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Karen Klein

Questions Remain ...

6/23/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Karen Klein bus incident has polarized TMZ users.  Is she a victim or a wuss?  So without further adieu, we gotta ask ...


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Uh oh i am screwed    

She says she asked the kids to stop and they wouldn't, well what would have happened if the bullying was happening to one of the kids on the bus? What would she have done then?

853 days ago


I feel bad for the lady and the kids should probably be expelled from school but no way in hell does this woman deserve a half a million dollars for being called fat. Just goes to show how dumb our country is becoming. We're just writing people checks now for having their feelings hurt.

853 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

So without further adieu, we gotta ask ...

So I gotta ask...why can't your staff write copy correctly? It is "without further ado."

Cliché without further talk. (An overworked phrase usually heard in public announcements.) And without further ado, I would like to introduce Mr. Bill Franklin!

Save the French Adieu for another time, when TMZ goes French.

Correct grammar makes for classy journalism Harvey!

853 days ago


Im sorry, but this whole story reeks of a publicity stunt. Lady, Ive seen jellyfish with more of a backbone. Its like while she was sitting there on her wrinkled azz , she was thinking "I wonder if I can turn this into a reality show?" Well lady, your 15 minutes are just about over. Being a "bus monitor" (whatever that is ) on a bus full of kids from NY City is sort of like swimming in a tank full of piranhas and asking the public for sympathy if you get bitten. I thinkith this lady knew EXACTLY what she was doing and Im not buying this lemon.

853 days ago


I feel bad for what this woman went through, but why wasn't the fundraising website shut down once it reached the amount people were trying to raise? Seems kind of weird that they were looking to only raise $5,000 and instead they kept it up long enough to raise $500,000. Does she really deserve all that money for what she went through? I hope she uses the majority of that money for a worthwhile charity?

853 days ago


I think what these kids did was horrible. I think they should be suspended and removed from the bus. It's too bad she failed to do her job as a bus monitor and do that before it got to the public eyes. This woman is a bus monitor who failed to do her job! She said she had her hearing aid turned down so much she didn't hear all off what was said, and it's obvious she was sitting where she couldn't see over seats either. She should have put an end to it. That's her job. To top it all off, she cursed back at them 2 times during the video and also produced a knife! How is this woman even able to keep her job? She knew she was on camera (she told them to stop filiming) and states that normally she yells back at them. Why yell? You are a bus monitor write refferals!!

As for the money. She said she doesn't want to retire and doesn't think she'll actually get the money etc. people keep donating for a "vacation" however, Southwest Airlines has already donated all all expenses paid trip for her and 9 family members.

Funny thing isif you go read her facebook page (her real page that's been active for at least 3 years not a spoof page) it says the following under "about Karen":

"Still working for Greece, unless I come into lots of money I will continue to work....I enjoy it also"

Sounds very fishy to me! Also she said she has NO problems with her job although apparently this has been going for quite some time. Then WHY does everyone else have a problem with it? Many people work in enviroement that aren't ideal.

Bullying goes on EVERY single day on buses (both school and public) across the world. Why is this woman so special? Because she has money and fame to gain. I swear if she keeps that money she's going to look like the most selfish woman on the planet, and people are stupid for donating in the first place. She's up to 40 years of her annual salary with donations. I doubt she'll live to be 108.

853 days ago


Okay, now I am officially sick of this woman.

853 days ago


This woman should forgive the bully's or quit her job. She does not need to be on TMZ or the news channels about the problems of this job. If she is this distrubed about what kids say, she just needs to get another job.

853 days ago


I was bullied by kids, and it wasn't even my job to monitor kids on a bus. If everyone who was ever bullied got half a mil, there would be no middle class because everyone but the bullies would be rich. She needs to get over the fact that if she was a better monitor, the kids would have been better behaved. It will just continue to eat away at her if she holds a grudge, particularly when it was her own failure at her job that caused this.

853 days ago


I can't believe how naive people are about the way kids are in middle school and high school. Maybe you guys either blended in with everyone else, or were the popular kids or something, because I was overweight all through school and I heard shocking things everyday by lots of different kids. I also saw kids treat substitute teachers in much the same way as these kids start, but the teachers quickly handled the situation every single time. Karen Klein was in a position of authority and did not do her job. She is not a "victim" in the sense of an innocent bystander or whatever, If they expected all the kids to be on their best behavior all the time, they wouldn't need a bus monitor in the first place.

I swear I dealt with this kind of **** from older people when I was a manger for a fast food restaurant while I was in college. They expected to get paid just like everyone else, but do very little work, and any time you reprimand them about it they pull the "old card" and everyone acts like you are the bad guy. If you are your damn job. If you can't perform your job duties than get another job or retire.

I swear I'm not trying to be insensitive but come on... I teach US Government, History, and Social Studies at the High School level, and knew as an overweight person that I would have to deal with teenagers talking **** about me without being able to just kick their ass like I did when I was in school. You deal with it, and if you are afraid of what the student might to do you...again, you aren't fit for the job in the first place. This story angers me on so many different levels.

Oh, and it isn't the parents fault either. I've seen kids with very strict strait laced parents who have tons of problems in school for different things, and I've seen students with parents who are musicians in heavy metal band, their parenting style seemed very relaxed and their child was on of the smartest, more respectful students I've ever had. By this age kids are becoming their own person, and there is still that "A person is smart, but people are stupid" dynamic of the pack mentality, peer pressure, fitting in with the crowd stuff that doesn't happen at home or alone.

853 days ago


Without further adieu? Seriously? It's without further ADO. Come on TMZ, what the hell...

853 days ago


People donated the money ,give it to her.who cares? She's 68 and riding a bus everyday w/ a bunch of morons.If she had answered the kids,that's all we would be reading-how the bus matron was terrible to the poor school children.I would say she obvi needs the money if she's doing this at 68.
Maybe it will open the eyes of parents and people in general how cruel and rotten kids can be.Really ,it's the parents that we should be going after,they raised these stupid ass boys.
These little *******s are so typical of your average suburban white kid who has everything given to them and want for nothing.
I would love for them to come south a little bit to Brooklyn and try that crap,these little asses would have not even thought of opening their mouths to the matrons on the buses here.

853 days ago


Wow TMZ, now you guys are being bullies!

853 days ago


She was definitely unfit for the job. Probably just thought it was easy money. Just along for the ride. She was not a good monitor. She's an adult. What if a child on the bus was being bullied? She's better suited to be a greeter at Walmart. Time to move on.

853 days ago


Let me start off by saying - that would never be my child talking like that to anyone. Also, if by some slight chance it was - she better not think about coming home to me or to her father... NO RESPECT.

853 days ago
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