the translated version.

And what to expect after these reports? June 13, 2005 came, and most of the general public
was surprised by the verdict after all they had read and heard in the media.

And a victim of the whole story? A 46-year-old musical genius, who has devoted his entire life helping others, without asking anything in return. Eventually he became a victim of people whose only motive -- money, of people who took advantage of his generosity and humanity, and those who were inventing sensational headlines in order to earn from the same.

864 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

JM50, I actually chose my words very carefully and you post actually agrees with much of what I said. You've been a paraplegic for how long? How does you job as a glorified secretary qualify you?

Would you care to comment on anything else I said or answer any questions I've asked?

864 days ago

What I Think    

Bye for now. I think I'll go drop a turd in honor of MJ and then get some sleep.

864 days ago


Hello all ! Just thought I would leave this link to Roger Friedman article regarding John Travolta..
although Friedman on many occasions was not an advocate for Michael Jackson , even extremely critical....BTW you dont have to be an advocate ...., just objective , to realize there was something extremely wrong with this prosecution team as far back as 93.......... ....Just hooking a big is what he had to say about the 2005 trial., relating to John Travolta.

What’s going on here? A shakedown? A public humiliation? This wouldn’t be the first time. It’s instructive to recall the Michael Jackson child molestation case. Jackson was smeared by it for two years, until the case fell apart in court. The family involved had set up and invented their entire story. Jackson was acquitted, but it ruined his life.

That is finally being stated , in the press....because it is true......It has always been true but the press slanted it then and still tries to excuse their deeds..It is not against the law to be eccentric, or rich ,,,but it certainly makes you a huge target ,,,Something obviously lost on these prosecutors and sheriffs..
Why was the lead detective , Steve Roebel,.....WIFE !! brought in to offer "Assistance in the case " give rides to the accusers etc.
Was it because every law enforcement person and their brother wanted to be involved with the famous MICHAEL JACKSON !! I cant think of another reason , ..??
.It is scary that all these YAHOOS wanted to be part of the case
How many other people , who didnt have the publicity or means to defend themselves were railroaded??....
If you really want to find out what is scary ....take a look at the prosecutors in that case and how many people they intimidated etc..(we have all gone over this before so I wont bother)
FUNNY how all of a sudden the people involved like Diane Dimond , Nancy Grace want to forget this chapter, after all ...they cut their teeth on Michael Jackson......I happen to have had a conversation where Ms Dimond dismissed this case as big deal...well it was the biggest story in the world when she thought he would be convicted..
This is what happens when tabloid reporters embed themselves with ambitious prosecutors..They massage each others egos ..
While it works for the tabloid person , as they are not held to any legal or moral doesnt work for the govt prosecutor..
There was a line at the door of the courthouse willing to come forward and say how they had been bamboozled by this family, including Jay Leno , who hates MJ..( he was a hostile witness who said he would NEVER admit that the kid was looking for a " MARK"
however he was secretly recorded, on tape saying that ....DIRECTLY to the police... stating the kid was being told what to say by his mom etc and he knew the score and told Louise Palanker . who happens to have married one of the prosecutors in the that ..the fact that Mr Leno KNEW it was BS and trashed Mr Jackson for a year , when he knew the truth..I wonder if he ever wondered what Michaels children were going through .....what it is like to see an only parent destroyed by accusations you know are not true,......and yet you remain silent..........for ratings, of all things..what about Michael Jacksons kids...
Hope all are well..

864 days ago


By the way Dose, please share with everyone the name of the prestigious university you received your pseudo law degree from where they taught you that settling civil claims was illegal?

863 days ago


863 days ago
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