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Katie Holmes

Suri in Aisle 5

7/8/2012 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0708_katie_holmes_infWhile some women hit the clubs after filing for divorce, Katie Holmes continued to enjoy the single life by going food shopping at Whole Foods in NYC for the second time this weekend ... this time bringing Suri along for the ride. 

She really enjoys tasting her freedom.


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she's busy brainwashing that kid to hate her father such women should never have children

746 days ago


first of all shes in the cart, because theres paps around her while grocery shopping. It's probably much easier than holding her hand the whole time, making sure shes safe? And Idk any parent who doesn't lay something inside of the cart where tons of people have sat. Where those carts sit outside all day, bird poop and god knows what else on them. Theres actually baby cart covers you can buy to place on them. So I find nothing odd about any of that.

746 days ago


You guys shouls really stop stalking her. You're traumatizing her child. No wonder the mother is always carrying her, and the girl hides behind her stuffed toys.

746 days ago


This is not right at all ,Tom always kept his personal life away from media, but Kate has this ego of turning to the media every time she's with Suri there are photos of her. Hardly did anyone ever see Tom's other kids on pressed before and even when he's with Suri. I like that kind of life. Katie homes need to stop hunting for public mercy. She has done everything to live up her promised to hurt Tom so I think it is game over now. I don't like her attitude in any way. Going shopping does not mean she can clean cook and all of that.She's a Hollywood Job . I hope she does not get married again or may be as i heard she has boyfriend somewhere and was hiding it form Tom when he found out they had been dating for almost a year that's when Katie went mad and began using the church as way to hurt Tom publicly.

746 days ago


She probably wanted to spend her first weekend of freedom doing things normal moms do with their normal kids, like having them help pick the apples or whatever. But I agree it's weird to have paps watch them shop. I think I'll tune out now.

746 days ago


Irv...I wasn't even IN aisle 5!

746 days ago


Good for her. Stay in public in front of camera's, not much the Sociologists can do when everything is out in public and in front on camera's :)

746 days ago


Let's hope the divorce goes smoothly and she can find some peace and happiness.

746 days ago


So many of these women who have, shall I say an intelligence deficit, say things like "It's good to be free" or a writer says "she's enjoying her freedom". They talk live they've been in prison. How ugly and insulting is that???

746 days ago


No way a six-year-old kid should be sitting in a cart. Something's wrong here.

746 days ago

Bitch please    

Jeez, cant you let her shop in peace. Katie should carry a camera and start taking pictures of the annoying fat azz paparazzi's. Lol

746 days ago


Sometime things in life comes back around to you and Katie know for herself why she got pregnant. So Tom would marry her and he did her mission was accomplished and now she is reaping all and more what she bargain for. Now five years later of marriage is not what she expected. She looks old at 33. I mean this woman looks drain and I think it was time and best for her to get out of the marriage she so desparely wanted. mayb given six month she will be an bounced back into her self as a young woman and not an old looking maid. I hope next time she don't bite off more than she can chew. I also hope she take some parenting classes, get psych help for both her and Suri, and get back into her acting career and other hobbies. Also pur Suri in school even if it's a private school so she can be around children her own age and stop picking that six year old child up all the time. The baby will never become independent and secure. Katie need to let the child grow and take her out of that adult role she is not Katie's best friend or partner she is her child and let her be a child.

746 days ago


Well, obviously if you're a celebrity, shopping for food is interesting. I looked and commented. Doesn't that look like dog crap she is looking at? And it's sold in a store? What am I looking at?

746 days ago


Normally you don't put a child in the shopping cart at six, but considering all the paps around she should. I don't know these people, but seems like she's doing the right thing getting out of the cult driven marriage. She seems like a good mom.

746 days ago

Heart on sleeves    

Show Katie the support she deserves www [dot] tomsvkaties [dot] com

746 days ago
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