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Channing Tatum

Major Beef Over His Stripper Moves

6/19/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Channing Tatum better watch his back -- because some pissed off male strippers are accusing him of jacking their moves for "Magic Mike." Let the battle of the bulges begin! 

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Donald Ray    

TMZ, can't you guys get rid of that SCREAMING GAY guy talking over your vids? He sounds like a complete FKN IDIOT. Can ANYBODY be MORE FKN annoying than THIS person?

825 days ago


Who cares male strippers are just as dumb as female strippers,its that or work at Mc Ds

825 days ago


Love Channing Tatum, dude is really HOT!!

825 days ago


Not surprised Channing totem has no original bone in his body! At least we all know it'll be a summer flop! If those dudes want some recognition they are gonna have to take a trip on the casting couch where every gay producer,gay Hollywood honcho takes turns on them! That's the way Channing did it!

825 days ago


newsflash: you're a stripper. not some high class dancer. You. Are. A. Stripper. you can't "steal" your moves. every stripper on the planet has done the exact same moves you think you own rights to.

825 days ago

CMS80 question is since your supposed stripper moves were yours ( but not patented) how the hell did he make it big on screen...just saying ;)

825 days ago


Is "Meaty Mark" Consuelos another name for "Magic Mike"? Are they the same person?
Do you have any pics of "Meaty Mark"? I would like to see them. I've only heard about pics of him.

821 days ago


I hate to say it, but I agree with Donald Ray. I really DO hate that guy that SCREAMS over you vids too. He is totally annoying, to the point of being absolutely ridiculous! I actually hit my remote to the "previous channel" just to avoid hearing him! A couple of comments is one thing, but sometimes his voice just goes on and on and on and on and on. I think you get my drift.
When he sings idiotic songs, I REALLY DO have to flip the channel.
Up til now, I thought I was the only one! I'd much rather listen to "Harry Levin" lol, sorry, as you can see I have been watching.
I'd rather listen to Harvey, or the girls bickering, or the guys trying to figure out who farted.
My only option is to flip to another channel til I think his grating, nonsensical rant might be over.
I HAVE forgotten to flip back and missed half the show too.

821 days ago


These clowns in Tampa think they are responsible for making Channing famous but the fact is Channing was a "Bump-and-Grind" stripper back then. They didn't "Dance" they just stripped and Wiggled on ladies laps to get tips. Channing put in the effort to become a famous ACTOR which is a lot harder to do! There were Thousands of male strippers in the US during the 80's, 90's and they ALL think They were Magic Mike! Most of them turned to stripping because they're stupid and/or convicted felons who couldn't do anything else. LOL!

821 days ago


BTW, the ORIGINAL "Magic Mike" can be found a mugshotsdotcom under the name of - Michael A. Sorrentino. Now serving time for TRAFFICKING in narcotics! a typical scenario for real-life male strippers

821 days ago

ignorant repeaters    

yes we should start granting all strippers IP patent protection for their movies.

808 days ago
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