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Tom Cruise

The Best B-Day Present

Is a Rock-Solid Prenup

7/3/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're not sure what Tom Cruise wished for on his 50th birthday -- but if it was an air tight prenup that gives Katie Holmes next to nothing ... happy birthday, Tom!!!

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So all the couch jumping, completely over the edge, crazy in love, really was an act. He covered his assets pretty tight, then dictated her life to her, including saying not too long ago that he did not want anymore children. It was well known that Katie wanted another child when Suri was 5 yrs old. She came from a family where she is the youngest and did not want Suri to be an only child. I wonder if airtight pre-nup really matters when that is all you end up with. I wonder if he is reconsidering the 2nd child for Katie now.

803 days ago


@DaveT, I think Scientology can help you with your problem(s). They have some free online courses on their website. I think auditing will be especially therapeutic for you. As the Bible says, "If you confess your sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us." (1 John 1:9).

803 days ago


Who cares. Shame on you TMZ for making Tom the good guy. She's trying to save her daughter from this insane cult and abuses done at Sea Org. THAT should be what you're reporting on. Shame that Scientology got to you. If you had any balls at all, you'd fight them tooth and nail. Good for you Katie! Save your daughter and run!!! You don't need his money.

803 days ago


@Lucas....Glad you found something that works for you. The issue is...don't make a federal case if someone else chooses to go a different route. It is just common sense. Peace. Frankly, don't appreciate Davet's comments about drawing blood...that does not work for me. Hopefully... he will find his way.

803 days ago


Why is everyone acting like Holmes didn't know what she signed? as in prenup? Did they trick her and tell her to close her eyes and put a pen in her hand and then say 'sign your name' hehehe ..yea thats it! those smart tricky attorneys who happen to be scientologist.Or maybe she thought she had bought a pen with ...YES! INVISIBLE INK!! I do not know either person, not my kind of crowd, but she knew he was going to keep all of HIS money, we are told that all the work we do raising a child and taking care of the home or making one is very expensive but when it comes to paying us, the government does not, nor do our husbands, we are told we are valued as homemakers how assnine do you think I am. I love the fact that she is telling him to keep his money , I love that she has the guts to do what she feels is right for herself and child.Teaching a child they are not to be disciplined is not a religion it is a mistake that could harm a young child.You can yippe all you want but I wonder just how many of TMZ employees or people in general let there children tell them what is best and do what they want. She is guilty of not understanding that Tom would be gone basically all the time and she would be left to let Suri run around NY behaving however she wanted, so if freedom looks like peace and living under Toms rules made her look like a hag (and she did not have makeup on half the time) I guess she found some kind of freedom.

803 days ago


Looks Like TMZ and Harvey are not drinking the Scientology koolaide.

I seriously doubt that she signed papers granting her NOTHING for

1. putting up with this Gay midget for 5 yrs
2. having him make 200 million during that time and signing a contract that says, I PROMISE TO TAKE ZERO AFTER 5 YRS OF MARRIAGE

How stupid do you think we are Harvey?

803 days ago

South Beach    

$100 million doesn't mean much if you feel like slitting your wrists every morning when you wake up.

803 days ago

Ray In PV    

I don't get why TMZ is making such a big deal out of the prenup and celebrating Tom for it...KATIE AGREED TO IT when she signed it. So it's not like she didn't know years ago this would happen or that Tom's lawyers suddenly had the smoking gun to screw her over. Man, talk about making something out of nothing, TMZ move on and stop being bullies.

803 days ago


This another sign of him being a prick thinking hes above everyone else some damn prenup ..thought you married for love ..not being selfish ...also screw the his fake ass religion ....just say cult

803 days ago


Katie is a bitch! She knew what Tom was all about! She knew about his background and his cult and she STILL married him! Everyone could see that she wasn't in love! She never showed any interest in Tom as a person, and yet she STILL married him. Jeee..... I wonder why!! And now that she had everything she wanted from him: (Money, a house, a cute daughter, the clothes on her (and Suri's) back) now she wants a divorce?!?! I'm really shocked at how people refuse to see the truth just because they hate Tom!

803 days ago


Why does TMZ along with other publications always refer to Conner and bella as 'adopted' I resent that, no matter how I feel about anything else, they are their children. No wonder Isabella has so many problems ,she is referred to as adopted and I have a feeling it bothers her more than her brother.

803 days ago


Look at me -- I'm 50 and all alone again but I have money. What a clueless ass.

Katie doesn't want his money -- she has her own. I still think they only married for his publicity (as well as had Suri in the first place). He is an overbearing scientology holy roller. Go Katie!!

803 days ago


I'm still trying to figure out why in the world do so many ignorant mfers hate Tom Cruise!!! Good Luck with getting custody of your daughter Tom..

803 days ago


In my humble opinion Suri looks kinda sad eating ice cream and Katie looks creepy.... Hold on there... stop and think. If Katie was REALLY concerned about her daughter...
she would have left Tom WAY before she completed her 5 year pre-nup, which allegedly gives her 10 to 20 mil $$$.
I've seen reports that she is going to get 15 to 20 mil... and almost no reports to the contrary.
She could have at least saved Suri 6 months ago. ALSO, she was trying to establish
her NY residency TWO years ago... allegedly to help protect Suri from Tom in a divorce custody battle.

Pre nup or no pre nup AND NY residency or not, if you really truly feel that your child
is in harm's way... you act on it IMMEDIATELY and get her out
of harm's way... EVEN if it means you are not going to get 10 to 20 mil $$$
as part of the 5 year pre nup agreement and have to court battle it
out in California. You don't wait to complete the pre nup... AND you don't wait
to get a NY residency. You act to protect your child immediately, and not wait TWO years.

You and I do NOT know the relationship between Tom and HIS daughter Suri. Personally, anytime
I have seen him speak on TV, about his daughter, he just
gushes over her.... you can see it on his face... and it's NOT acting.

The dude is a hard worker, puts food on the table, keeps a roof over them,
and at least loves his daughter as much... if not more
than his soon to be ex Katie. Like I said, she could have
left TOM way earlier... she has money from her "if you can call it acting" jobs,
just not near as much as Tom's big juicy bank roll that she has gotten addicted to.

Let her say NO to any of Tom's money... and let her say no to any child support. Tom can pay for Suri's upkeep when he has custody, and Katie can pay for Suri's upkeep when she has custody.

Like I said, my guess is that if she can't get TOM's money by way of the completed pre-nup, then she will try to get by way of child support. Oh I guess she and her attorney's will claim they need $500,000 a month for Suri's upkeep. --LOL--

Safety NOT MONEY should have been Katie's concern about Suri.
She waited until she completed pre-nup and for the NY residency to kick in ...$$$ to file for a divorce.
Like I said, that sounds more like someone concerned about
a big pre-nup and BIG BIG child support payout, rather than someone truly concerned about her child.

It sounds like a money grubbing scam to me. Greed knows no bounds.
She is gonna want a BIG huge child support payout.... just in case
she doesn't get any from the pre nup.

She has her own money AND her father is an attorney, and she could have
left Tom way earlier to protect her child. She was 28 when she got married,
NOT an inexperienced 18 year old.

Also, sounds like Katies Public Relations person is just trying to
manipulate the media to give her an edge in court by using Scientology as the scapegoat.
Depending how far you look into organized religion... they can all be
kinda of creepy.

Guys can be bad with relationships/family... but so can women. There are more than
enough stories out there where women murder their children.
If I was was the father, I would be damned if I would let anyone take my child from me.
It should be a shared custody... period.

Fade to black.... roll credits....

P.S. Katie should use some of her money to take acting lessons.
P.S. P.S. ...I loved Tom as that "Les" character in Tropic Thunder.
It took me about 15 minutes to realize it was Tom Cruise.
He CAN act AND has comedic timing. --LOL--

803 days ago


I wish people would mind there own business. Tom Cruise is a gentlemen nd good father. Katie Holmes is a good mother. So things didn't work out, doesn't that explain half of the population. Would you like some one tearing your divorce apart. Leave them alone as we would want to be. Too much criticism and no one but those two people know what happen. Send your blessings and to put it mildly shut up.

803 days ago
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