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Michael Johnson

Watch Everybody Run

From the Slavery Topic

7/6/2012 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson thinks African-Americans are more athletic thanks to slavery -- an explosive issue best handled by qualified professionals ... or us. Buckle up!

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I'm real tired of all of this racism directed at whites.

Racism is wrong no matter what race is being targeted.

841 days ago


Really TMZ? The only time you post a story about a black person it's always about none sense, but you're quick to show Kim K's new car.

841 days ago


Here we go...another fuzzy-wuzzy hellstorm digging up all the sins of 150 years ago. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton just got wood in their pants and are working on a bad case of splinters.

What's up next? The Native-Americans claiming they're NOT great athletes because some pioneer sold their ancestors fire-water 200 years ago?

Oh, hell...let's just go for the gold and dig up the Geico cavemen and see what they want to b!tch about.

841 days ago


Perhaps its not slavery per se but manual labor that the slaves were doing that's his point. If you need people to do manual labor, strength is definitely going to be an asset. So they were probably bred for that by their employers/owners. (I hate using the word owners.) Keep in mind many situations were much better than what we're always confronted with in the history books. I don't how many were treated with respect. Hopefully more than we think. A very bad part of our history. But then again, its all about power and influence. Most people will grab all they can if possible, not matter what color they are. All we can do is learn from the errors of our past.

841 days ago

Michael C, Teniente    

Why don't these people just admit it. They hate themselves because they're black. Instead of aiming their self hate at themselves they aim at everyone else.

I'm tired of all this BS.

It reminds me of the old XFL, who had a player with the name on the back of his jersey: You Hate Me!

It says it all.

No...you hate yourself, because you're black and you secretly wish you were white.

mike t.

841 days ago

Michael C, Teniente    

Then how come the Jews aren't fast runners?

mike t.

841 days ago


See! This n i g g a right here has smarts. Smarts enough to know where he belongs. It's only a matter of time till they all end up back in line where THEY belong...!!!

841 days ago


nothung to do with slavery,its in our DNA.

841 days ago

Big Jim Slade    

When Jimmy the greek said the same thing the network fired him. Micheal is referring to the selective breeding that took place during that time. Also only about 12% of all african slaves ended up in the US, yet it seems that America has a monopoly on the subject.

841 days ago

Mason H    

It's not slavery so much as it's direct after effect that caused what Michael Johnson is referring to. Too many people are so worried about being PC or so uneducated about the subject they're getting caught up saying "watch what you say about the black man!" First, it's a black man saying it, secondly that's because it's 100% true. Allow me to explain. How were Western Africans (African Americans) treated by their slave owners? Just like cattle. How were cattle treated? They are selectively bred. They are bred for strength, size, longevity and other traits based on their desired use. Western Africans were bred for endurance and size and strength. The flip side to that coin is back then there wasn't dna science to back up the horrible selective breeding traits so the slave owners simply had to pick select traits based on looks, which means that while you can try to breed strong, mentally incapable slaves, nature has a way of bringing some chaos into the recipe, thus not all black men today are Michael Johnson or Michael Jordan or Mike Tyson and we end up with incredible minds like Neil deGrasse Tyson and artists like Michael Jackson. The point is, slavery was horrible, the U.S. was one of the very last countries to take part in it (Africans were rounded up and sold to Americans by other Native Africans in slave sales and at the same time were being purchased by many other countries, learn your history folks). It just so happened that Americans were good at farming and had extensive knowledge about selectively breeding livestock and as distasteful and disgusting as it is, that's how slaves were viewed. Bottom line. Michael Johnson has a very valid point and it's gonna piss a lot of uneducated people off.

841 days ago

BB not bb    

The man is black so how is this attacking blacks? This is a fact, we used to be taught this in school. Blacks were selcetively bred for 200 years to be strong so they could do field work. The intellectual types were probably bred out so that there wouldn't be protests and uprisings.

If you look at it that way, maybe if blacks want to get back at the man, they should be more like the man and more intellectual, because that is the trait that the slave owners didn't want. If they act all powerful due to brute strength, that is just reinforcing what they were bred for.

The whole racism thing is stupid. People are people and you should be able to talk about how other people are the same or different or were treated without it being a big issues of social concern.

841 days ago


I guess slaves must have been playing golf too all day long on the plantation... Since tiger woods is a great golf player. Hmmm... Since Africa is surrounded by water, why can't they beat Michael phelps in swimming. This guy is an idiot.

841 days ago


Why aren't they better at skeet shooting. They seem to be pretty good with guns in the jungles of Compton and Harlem. I guess they would do pretty good if shoplifting was an Olympic event. They seemed to have mastered that. They are on their Olympic teams because they are the best qualified. In the real world, they get jobs because of their color. More qualified people get rejected those same jobs because they are white, Asian, etc. And when they get these jobs, since they are not qualified, they do a poor job of it, then get fired, then sue for racial discrimination. This guy and a majority of blacks don't know anything about slavery. They just use that era as an excuse for their poor behavior. I'm Italian. Italians didn't come to America until very early 1900s. Slavery was over 25 years prior. So whenever these racist blacks make comments about whites as a hole for owning slaves, guess what. We never did. Grouping people together like that, makes them the racists. Then they say that whites can't use the n word because of slavery. I guess Italians can use it, since we didn't have slaves. That n word isn't even blinked at in any other part of the world if spoken. Just the US. Since Italians weren't in Russia or china... We can use that word there. Why can't we use it here... Since we weren't here either ? For this guy to bring up slavery, he is just looking to stir up problems. 150 years ago... Let it go !

841 days ago


OMG. Slavery was abolished two hundred years ago. I would prefer to think that people who are laborers and not sitting behind a desk are in better shape but then we do have gyms. Bottom line, that is the most ignorant thing I have heard in years. One more fact, my Irish ancestors were slaves and I don't think it help their athletic abilities.....could be wrong.

841 days ago


I am so sick of these black racist jerks. He should be happy, now we are ALL SLAVES! Great job Obama!!!

841 days ago
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