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Christie Brinkley

Taunts Ex's New Wife

Outside of Court

6/23/2012 7:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0623_christie-brinkley-peter-cook_gettyChristie Brinkley showed a little bit of crazy Friday in her never-ending legal war with ex Peter Cook  ... when she snapped at Peter's new wife outside court, saying, "When you find out he’s been cheating on you, I'll be here for you."

Brinkley followed up the insult, says the NY Post, by then tapping Suzanne Shaw on the head in a sign of "mock tenderness." Shaw then allegedly shot back, "Get a new line," before standing up to confront Brinkley. She was blocked by court officers.

The supermodel also reportedly told Shaw -- who married Cook back in February -- that she "pitied" her.

Cook and Brinkley were in court arguing over rude emails and small sums of money each allegedly owes the other. 


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Why doesn't this old lady stop embarrassing her children and just move into an assisted living facility already!?
But seriously, this is getting out of hand. These people are a mess!

814 days ago


Christie has every right to be bitter, but keep his new wife and their children out of it. Let that lady learn for herself.

814 days ago


How sad. For some people marriage just does not work. She needs to just give up on having a
spouse. Both parties need to concentrate on their children not this petty crap. Move on already. Or maybe she should marry someone who does NOT have money? Every time she marries she marries $$$$. She finally has enough to last her now just move on.

814 days ago


Of course she is bitter, but it is time to move on and let it go. The best revenge is living well!

814 days ago


christie can't stop w/ the crazy can she?

814 days ago


Take if from one who knows, firsthand, Brinkley has a longstanding and undeniable history of being a completely psycho b itch. She's this whack job who is capable of pretending to be this sweet, cute and "all american" girl next door -- and the moments the cameras are off or she's not in front of a judge giving testimony - she becomes her true self. A harping conniving shrew who belittles and insults people - walks over anyone in her way - throws around her personna - and is simply a nasty, ugly, horrible wretch of a person. She's pathetic and a completely two faced liar who only cares about staying rich and keeping everyone fooled that she's some sort of "innocent girl next door." Peter was no angel - but Christie - she's much worse overall!

814 days ago


There's a thin line between love and hate. It sounds like Christie is jealous of the new wife. Otherwise, why taunt her? She's not over him yet.

814 days ago


Christie needs to let go and move on. Wasn't he her fourth husband? I think she needs some introspect.

814 days ago


I'm going to give Christy, Hallie, JLo the same advice I give my family members who are experiencing trauma in a marriage - go see a therapist immediately and find one that you like b/c you will be talking to them for a long time. It helps tremendously, relieves stress and just makes you feel validated. Being cheated on or having a abusive spouse is a hard thing and most people need help getting over it. If you don't you will be fighting with your spouse forever. Is it worth all that stress on yourself?

814 days ago


What would you expect? That's how all washed up, old, flabby, has been actresses act after being kicked to the curb by their ex-hunks. What?

814 days ago


Consensus is that Christie Brinkley is all sweetness and light. Consensus has been wrong before.

814 days ago


She is nuts and she should stop wondering why he left her

814 days ago


She is a jealous b!tch who can't move on! It's true she does but on the sweet poor me act, but she crazy as hell! She's really going to court over "rude" email omg grow up! That her way of holdin on

814 days ago


She's a whore. I am STILL on TEAM BILLY!

814 days ago


She has FOUR failed marriages. Who wants to bet that it's not all his fault?? Maybe if she had had sex with him more often, he wouldn't have strayed. Read the details.

814 days ago
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